Learn The Tested 'Approach-Skills' To Burn All Nervousness
& Easily Begin Conversations With Women In
Different Situations In S'pore...

From: Skilldo

Dear Friend,

Let me share with you a small chat I had with a friend not too long ago... where he was commenting about how "hard" it is to approach women.

It all started when he made a COUNT of how many NEW WOMEN he knew in the past 3 months.

And the answer that came back was a grand total of "One".

Knowing one new woman in three months - he sighed that it wasn't anything to celebrate about.

He further added... this one woman wasn't even the attractive type.

And it was a situation NOT PLANNED BY HIMSELF - The girl was "forced" onto him through a friend's introduction.

But very quickly... he took back what he said, and CONFESSED he was the one who asked his friend to introduce girls to him in the first place.

In fact, he had asked SEVERAL other friends for introductions.

Yet overall, intros did NOT occur as frequently as he had hoped (Friends at first agree to introduce him a girl but eventually "conveniently forget" to do so... or are too busy to intro).

Then, I asked him...

"What About TAKING MATTERS INTO YOUR OWN HANDS And Start Going Out To Approach Women?"

His reply was he had CONSIDERED doing it many times... but fear sets in each time he wants to do it.

Thoughts flood his head like:

"What should I say when I approach the girl?"
"What if the girl has a boyfriend and he appears when I'm talking to her?"
"Won't the girl find it weird that a stranger like me is talking to her?"

That's especially so in cases where he finds the girl SUPER-BEAUTIFUL at first glance.

In the end, he concluded that maybe approaching is "RESERVED" only for some guys who are courageous enough to pull it off, but not him.


What happened to my friend is understandable. And it's similar to just about any man in Singapore who wants to approach women but still finds it challenging.

Truth is -

"Most Problems In The Area of
'Approaching' Are Due To These 3 Big Things..."

1) FEAR/NERVOUS of the approach

2) DON'T KNOW THE WAYS to approach

3) Even after approaching with a first line, there's problem in HANDLING THE REST OF THE CONVERSATION

And these are problems I too faced A LOT early on in life.

That's right, it would be a BIG JOKE if I say I already knew how to approach women the moment I was born.

Far from it. In fact, when I was younger, I was put in situations where there were POOLS of women... but nothing came out of it.

For a start, I had frequent opportunities to be in exhibition show settings then - where booths left, right and front of me were PACKED with friendly-looking girls.

Approaching would be so damn easy in such a situation... However, many times I ended up not talking to any females by the time the exhibition ended.

It's like walking into a buffet restaurant with all the food to indulge, but I walked out WITHOUT eating anything.

Crazy isn't it?

Eventually as I got older, and as some may know about my past, I devoted myself to snap out of an empty girl-less reality... and I MADE IT A POINT to take care of the 'social, women and dating' part of my life. It's a phase where I INTENSELY learnt and applied different ways to approach and have conversations with women.

THIS IS NECESSARY and I encourage every man to view this skill of 'approaching and knowing the opposite sex' as an ESSENTIAL MUST-KNOW in life.

It's NOT optional.

Because as much as we "hope" that women would come and talk to us...

... seldom does it happen.

Bottomline is, we men ARE MEANT to approach.

"There's Absolutely No Strategies
For Hoping Or Waiting...
...But There Are Confirmed Strategies To Approach"

You see, learning the tactics and insights to go up to girls and strike up conversations with them... can actually be a FASCINATING AND AWESOMELY-FUN RIDE.

At least it was for me.

Today, thanks to the learnings and experiences, I have PRECISE accounts of what make 'approaching women' EFFECTIVE.

What I knew is BUILT from the first few approaches... then the second... then the third and so on. Bit by bit, year by year, the approach insights accumulated. I took note of WHAT WORKS BEST.

And it further helps when I made some good friends who are really spectacular in approaching women. What gets results and what doesn't BECAME VERY CLEAR.

But one thing...

