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A personal note from Skilldo:

Over the years in Singapore, I've been known as the fellow who uncovers and gives the most useful and 'locally-relevant' girl-getting advice to men here. As a result, it assisted numerous men to attract and achieve lasting dating success with women.

Now, I'm proud to bring you the collection of audios that were previously recorded for my monthly audio program and released for only a limited time.

Read on below and choose the audios that best suit what you like to learn...


"What My Mentors Taught Me About Meeting and Attracting Women in Singapore"

Special price: S$33

Audio format: MP3 - Instantly download and play on your computer, smartphone and MP3 players, or burn it onto a CD


In this audio, you'll learn:

- A way to approach women in cafes and restaurants (hear about a real-life example that happened in Burger King)

- How you can treat going up and talk to girls as something that is "not important" and naturally have yourself do it regularly

- How to NOT give a woman the chance to be 'hard-to-get' with you

- The secret of a mentor (in his 40s and not earning a lot) who consistently date girls in their 20s

- 2 questions you can ask women on dates to APPEAL emotionally to them (and have them feel you are fascinatingly different from other guys they went out with)

- A "3 word sentence" to BLAST AWAY personal limitations with women (if you have been telling yourself "I can't do this, I can't do that", this thing you learn will get rid of those hurdles)

- How this man with a shorter-than-average height (he suffered a growth-stun in his teens) is able to date not just one, but many women who are taller than him

- A confident and "no fear" tactic to get phone numbers from women

- How to transform disappointments with women into MASSIVE inspirations that open up dating chances for you

- A 'super-easy-to-use' OPENING PHRASE to approach female strangers (for use the next time you're at a wedding, chalet or party)

- How to talk to a GROUP that contains beautiful women inside (and with a guy "guarding" them)

- How to AVOID having women rule you out or not seeing you as a potential lover

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My interview with "Price" - a Singaporean expert with a history of dating hot models, and is also well-versed in relationship mastery

Special price: S$33

Audio format: MP3 - Instantly download and play on your computer, smartphone and MP3 players, or burn it onto a CD


In this audio, you'll learn:

- Why there's no need to be nervous around women of high beauty

- How to talk to a lady in Starbucks, Spinelli or any coffee place

- Exposed: How he met and got his current girlfriend (story of how he made "things happen")

- Difference between teasing a girl and insulting a girl - Guys who don't know this will end up turning women off. (Learn one simple
factor that makes your teases with women be playful and NOT sound like insults)

- An upfront and sincere way of getting a lady's phone number

- How to "tell" a woman to go out with you

- He even gave tips on sustaining the bond with a lady after getting her as your girlfriend

- Why there is no such thing as "nothing to say" between you and a woman

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"Secrets to TEASE Women in S'pore (& Get Them Attracted to You)..."

Special price: S$33

Audio format: MP3 - Instantly download and play on your computer, smartphone and MP3 players, or burn it onto a CD


In this audio, you'll learn:

- 4 secrets to ensure you tease a woman with good results (tease... NOT irritate, annoy or bother her)

- Scientific human-to-human reason why teasing can make you 'attractively-different' from other males

- How to NOT 'overdo' or go overboard with your teasing (when most guys found out that teasing works, they went on to do it non-stop... and things backfire. Know how to not reach the 'backfire point')

- A "Formula" that allows you to create teases easily (with examples)

- How to playfully deal with a girl who is the "warm on one date, then moody on another date" type

- What instantly causes a woman to play HARD-TO-GET or start giving guys a hard time (learn to prevent that from happening)

- How teasing creates an "allowance" for a woman to become welcoming and want to get close to you

- 3 different ways to PHYSICALLY tease a gal with touches

- How you can playfully get a lady to giggle after she tells you about her 'likings' and preferences (eg: her favorite books, pastimes or movies)

- Smoothly tickle a woman without feeling uneasy

- How to make a lady live up to an expectation you set for her

- A way to lead a girl to PUT IN EFFORT and do things/favors for you

- Tactic: 'Create a virtual relationship between you and her' (this turns a 'just ok' comfort you have with a gal into a CLOSELY-CONNECTED bond)

- How to "slip" into a woman's mind - getting her to picture an image of you and her being together as intimate lovers

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My interview with "L" - an expert specializing in meeting women during CLUBBING

Special price: S$33

Audio format: MP3 - Instantly download and play on your computer, smartphone and MP3 players, or burn it onto a CD


In this audio, you'll learn:

- Example of what to say to a gal WITHOUT seeming like you have any scheming motives

- The advantage of clubs over other venues when it comes to meeting female strangers

- His almost "laughable" way of talking to women in a shopping mall that got himself conversations

