If you like to consistently earn up to over SGD$160 per sale promoting some of the most successful dating products for men (to people like single males you know or guys just seeking to improve themselves socially) I encourage you to read this page...

My name is Skilldo, the founder of SeductionSingapore.com, and after years of successfully selling my products both online and offline to my customer lists, I'm going to hand over to you the very same opportunity.

My dating products have a high-purchase rate, because they help men in an area where most are motivated to seek improvement in.

Even so, I'm sure I cannot reach every male out there, which is why this affiliate program is opened up for affiliates and partners, such as yourself to refer business and get a share of the profits.


The Dating Products
And How You Get Paid

These are the following products you can let people know about:

Receive SGD$14 for every unit sold on the "Ultimate Singapore Girl-Getter" Ebook
Receive SGD$93.50 for every unit sold on the "Dynamo Dating 'At-Home' Workshop"
Receive SGD$163.50 for every unit sold on the "Skilldo System Bootcamp" Online Video Course


You don't even need to have a website of your own. The selling process is taken care of by our high converting product pages.

You will be paid once per month via paypal or check (you can choose which way you prefer) for referred sales you made during the previous calender month.


How It Works:

1) When you sign up below as an affiliate, you will get your own unique coupon code. With this coupon code, you can promote the products both online and offline.

2) Simply let people know of our product pages, and your coupon code. They'll get a discount when they enter your coupon code in the form during purchase (that makes it advantageous for them to use your coupon code).

With that, whenever anyone makes a purchase, you will be credited with the sale and get paid (The coupon code automatically lets the system knows the purchase is referred by you).

3) We'll take care of sending the product to the customer.

It is a consistently profitable process where you repeat the steps of letting people know about the products, inform them of your coupon code (together with the benefit/discount of using the coupon code) and from those who purchase, you earn a decent amount.

Some Suggestions... On Increasing Your Earnings
With Your Unique Coupon Code

Most of our affiliates earn by verbally telling their single male friends (as well as relatives, colleagues and schoolmates) about the dating products described above. That alone brought in a good income for many. Here are some other ways:

  • Mention the product page and your coupon code in Facebook

  • Create a blog or write a blogpost in your existing blog mentioning the product page and your coupon code to readers

  • Email the information to guys you feel you like to help (please don't spam however, inform only the people you have permission to send emails to)

  • Write a short tweet about it on Twitter (add a phrase along the lines of "Lobang for single guys only, see this [product link], use coupon code "ABCDE" to get X% off")

  • Who knows, you can even set up your own website with your own writeup about the products. Remember to tell visitors about your coupon code [Suggestion: You can put in "Get $X off with this coupon code: ABCDE"]. On your order button, simply copy and paste the order processing link (it's given to you when you sign up as an affiliate), the link provides visitors with a form to enter your coupon code

Overall, with your own coupon code, it's up to you to flex, really.

As an example in one of the affiliates - when he sees males looking at books about dating and relationship in a bookstore, he'll strike up a conversation. Along the way, he relevantly mentions the dating programs here and writes down the product page/his coupon code for the males to use.

So a lot of the selling process is taken care of by the coupon, all you need to do is diseminate to anyone you feel can be helped by the products here.


Here's How To Get Started:

Simply register for the “SeductionSingapore.com Affiliate Program” below.

Once you have completed this simple form, you will be sent an important email that tells you how to activate your account automatically.

Just follow those easy instructions, and once you've activated your account, you will receive a welcome email that provides you with access to your “SeductionSingapore.com Affiliate Area ”, with your very own coupon code.

Click on this now and start having a handsome income stream soon.

SeductionSingapore.com Affiliate Program

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