I'm biased. I only care about:

"Approaches That Strictly WORK In Singapore"

Why? The simple reason is I'm born here and I intend to live the rest of my life here. Naturally, it only make sense for me to FOCUS ON and UNCOVER what causes the best social outcomes with girls HERE AND NOT ANYWHERE ELSE.

I emphasize: Singapore-Tested Ways To Approach Women...

Rather than 'foreign' ways of approaching originating from outside countries.

Think about this - 'Foreign ways' to talk to 'foreign women' in 'foreign lands'... think that would work here?

Well, judging from what some people I knew who tried to approach women here using FOREIGN WAYS, their answers ranged from "No, doesn't work" to "Worked only a bit".

Don't misunderstand, I'm not dissing any foreign dating authors or coaches. In fact I've personally met a number of them and I respect the genuine ones who helped guys in their countries.

Just that, I know if a man wants to successfully meet and gel well with women HERE IN SINGAPORE, he needs 'ways to approach' that FIT the entire Singapore cultural context, relevance and conversation norms.

MORE IMPORTANTLY --- such ways must be 'battle-tested' and gotten results with women in Singapore before - so that anyone using it from then on can WALK THE SAME PATH TO SUCCESS.

That said, it took me almost two years to put together a groundbreaking curriculum containing the best locally-proven APPROACH ARMORY... all in one program.

This is where you can OWN numerous positive-results-getting approach techniques... plus SKIP the effort and years of "attempting a million things to see what works".

It's exposed in my online home study program --- Approach Secrets: "Proven Ways To Skillfully Start & Hold Conversations With Women In S'pore"



Inside, you'll find hours of practical techniques, how-to's & detailed examples of going up and starting conversations with women in Singapore.

You can watch everything instantly on your computer.

Lessons are taught to you as video tutorials (with important-points, easy-to-follow key illustrations and diagrams appear on screen) while you listen to strategies and examples taken directly from my recorded Approach Secrets live workshops.

The approaching secrets handed to you in this program are NOT what you'll find in books or on the net.

IN FACT, specifically for this, I've deliberately placed many NEVER-BEFORE-REVEALED approach insights & tactics extracted from real approach experiences.

This APPROACH-CONTENT-RICH program aims to make you a competent 'ready-any-moment' approacher, no matter if it's during the daytime or nighttime...

Bottomline: After finishing the program, as long as you're in a situation with women you don't know yet, you'll be WELL-PREPARED to start conversations with them.

"Approach Secrets" is jammed with the following key-modules:

Module One: Busting through fear and getting rid of "approach dissuaders"

Module Two: Tactics and phrases of 'the first thing to say' to girls (plus the 'next things' to say as well)

Module Three: Handling the rest of the conversation and deal with "caught off guard" surprise situations that may arise during approaches


Throughout the modules, you're given strategic 'battle plans and examples' to program and ignite yourself to follow through with confident approaches and know more gorgeous women... FOR LIFE.

Let me describe to you just a handful of what you'll learn, starting with:

Video Tutorial #1: Busting Through Fear And Getting Rid of "Approach Dissuaders"

Burn those 'anxieties to go up to girls' out of your mind and stay in the sharpest 'highest courage' mode in approach situations

  • A 5-minute exercise to overcome any nervous intimidated feelings when going up to start chats with female strangers

  • 3 sabotaging things guys focus on in their minds... that cause themselves to fear approaching women (be exposed to solutions that destroy the root sabotaging problems)

  • "Brain Reconfig": Learn how to OUTSMART that internal part of your mind that 'wants to go up to talk to the girl but pull back at the last minute'

  • How to NOT let a lack of approach experience prevent you from starting conversations with girls in a variety of places

  • A special concept that uses "time-meddling" which can pretty much END all your fears of going up to talk to a girl

  • Why the average males out there will always delay their approaches, never going around to do it... and how you can AVOID their mistake and get the women they miss out

  • 2 insights about 'approaching women' that once you understand, you'll let go of unnecessary hold-backs of starting conversations

  • A secret to divert your mind and make it NOT focus on nervousness during approaches