- How to deal with overly-defensive women

- After approaching a gal, what topics to 'follow up' in the conversation

- Why some guys seldom (even never) approach any woman in their entire lives and how to break out of this trap

- When talking to 2 girls, he faced opposition from a dude. Discover what was said to "disarm" the hostility

- One thing NEVER to do when facing competition from other guys in a social situation

- Why approaching and talking to a GROUP OF WOMEN is better than talking to one (other than the obvious reason of having more choices)

- The MYTH of "bad girls are from clubs and nice girls are from libraries"

- The DECEPTIVELY SIMPLE way of getting phone numbers from women

- How to "hint" a girl and create an image in her mind that you and her will be going out in future

- How something as "old-fashion" as asking a woman for directions can AMUSE and cause a conversation to happen (Note: it's what follows after asking her for directions that counts)

- One "signal" in a woman that means you have a super high-chance to successfully get her out on a date

- How to smoothly "TELL" a woman to go out with you instead of asking her

- The wrong mentality of dating that is killing a lot of guys (and what the CORRECT mentality is)

- Story of how his "perfume shopping date" with a gal became a 'touchy feely' thing

- His "ultra naughty" way of causing a kiss with a lady to happen

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"Naked Truths About S'pore Women (that they'll never admit to you...)"

Special price: S$33

Audio format: MP3 - Instantly download and play on your computer, smartphone and MP3 players, or burn it onto a CD


In this audio, you'll learn:

- Misconceptions about women (that many guys today are still following to their doom)

- Why you SHOULDN'T fear if a woman says she wants to be single, or she doesn't want a boyfriend

- Danger: Why listening to a random female friend about 'tips to chase girls' may BACKFIRE and turn out to be not a tip afterall

- How I legally "spied" on private groups of S'pore females and gathered full UNRESTRICTED views on what they want in a man

- How a "normal" innocent act can cause women to find a guy irritating

- 2 factors to bring out your REAL MAN presence that women find appealing

- Commonly-used phrases (many guys are always using) to get rid off if you DON'T want to look weak to women

- Uncovered: How men with numerous dating success SPEAKS to women (learn this strong language style)

- One FANTASY that women (even tough, straight-faced ones) has about men

- Powerful 2 words that when placed at the beginning of your sentence, allow you to gain AUTHORITY in a woman

- Examples of how to masterfully lead a girl at a social dancing venue - to go from plain chatting into dancing at the dancefloor with you

- How one 'male characteristic' can improve not only your chances with women during courtship, but is also advantageous in your relationship and sex/bedroom life

- Revealed: Lesson from a mercilessly-honest woman on why she affectionately remembers ONE particular boyfriend more than the other lovers she had

- Learn how putting a woman in a state of S_________ and A__________ can cause her to be massively turned-on

- How certain types of SMS guys send to women can actually kill attraction

- A solid response you should give a girl if she cannot make it for a date (this won't make you seem "hard-up" for a date, at the same time opens up the chance for another day for the date to happen)

- What DRIVES a woman to devote so much of herself (even willing to take risks) for a man

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My interview with "Kyo" - an authority on building a lifestyle in S'pore that gives a man overflowing choices with women

Special price: S$33

Audio format: MP3 - Instantly download and play on your computer, smartphone and MP3 players, or burn it onto a CD


In this audio, you'll learn:

- The attitudes and words which were mistakenly "thought" to be effective but will end up nowhere with women

- One 'must do' exercise that forces you to gain strong confidence with women

- How to gain AUTHORITY during interaction with a girl (have her respect you fast and early)

- A key belief that once you "GOT IT" will have you destroy any 'lack of women' mentality

- What to insert in your speech to have girls respond more favorably and positively to you

- An advantage you already have (but probably don't know) when it comes to having an ENDLESS buffet of women to date

- Important: How to have women sense you are a WORTHY man (and NOT feel "something is lacking" in you)

- A question my friend asks himself which became the "critical turning point" and got him to start meeting NUMEROUS amounts of women

- His personal "playground" where on average he meets 10 -15 new women during each visit

- Story of how he met and charmed his current girlfriend at a social gathering (listen to the part where he walked in and 'pulled' her away while she was talking to another guy)

- Break out of any limited lonely "no girls" situation with his suggested 'plan-of-action'

- How to be a man who OWNS a lifestyle of dating/social abundance (even if you're having a 9 to 5 job)

- An exact word-for-word phrase to "bullet proof" yourself from shock or embarassment if a girl says "I have a boyfriend"

- What to do when a lady tries to get you JEALOUS

- How to lead a woman... comfortably all the way into physical INTIMACY

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"How to be the 1% of S'pore males who ACTUALLY take action without hesitance... and become good with women"

Special price: S$33

Audio format: MP3 - Instantly download and play on your computer, smartphone and MP3 players, or burn it onto a CD


In this audio, you'll learn:

- Why it's a DANGEROUS MYTH to believe the challenges you have with women will naturally be lesser or 'easier-to-handle' with time

- An explanation why a male usually freezes in fear before 'making the move' with women (learn a way to EXPEL this fear - making you move ahead of 9 out of 10 other guys)

- How to steer your mind to see opportunities with girls and TAKE ADVANTAGE of this time and age in S'pore - where meeting and connecting with women is much easier than any points of time in history

- The 'one word' secret that reveals what seperate the 'losers' from the 'winners' in our get-girl scene

- How to FINALLY get out of the "I'll do it next time" trap (if this trap is not removed, it can burden you with years of miserable non-action with women)

- A simple way to "psych" yourself up and conquer the problem of "I want to get good with women, but I'm unmotivated"

- Real life case of how my friend meet girls in S'pore through their BLOGS and eventually got them to hang out with him

- A "secret technique" to ELIMINATE 'rules or restrictions' that prevent you from talking and getting women closer to you

- My personal history of how I used to think women wouldn't choose me, and WHAT HAPPENED that got me to ABOLISH this restrictive belief

- A method called L_____ L______ D______ to make you NOT just sloppily do something once-in-a-while, but become a CONSISTENT action-taker in the field of women and dating

- Observation: The common characteristic of action-takers who are happily successful and FULFILLED not just with the opposite sex but also with other areas of life

- An exercise to break you out of 'lazing behaviors' and start doing what's required to own a successful dating life

- What you MUST fill your head with before you go over and talk to a woman

- Warning: don't let any woman hear this - A "chauvinistic" perspective that is surprisingly effective in unlocking your potential to be amazing with ladies

- One thing you might be doing everyday (without knowing) that may 'poison' your dating life

- Description of a scene from a 'not-so-popular' movie - that brilliantly sums up the "mind-frame" you must be in when making your move with women

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My interview with "Gate" - a seasoned approacher who specializes in meeting girls from PUBLIC PLACES during the daytime

Special price: S$33

Audio format: MP3 - Instantly download and play on your computer, smartphone and MP3 players, or burn it onto a CD


In this audio, you'll learn:

- The difference between approaching women in the public during the daytime... versus approaching them in nightspots (Hint: During the day, the 'frame-of-mind' of a woman is not really in a social mood. Learn how to bypass that.)

- A KEY to learn and get fast results with women

- One easy-to-use approach line (and 2 follow-up phrases) to cause full conversations with women to happen

- How to gain curiosity and anticipation in a girl using a 'palm-reading' sequence

- 3 WAYS to get phone numbers from girls in daytime public places

- Why it is a man's BIRTHRIGHT to always make things happen with women (learn the truth that when you exercise this birthright, you
attract amazing women by giving them what they're looking for)

- 2 cool examples to cause a situation between you and a girl to enter a mutually PLAYFUL MOOD

- A BOOKSTORE example of how to advance a conversation further with a lady

- Discover a "sms and phone COMBO" to cause the woman to go out with you

- Common mistake most guys make when sending sms to girls

- Secret to build attraction with a woman on the FIRST phonecall... and get her out on the second

- How to handle disinterested, nasty or even "bitchy" women

- A secret process to "stick" in the head of a girl with an image of you and her together

- The C_______ H_________ technique to CONNECT with a woman during your phone call with her (plus a real-life example of calling up a
girl met at a pet safari)

- The mentality to become FEARLESS with women (and obtain more action with the ladies than you ever thought possible)

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"How To Get Out Of
With Women In Singapore"

Special price: S$33

Audio format: MP3 - Instantly download and play on your computer, smartphone and MP3 players, or burn it onto a CD


In this audio, you'll learn:

- 3 ways to confidently RESPOND to a woman who tells you "I have a boyfriend"

- Why an attached woman is actually a "door" to many different opportunities with women

- How to handle a girl who - HALFWAY WHEN TALKING with you, suddenly says she's got to go

- A "phrase" to successfully get the PHONE NUMBER of a gal who abruptly needs to go off in the middle of conversation

- An UNAFFECTED response to a girl who tells you "You're not my type"

- Plus: Why you SHOULDN'T feel anything negative (and secretly laugh to yourself) when a woman says to you you're not her type

- The best discovered tactic to handle a situation where the girl you're talking to got pulled away by her "hostile friend" (Learn
what NOT to do in such a case as well)