  • 3 ways to quickly "season" yourself and GET USED to approaching women (these are especially useful for men who haven't approached women before, or haven't been active at it for a long time or simply lost touch with it)

  • Extra: An 'almost perfect' phone number-getting strategy I reveal for the first time (after you're exposed to it, you're likely to find yourself smiling and thinking of using it immediately)

  • How to strengthen your mentality so powerfully that you're NOT affected by bystanders when carrying out your approach

Video Tutorial #2: Tactics And Phrases of 'The First Thing To Say' To Girls (Plus The 'Next Things' To Say As Well)

Important: These are NOT the typical unworkable lines that turn women off. I repeat - these are NOT those "Excuse me , can we be friends?" type of phrases

You're given easy-to-say lines and examples that had been used to get women to stay on and chat. Get exposed to approach examples in daytime public settings, as well as social scenarios at night... IT'S ALL COVERED

  • An approach line you can INSTANTLY whip out and just use if you can't think of anything to say on the spot (No, it's NOT "Hi"... and it's also NOT "Hi, my name is so-and-so")

  • Important: 9 spoken examples of a casual-yet-effective approach phrase that makes women respond well to you

  • How to quickly talk and exchange contacts with a girl if you're rushing off somewhere

  • An approach line that's highly useful for you to chat with a girl who's standing by herself (could be waiting at a bus stop, taxi stand or she's waiting for someone)

  • A mistake most guys make when talking to women inside MRT

  • A way to "produce" your own ONE-OF-A-KIND approach lines without having to worry if some other guy "had used this line on girls before"

  • The ONE approach tactic that's reserved for a case where a girl is DEEPLY-SURROUNDED by her bunch of friends (even the shyest of guys can succeed with this)

  • A '5 word pre-sentence' you must put at the beginning of the approach that facilitates the rest of the conversation (plus *7 examples* of how this is used)

  • Easy-to-use tactic to approach in situations where the girl seems to be busy doing something on her laptop

  • How to get into conversation with a GROUP of girls in a club or pub situation who are chit-chatting among themselves

  • The exact phrase to talk to women working out in a gym (PLUS a variation of it that's useful in a yoga centre full of women)

  • How to approach women in NOISY environments (such as clubs with loud blaring music)

  • The alternative way to talk to women in a club/pub setting other than 'buying them drinks'

  • NIGHTTIME places in Singapore (other than clubs) where you can meet women

  • Word-for-word examples of talking to women in FOODCOURTS and RESTAURANTS settings

  • How to start a conversation with a woman standing in front or back of you in a Starbucks queue

  • An EASY-TACTIC to talk to a woman whom you observed holding a mobile phone (can be just about any phone - iphone, nokia phone, blackberry etc)

  • "High women traffic" places you should never miss out on

  • Some "Stealth" approach tricks are thrown in as well - learn how my friend got to know 12 girls in less than two hours (a process you can REPEAT over and over)

  • EXAMPLES (TONS): You'll complete the training loaded with vast 'mental files' of WORD-FOR-WORD approach lines - for both day and evening venues that have women inside

Video Tutorial #3 & #4:
2 Guest Expert Approachers - Learn The Combined Experiences & Insights of Men Who Approached Hundreds of Women In S'pore

In my circle of friends, few of them are some of the most awesome approachers in Singapore.

And trust me when I say these guys are HARDCORE "approach animals" with countless experiences of going up to talk to female strangers and end up eventually as 'more-than-friends' with them -- I've invited a couple of these friends to be in this program and share their insights with you.