- The ATTRACTIVELY TURN-ON way to respond to a girl on a date - who is sharing with you some of her problems she encountered in work or life (Hint: It's NOT about giving advice or solutions to her)

- 3 examples of how you CONNECT and SCORE POINTS with a girl on a date and make her feel you're a special "breed" of man (who's so
different from the other guys she went out with)

- What to do if a woman keeps rattling about her ex-boyfriends (If you're bothered by this, learn a way to get her to minimize or
totally stop doing it)

- How to EFFECTIVELY deal with a woman who acts like a princess and take you for granted... like ordering you to do something for her
(eg: She coldly tells you to hold her handbag for her - learn to smoothly turn things around)

- The exact TACTICAL WORDS you should answer when a woman asks you - "How much do you earn" (or any question that tries to find out how deep your pockets are)

- If some women still INSIST on knowing how much you have in your bank, here are 2 methods to get them to stop and CHARM them as a result

- A "get-her-to-laugh" answer to any girl who asks you "Are you trying to go after me?"

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My interview with "Ryker" - an expert of boosting your 'INNER-SELF'... to become confident and attractive to women

Special price: S$33

Audio format: MP3 - Instantly download and play on your computer, smartphone and MP3 players, or burn it onto a CD


In this audio, you'll learn:

- Discover this "mind-shift" to go from having self-doubt into being CONFIDENT to take on any situations with women

- One mistake (that if not corrected) can cheat a man of REAL long-term success and results with women

- The main PRINCIPLES of being an attractive man that would never change for the next 1000 years

- How a lot of guys start in the "wrong order" when they want to succeed with girls... and got massive annoyance due to eventually
realizing they're at the wrong starting point

- 2 BIG lessons you must absorb FULLY before you even read another book on dating

- How to NOT be seen as a "pushover" by women

- Why 'the man you are inside' actually TEACHES women how to treat you

- How some movies or tv programs can silently influence you to be a weakling to women

- Strange but true: deep exploration of the reason why a lot of good-looking guys actually DON'T get girls... and some 'plain-looking' ones actually succeeded much more (discover the
'always work' secret behind it no matter what type of man you are)

- 7 "limitations" guys (especially Asian guys) have that stops them from getting lucky with women (Just 1 of these 7 is enough to
prevent you from progressing further with girls. Learn powerful insights to crush these limitations)

- Powerful "alternative thoughts" to destroy any discouraging thoughts you may have about women and dating

- 2 'frames of minds' most guys own in their heads... that are useless when wanting to get good with girls

- (Attention!) The type of magazine articles that got guys into trouble with women

- An exercise you can do to become comfortable anytime you're around BEAUTIFUL women

- How to KEEP a girl after you got her (learn how to NOT unknowingly kill off lasting attraction)

- How to have women look up to you and RESPECT you

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"How To Use The INTERNET To Meet & Know More Women Than You Can Handle (& Get Them Out On Dates)"

Special price: S$33

Audio format: MP3 - Instantly download and play on your computer, smartphone and MP3 players, or burn it onto a CD


In this audio, you'll learn:

- What to WRITE in your online profile to bring in the MAXIMUM RESPONSE from women

- How to have female strangers feel comfortable about sending you a first message on social network sites (usable on Facebook or Friendster)

- Why the Internet gives you a "high rate of return" in knowing women (when compared to other ways)

- 2 Myths about meeting girls on the Internet (smash through these myths and you'll see yourself ZOOMING AHEAD and knowing women regularly)

- Important: The main parts in your online profile where girls FOCUS on (and decide whether to know you or not)

- The most "advantageous" types of PHOTOS you must put online (and have women sense that you're a man of higher quality as compared to other guys)

- How to NOT mistakenly insert the wrong things in your profile that get women become SUSPICIOUS of you

- A QUICK 'LESS-THAN-5-SECONDS' TEST to know whether your photo can be put in your online profile

- One 'social-life destroying' type of photo you must AVOID putting into your profile

- Comparison of 2 REAL-LIFE profile examples (one pulled in huge responses from women, another struggled and flopped with girls.
Learn how to emulate the successful one)

- Extra: How to make your profile NOT like any other guy. The"common" type of profile WON'T appeal to women (learn how to make yours interesting)

- How a girl DETERMINES whether to reply your message or not

- Secrets to craft the words in your profile to create a"magnetizing effect" for women to talk to you

- The type of message you write to a girl such that she feels safe and comfortable about REPLYING

- A word-for-word EXAMPLE of a 'women-attracting' profile (you can use it as your own or have it act as a "template" on how you should construct your profile)

- Most women feel "desperate" or "shameful" about sending a first online message to a guy. Learn how to design your profile in a way
that it lets women message you WITHOUT losing face

- Sneaky secret to know women with LOCKED PROFILES

- What to do when a woman replies your message

- 3 examples of how to easily have women give you their MSN ADDRESSES

- The "MSN Mindset" to ensure you 'do things right from the start' when chatting with women

- On your first MSN chat with a girl - what is the very "first line" you should type to her

- BIG RULE to follow if a girl takes a long time to reply you during MSN chats (what you should do and what you SHOULDN'T do)

- How to chat on MSN in a way that gets women CAPTIVATED and INTERESTED

- Secret to create a 'cliffhanger' that arouse curiosity in women during MSN chats

- The "right" and "Wrong" way to go from chatting with a girl on MSN to getting her out on a DATE with you (plus 3 FURTHER EXAMPLES of how to get women out of MSN chats and into real dates)

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My interview with "Kloudiia" - a female courtship and relationship coach who hands out girl-getting tips to men

Special price: S$33

Audio format: MP3 - Instantly download and play on your computer, smartphone and MP3 players, or burn it onto a CD


In this audio, you'll learn:

- How a charming approach looks like (Hear this directly from the lady's mouth)

- Most guys "freak out" even before moving up to talk to a girl (learn how to NOT talk yourself out of an approach situation)

- A simple way to EMPOWER yourself and heighten your girl-getting self-esteem

- How complimenting a lady may either get her to want to stay in the conversation OR totally kill it... learn to execute the CORRECT type of compliment

- What to do to get women become LESS DEFENSIVE when talking to you

- Uncover the positive qualities of a man that APPEALS to women

- A real-life example that happened to this female expert of how a guy approached her to strike up a natural and confident conversation

- Her straightforward ANSWER to one of the biggest concerns of guys >>> Are height, looks and riches the pre-requirements to succeed with women? (PLUS: What you should REALLY be focusing on other than height, looks and riches)

- Why some women are able to get into a relationship with a man even when he is NOT what she is looking for (learn what it's
dependent on)

- A frank view about the appeal of "bad boys" to women (and whether a guy who is not a bad boy can still appeal to women)

- "Easily overlooked" mistakes guys did on dates which end up turning women OFF

- When encountering a QUIET girl on a date... learn the secret to "encourage" her to warm up and start participating in talking

- TOPICS that get women engaged... and get them to talk continuously

- COMPARISON: Her personal experience with 2 guys - a bad date... versus a good date (learn why one is a 'no second date' situation and why the other worked memorably well... and even led her to marry that guy)

- How to have a good BALANCE of 'thoughfulness' and 'teasings' with women

- How to comfortably turn a girl into a girlfriend (without having to say it out verbally)

- Examples of how you can cause more and more physical TOUCHES to happen with women on dates

- A "small" thing (which most guys don't feel is important) that would ring alarm bells in women's heads

- What to do with women when they're in a tantrum mood (understand the different profiles of women when they're upset and know the correct strategy to deal with each)

- 2 extra tips: After you've gotten the girl, how to continue keeping things fun and get her to continue having that 'heart-pumping' feeling for you

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"The Plan": Making This Your BEST YEAR In Enjoying Success With Women & Dating

Special price: S$33

Audio format: MP3 - Instantly download and play on your computer, smartphone and MP3 players, or burn it onto a CD


In this audio, you'll learn:

- 4 "sub-plans" to ensure you move through this year of meeting and dating women WITH EASE

- One VERY important question to ask yourself... to GAIN CLARITY and make your plan with women work to your benefit

- A WORD-FOR-WORD line to casually talk to female strangers who served you (eg: waitress or counter-staff)

- How to sharpen your DISCIPLINE to have you reach mastery with women *EARLIER* rather than later

- The #1 enemy that can block any male in achieving even a small bit of dating success

- How to gain the "ready state of sociability" whenever you're at a party, wedding or gathering that contains women

- Secret of how some of my previous male clients ultilize a "time-control" concept to get for themselves girlfriends within a short period of time

- If you are a busy working guy with no time to meet girls... be exposed to this 'girl-socializing and dating' time plan that will have you knowing women even with that crazy schedule

- Why some guys set 'goals' to get girlfriends... but months after months later still don't get one (Hint: their goals lack one crucial "law" that once added in, will unleash the focused
girl-getting energy to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN)

- How to use the "social max-out plan" to saturate and FILL YOURSELF with girl-meeting moments and chances

- Where to "plant" or position yourself so that you're in the middle of a sea of opportunities with women

- A spoken word-for-word example of how to get PHONE NUMBERS from women/salesgirls working in boutiques or departmental stores (best of all - you can REPEAT this with different girls in different stores)