  • The primary KEY INGREDIENT of the approach that makes the lines work

  • Why most guys gave up when trying to get good at approaching women... and how you can differ from them

  • The wrong frame-of-mind to be in during approaches (any guy who continues focusing on this wrong frame-of-mind will only result in disappointment)

  • How women can 'sense' the internal state of a guy and choose to stay in conversation or reject him (learn how to NOT let your internal state 'screw you up' in such a case)

  • The 'Golden Rule' you must adopt if you worry about what women or others will think of you

  • The set of beliefs that positions you in the correct direction to get girls... and the type of beliefs that don't

  • Uncover the #1 ATTITUDE that permeates into your personality - and have you do things that attract women

  • 2 misconceptions of meeting women (99% of guys out there still hold on to these misconceptions... learn the truth and operate with more degree of freedom when socializing with girls)

  • Why some guys with good looks can actually be horrible in approaching women when compared to some plain-looking guys

  • 2 strategies (with examples) of what to say to strike up conversations with women when you're hanging around the city, malls or cafes during daytime

  • The type of approach women secretly WANT to happen to them (yes, many wished it happened to them... learn what it is and use it)

  • Tips to minimize nervous tics (that you may not realize are happening) when talking to women

  • A progressive series of exercises that get you to shed social fears and shyness very quickly

  • How to 'warm yourself up' in approaching before jumping fully into it

  • Ways to get yourself into a SOCIAL MOOD before stepping out of your house

  • How to take a sentence a woman says and easily continue the conversation PLUS leading it in the direction you want

  • A serious 'conversation destroying' mistake most guys make when talking to a woman that causes her to not know how to reply from there (as a result... silence happens)

  • Examples of how masculine men speak to give off that authoritative presence

  • An easy-to-use approach tactic to fall back on whenever you face the following 3 situations: The girl's hot... You're attracted to the girl... or you're nervous

  • A 'fill in the blanks' template you can use to construct and customize your own approach across different situations

  • How to talk to a woman in a way that it doesn't come across as 'player-ish' and set off unnecessary alarms in her

  • The good signs a woman will show you after you approached her and letting you know things are 'ON'
Video Tutorial #5: Handling The Rest of The Conversation And Deal With "Caught Off Guard" Surprise Situations That May Arise During Approaches

After you say the first thing to a girl, you have the rest of the conversation to take care of. Certain factors can cause the conversation to end prematurely or cause the girl to lose interest. Learn how to expertly handle it all while sustaining the girl's interest

  • What to do if the girl's 'conversation spoiler' female friend comes along and tries to pull her away...

  • ... and what to do if the 'conversation spoiler' is a male

  • In a case when you're getting a girl's contact like facebook address, and she says something like 'I don't use facebook', learn how to turn the situation around and still walk away with her contact

  • When getting a woman's number, what to respond if she doesn't give out hers and asks "Why don't you give me your number instead?"

  • Why it's NOT a good idea in a conversation to ask a woman "What's your name?"... Instead learn what to do to get her to tell you her name

  • What to do if the girl you approached talks in short UNRESPONSIVE replies

  • A teasing phrase you can say immediately after a woman asks for your name (this had been used with the result of ALWAYS getting women to giggle)

  • Most guys ask lots of questions during conversations just to keep it going... and this actually annoys women. Learn an alternate tactic instead that keeps the conversation COMFORTABLY going

  • Secrets to pump back the INTEREST: What to say when the conversation starts to become less interesting or plain

  • 3 ways to easily handle an "uncooperative girl" (those who are 'playing tough' and not so agreeable)

  • What to do if you have 'CONVERSATION BLOCK' where you run out of things to say to a girl - Be exposed to a technique called "Incident Emergence" to break out of 'conversation block'

  • What to UNAFFECTEDLY reply if the woman says she has a boyfriend or husband

  • The BEST WORDS TO REPLY a girl if she's talking to you halfway and suddenly says she has to go... or she has to run off to somewhere (as a big plus, you can also effortlessly pocket her PHONE NUMBER)

  • What to sms a woman after getting her number (Other than those boring tired phrases like 'How's your day?' or 'How's your work today?')

  • A way to initiate conversations with model-quality women (eg: In a place or event where female models are hired)

  • Why it's laughingly easy to approach women in uniforms (eg: nurses) and an example of how to do it

  • How to smoothly get a woman to GO OUT WITH YOU after getting her number

  • How to reduce a woman's chances of saying 'No' when you want her to go with you from the place you approached her... to another place (example: to get out of a club, or to follow you to a cafe)

Just the secrets found in the 5 video tutorials above will make you confidently well-armed in approaching women right here in Singapore.

But that's not all.

More? Yes...
"You Get These
4 Additional Bonuses"

Bonus #1: Get FREE Updates In Future

What you get inside "Approach Secrets" is already jammed FULL of hot techniques for you to readily and comfortably start conversations with women.

But I'm sure you won't mind more approach strategies and examples.

So what I'll do is, when new-found insights or awesome approach success examples from my personal one-on-one clients come up, I'll send you the extra updates on exactly what's used and what's done.


Bonus #2:
Audio Compendium -
"S'pore Tested Ways To Smoothly Get Women's Phone Numbers"

This is a compilation of different tactics used successfully by me and some friends of mine in multiple situations to POCKET phone numbers from women.

You'll hear the exact 'phrasing' - the words to say and how it is said.

Listen to it and have these number-pocketing ways be "tattooed" inside your head... such that each and every time you're talking to a girl, words can just effortlessly FLOW out of your mouth - and have her pleasantly give you her number.


Bonus#3: Interview With A Club Approach Expert

I've recorded an interview with a friend who's primary place of "fun and hunt" is in clubs (in fact, he regularly club to the extent of 4 or 5 nights per week and Zouk was like his second home).

While doing that, he has easily approached and socialized with HUNDREDS of women.

And when it comes to "types" of gals, he has met them all... super-friendly ones, nasty ones, shy ones, flirtatious ones, drunk ones etc. In all, he has his fair share of meeting and quickly GETTING CLOSE to women.

Such experience contain insights and he's willing to share it all with you... and whether you club or not, it's advantageous to learn the socializing mentality he shares that will bring you a HIGHER AMOUNT of success with women than before.


Bonus#4: Recording - Ways To Talk To Attractive Female Staff Working In Stores & Counters In Shopping Malls

Each time you come across a gorgeous woman working in a store...

... even though she's working, that doesn't mean you can't talk to her.

Learn to turn the mood into a social one and leave the store with her number.

Be exposed to examples and 'formulas' that can be applied across different type of stores and shopfronts including gift shops, DVD stores, phone promotion stands, CD shops, bookstores and more.

The whole point is: Whether you're just hanging in a mall for one hour, or you have half a day to stroll from shop to shop... you might just encounter your future girlfriend working in one of these stores.

And the skills to talk to her in the first place must already be present in you. This special recording shows you how.

I promise you this... you'll complete the program - equipped with all you need to go up to women and start a conversation, PLUS keeping the conversation going till you get their phone numbers, Facebook address or both.

Imagine being able to repeat that with another woman... then another... then another.

The great thing is, 'Approaching women' is actually...

"A Skill You Can Keep For Life"

And you may be wondering - How much does "Approach Secrets" cost?

Personally, I feel this ability to approach women is HIGHLY VALUABLE... almost priceless. But at the same time, there's no reason to overcharge an exaggerated price tag for it.

The price of this online home study program is S$197 (or just 5 installments of S$39.40 if you like to spread them over 5 months).

And I'll also sweeten everything further with this:

"You Can Try Out
'Approach Secrets' For 30 Days

When you're inside the 'Approach Secrets' home study program, make sure you go through everything...

Study the main program and the bonuses included... use what you learnt inside.

If you love the program, then it's yours for life. If you don't like it, just let me know within 30 days. Your access to the program will be stopped and I'll give you a full refund. Every cent back to you. (No Hassle, No Hard-feelings)...

If so far everything sounds fair, and you're ready to own for yourself the most PRACTICALLY-EFFECTIVE approach strategies for use right here in S'pore, go ahead and order for yourself "Approach Secrets" in this column here:


Here're The Ways You Can Order The
"Approach Secrets" Home Study Program
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The transfer will be verified. From there, you'll get an email reply acknowledgement and access details to the "Approach Secrets" program.

(Questions can be directed to the same email)


I've poured massive effort into this program and you can be sure - exciting new approach ideas and insights will pop up FREQUENTLY and RAPIDLY. In fact, I'm confident you'll be taking a large amount of notes and mentally noting which ones you'll be using to talk to women SOONEST.