- A strong CORE BELIEF that allows you to NEVER feel down or upset with mean or non-responsive women

- One EFFORTLESS way to get women to GO OUT with you

- How to use the "rejection back-up plan" to still feel positively unstoppable if a woman turns you down

- Why rejection from women is one of the most INSIGNIFICANT and UNIMPORTANT type of rejection ever

- A concept taken from the field of "business negotiation" that you can use to get rid of any fears of a 'lack of opportunities with

- How to prevent yourself from "slacking" or be half-hearted about wanting to socialize with women this year


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My interview with "Swagger" - on using ATTRACTIVE BODY LANGUAGE to appeal to women

Special price: S$33

Audio format: MP3 - Instantly download and play on your computer, smartphone and MP3 players, or burn it onto a CD


In this audio, you'll learn:

- Why body language is a langauge you must learn to 'speak' so as to gain a SUB-CONSCIOUS ADVANTAGE with women in the dating field

- One BIG mistake many guys do when starting a conversation with any girl that can accidentally 'freak her out'

- How to 'detect' a woman's character so that you can approach and talk to her at a level that her character is comfortable with

- How READING the group of friends around the girl you're interested in can give you the advantage of talking to her

- His story of working in a boutique and how he pulled a 'fast' move and failed with a girl (plus what lesson was learnt from there)

- The most common 5 WORDS many S'pore guys say to girls... that end up with them NOT getting the girl

- Why 'confessing your liking' to a girl is ALWAYS a bad idea (and what is the alternative)

- How to CONTROL a girl's feelings by leading her through your body language

- A real-life club incident that describes how a guy can appear 'too strong' to women and become turn-offish

- Why body language can COUNTER direct verbal communication that sometimes may be 'too forward' to women

- How to LOOK APPROACHABLE to women (your body language is a social 'on' or 'off' switch. Learn a simple body adjustment to switch it to ON)

- Tips on how a man should STAND to project himself to the world as being highly confident

- An "Anti-slouching" technique to prevent you from portraying a weak posture to women

- What should go on in a man's MIND while he is projecting confident body language

- A mini sub-conscious self-programming 'trick' to CONVINCE yourself of having massive confidence to approach women

- Puzzling question answered: Does it require a long time to master one's body language?

- How using body language can get a girl to 'reel you in' and keep you around in the conversation

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Secrets of Using "MALL FLING" In Singapore:
Easily Meet & Get Numbers From 6-8 Women Within A Few Hours

Special price: S$33

Audio format: MP3 - Instantly download and play on your computer, smartphone and MP3 players, or burn it onto a CD


In this audio, you'll learn:

- A fast effective way to end a 'dry period' (otherwise known as a length of time without any girls to date)

- Why "Mall fling" is an OVERLOOKED avenue that most guys don't use to meet women

- Word-for-word example of what you can say to a female shop assistant in a MUSIC /CD STORE

- How to DESENSITIZE yourself of anxiety or shyness with women

- A "blueprint" you can use to approach girls who are working in DIFFERENT type of shops (ranging from bookstores to gift shops etc)

- An EXACT SPOKEN LINE of how you can smoothly talk to a girl working in a DVD STORE

- One technique to have 'continuous flowing conversations' with women (awkward silences are a thing of the past with this technique)

- How to talk to girls who are working in a toy store environment (like Toys'r'us for example)

- Learn a "one phrase applicable for many places" approach line (once you know this, you don't have to rack your brains for the
'first sentence' or first line to say to a girl)

- Real-life case of how a guy successfully chat up a girl in a Singtel shop

- Why there's NO NEED to memorize a bunch of fancy lines to talk to women (and what will really help you instead)

- What to say to a girl working in a GIFT Shop to begin a conversation

- A BIG 'NO' to take note of in any situation when you're talking to a girl working in a store

- Personal example of how I created a light-hearted situation with a girl working in an ICE-CREAM PARLOR

- Cases where women COME UP TO YOU and attempt to sell you things (like insurance, credit cards etc): Learn how you can 'turn things around' and have social conversations with them WITHOUT buying anything

- My secret of how I rapidly learn to KEEP A CONVERSATION GOING instead of letting it become stagnant

- The WRONG FRAME OF MIND most guys are in when in the middle of a chat with women

- Easy method to sustain the conversation with a girl to prevent it from declining downwards

- 3 EXAMPLES of how you can use a 'gut-feel' technique to sustain a conversation and keep it interesting

- One 'trick' of handling QUIET GIRLS who don't talk much

- 2 ways (word-for-word examples given) of GETTING PHONE NUMBERS from girls working in shops

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My interview with "John" - about being a CHARISMATIC male who women find appealing

Special price: S$33

Audio format: MP3 - Instantly download and play on your computer, smartphone and MP3 players, or burn it onto a CD


In this audio, you'll learn:

- 7 types of charisma a man can possess (news: you don't need all 7 charisma, understanding and having a selected few is good enough for your socializing needs)

- Why it can actually be ADVANTAGEOUS to you if a girl has an interest you know nothing about

- Questions to ask a woman to hit on her hot buttons and get her to enthusiastically engage in a conversation with you

- A story of how he dazzled a woman and is able to know 90% about her over 2 dates that last three hours each

- Tips on using your VOICE as a mesmerizing tool to charm women over

- How he got to connect with a woman through narrating a childhood story

- What to do to "OOZE WITH CONFIDENCE" when you walk into a room

- How a man can 'look good' without 'good looks'

- Further tips on what a guy should do to boost his charisma (when communicating with not just women but people in general)

- A type of thinking you should avoid if you REALLY want to appear charismatic to women

- How to project "intellect" to a girl even if one does not have a genius-level IQ

- How "positive thinking" is just a 'so-so' concept... and in order for you to attain a BREAKTHROUGH with women, you actually need "p______ b_______"

- Personal story of how he actually went from being a dude with low self-esteem to becoming highly self-assured in himself

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Self-Image Secrets:
Activating Your #1 Key To Long-Term Enjoyment & Success With The Ladies

Special price: S$33

Audio format: MP3 - Instantly download and play on your computer, smartphone and MP3 players, or burn it onto a CD


In this audio, you'll learn:

- The real reason behind those "ugly" guys who can easily get girls... VERSUS the more handsome ones who couldn't

- A scientific explanation of why a past 'bad' experience, such as rejection from a girl - can actually cause a guy to have a lousy self-image for YEARS (learn the ONE SECRET to 'outsmart' that bad experience and break away from that)

- A story of what happened during my poly days where I MISTAKENLY told a coursemate I'm interested in a girl (hear how that
back-fired and lessons of what not to do)

- Know a part of your brain called the 'hippocampus' that is partially responsible for 'screw-ups' with women (and what to do
about it)

- 2 areas of your life you must QUESTION in order to do more... enjoy more... and GET more out of your dating life

- Discover if some of the beliefs you thought to be harmless are actually RESTRICTIONS that prevent your self-image from getting bigger and stop your progress with women (PLUS two real-life cases to illustrate that)

- 5 characteristics of a POWERFUL SELF-IMAGE a man can have

- How I abolish my own personal rule of "no dating the friends or colleagues of my sisters" and became socially-happier as a result

- Why you SHOULDN'T feel unworthy of a woman just because of her beauty, good education achievement or high career

- What is a 'social gamble' and learn why - when you play it well, you obtain BIG rewards and make yourself hard-to-lose in situations
with women

- How my 'high self-image' friend talked to a girl in a club, and IN 3 SENTENCES, turned her from being uncomfortable at first... into becoming comfortably smiling

- The one big 'nature-provided' advantage men have over women

- A PRACTICALLY-PROVEN technique to mentally influence yourself to be fantastic with women

- How to obtain a powerful self-image, then STORE it as your own LONG-TERM image

- What a real-world case study from the field of Karate can teach you about having a self-image that wins girls over

- A 20-minute exercise that ACTIVATES the 'massive success with women' mechanism in you

- Many guys learn conversation starters or lines to approach women, and despite knowing these lines are useful... they never use them. Learn how you can automatically and comfortably be PROPELLED to use the lines you like, next time you're in an approach situation

- A concept called "D.O.T.M.A.D" that gets you to accomplish MORE with women than you've ever did

- A playful approach line you can use on women in a DVD shop or bookstore

- 3 'not-so-usual' activities you can carry out to increase the capacity of your self-image to know more women

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My interview with "Asian Rake " - on how to be an AUTHENTIC man who gets success with women
and in life

Special price: S$33

Audio format: MP3 - Instantly download and play on your computer, smartphone and MP3 players, or burn it onto a CD


In this audio, you'll learn:

- How he went from being a fresh divorcee to becoming a man who is naturally attractive to women (resulting in getting 7 girlfriends in
a year)

- Why discovering your own "unique identity" can open up the doors for luck and success with women... more than ever

- The difference between "universal attractive male traits" and "niche attractive male traits" where both can APPEAL to women

- What you need other than lines and sentences to talk to women... to ensure your interaction with the opposite sex is NOT like a "house built on sand"

- The MAIN social-challenge he uncovered about males in Singapore (and what you can do about it)