So wait no longer. Get "Approach Secrets" with one of the options above, and start to dramatically increase the number of women you successfully meet.



P.S: Let's sum this up:

A) The entire "Approach Secrets" home study program is CONTENT-FILLED with:

- Clear instructions to raise confidence and dissolve approach fears

- Specific tactical information, sentences and lines to approach women (in public and social locations during daytime and nighttime)

- Effectively smooth ways to handle the rest of the conversation after the first words come out of your mouth (and skillfully deal with surprising situations that may come up)

Overall, if you're looking for what to say, how to say it and unhesitatingly getting yourself to say it in the first place, this is it.

Note: These are brand new approach materials and skills NOT REVEALED anywhere else... not even in my other programs.

B) *4* FREE BONUSES are given to you. Let me name just one, it's called "S'pore Tested Ways To Smoothly Get Women's Phone Numbers". Imagine mastering approach skills in the main program and fusing yourself with solid ways to get phone numbers from women with this bonus... You practically have much more chances to succeed in conversations with women than majority of other guys out there.

C) Expert guest and friends of mine with years of approach experiences give their own insights in this program. Pick all our brains. This is the only chance where so many Singapore-based approach ideas and tips are CONVEREGED AT ONE POINT.

D) There's a money back guarantee for this program where in the next 30 days, if you study everything in it, and don't like it for any reason, I'll give you a full refund.

Click Here To Get "Approach Secrets"

Hear the results and what previous clients who attended the
live version of Approach Secrets have to say here:
(Names shortened for privacy)

Dear Skilldo ~

You are right on many counts about the approach . I tried my hand on it last week! Not stressful at all and got a phone number of a uni girl. My attitude was very casual, didn't feel nerves one bit. Thank you I owe you a big meal!

- VK

Skilldo, I'm making a statement to appreciate you for your help.

I can now talk to women in groups. As a matter of fact, just less than 3 days ago I went clubbing and witnessed this group of 3 girls who look like they are not talking much to themselves. So I talked to them and swiftly got all their numbers. I feel my improvement is really fast after the course so once more appreciate you for your help.

- EL

What you teach helped me to know a girl. Let me share it. Basically I was at Tiong bahru and saw the girl near a sunglass shop.

I cant think of what to say so used your all purposes line. End up she responded with smiles and we chatted for half hour. I found out she is actually a junior from my sec school last time. When I was in sec 4 she was in sec 2, but we don't remember each other. Maybe because too young that time and our faces look different. Never mind, more important we know each other now right?

We talk on msn few days after that. She recently ask me whether I want to go watch a movie and I say ok. ;) Will let you know how things go.

- R


Like to say your techniques put many so-called doctors or academics to shame. I should know because I am an avid student of psychology and mix with many of them in my field.

What you give are practical instructions without bull. I found my confidence with females increase to a brand new level that wasn't there before. Only three words left for me to say, thank you sir.


Before I came across Skilldo's approach course, I wouldn't call myself as shy. I was however passive and wait for chances to talk to women rather than make my chances. Got tired of that so I took responsibility and took on the course. Verdict: It was the greatest piece of skill I learnt all year round. Nothing can describe it but sincerely, it helped me a lot. So to Skilldo thanks and please continue helping other men.

- FN

My success in brief for you: Got to approach this female bank staff shortly after your training. It was a comfortable chat and we are meeting up often to hang out now. Thanks!

- N

Like to comment that the momentum after Sd course did wonders for me.

After I did one approach, I find the natural pull to do another.. and then another.

In all I talked to around 8 women in a day.

This is a personal breakthru moment cos I used to think I cannot do something like that. Now my reality has expanded.

- PT

Hi Skilldo, I got to talk to a girl and got her number plus facebook address. Shall not disclose the exact location of where I pull this but it is not from usual cafe or bookstore places. Let's just say it is during lunch near my workplace where the fateful approach happens. Used what I learnt from your course. So proud of me yet? Hehe!

- Zl


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