- The only 3 things you need when you go out to meet women

- A fun suggested EXERCISE you can do to get rid of anxiety of approaching women

- A progressive way to turn social anxiety with women into social freedom

- Why it's actually a good thing if a girl respond in a not-so-friendly way to your approach

- The one word you should NEVER mention when you want to get a girl's phone number

- The simple way to obtain women's numbers (that doesn't trigger unnecessary emotions in women to not want to give)

- His formula to attain the inner authentic ability to just talk to women unrestrictedly and without considering or over-thinking too much

- 3 easy-to-remember dating pointers to make your next date with a woman stress-less

- His response to women who says his height is 'too short' (such a response would actually have women nod and agree with respect)

- How to own a ROCK SOLID MENTAL STRENGTH such that you don't get fazed by whatever happens between you and women

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Secrets of The "Badboy Appeal" - Being The Type of Man Women Want To Have

Special price: S$33

Audio format: MP3 - Instantly download and play on your computer, smartphone and MP3 players, or burn it onto a CD


In this audio, you'll learn:

- Why many guys get disappointing results with women because they MISUNDERSTOOD how a real badboy functions

- 2 important people in your life who can give you what you need to know to be good with girls

- My first ever encounter with a badboy (and what valuable woman-attracting lessons that can be learnt from it)

- How a woman will respond to you base on what traits you show her

- The R_______ B________ factor existing in a badboy that allows him to attract more female partners than other males

- Why 'nice guy finishes last' is not just a phrase, but a reality (and what is the dreadful cause of it)

- A 'girl in restaurant' scenario to illustrate the difference of what a nice guy and a badboy would do in the situation

- Why being a badboy is NOT about hurting women... and instead it's about THRILLING women

- Male traits which are proven to be SEXUALLY UNAPPEALING to women (if you want any interaction with women to go well, these are traits to be avoided like a plague)

- Ways to INCREASE the probability in a woman to want you as her potential mate

- The reason why being an overly nice guy can backfire and NOT give women the assurance that he is suitable for her

- How to swap phone numbers with women with casual ease

- The once-and-for-all answer on how women SEXUALLY SELECT males to be partners

- A "wake up call" that every guy must hear to never again become trapped in failure with women

- One crucial TWEAK to make with the way you talk to women... that will get them to comply more with what you want from them

- How you might be "silently programmed" to be a nice guy who doesn't appeal to women (and what to do about it)

- How to "phrase" your words to get women to GO OUT with you (exact wordings revealed, plus what not to say as well)

- Easy method to create a 'teasing moment' with a girl (3 spoken examples included)

- A witnessed negative example of how a guy tried to talk to a group of 2 girls (this contains a lesson of what to avoid)...

- ...and a positive example of a similar real-life situation that involves smoothly joining two women in a conversation

- The psychological reason behind why girls verbally say (on the surface) they prefer nice guys while SECRETLY HARBOR deep wanting for a badboy

- Finally... 5 badboy example strategies and 'mannerisms' to exhibit to women (ultimately entrenching yourself in the minds of women that you're this rare thrilling guy)

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My interview with voice coach "Deborah" - on how to have a mesmerizing voice that attracts women

Special price: S$33

Audio format: MP3 - Instantly download and play on your computer, smartphone and MP3 players, or burn it onto a CD


In this audio, you'll learn:

- How to make every word that comes out of your mouth capture the attention of women

- The FASTEST way to become mesmerizing to a woman

- An example of how you can effectively put your voice to use when approaching a girl in a club (despite the loud music)

- An awesome tip of how to "make fear your friend"

- Fear decrease tip: How your voice can actually help to massively lower your level of anxiety when you're talking to a woman

- How to know whether your own voice is good enough or requires improvement

- An exercise that STRENGTHENS and enhances the masculine quality in your voice

- 2 TURN-OFFS a guy can unknowingly cause in a woman when talking to her

- A bonus 'club dance floor' tip... on how to invisibly connect with a girl who's dancing on the dance floor

- A real-life example of how a man asked his date (eventually wife) targeted questions that got her talking delightfully for 2 hours

- One important observation about what males in Singapore lack in the way they speak (and how when this is corrected, will bring you more rewards not just socially but in other areas of life)

- Role model examples of men who speak well and is worth taking note of

- How to maintain and keep your masculine voice in proper DURABLE condition

- How to speak with authority and ENTRENCH yourself in women's mind

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HABITS You Must Build...
To Obtain Constant Success With S'pore Women

Special price: S$33

Audio format: MP3 - Instantly download and play on your computer, smartphone and MP3 players, or burn it onto a CD


In this audio, you'll learn:

- How some "random moments" in life can help make a man become either good or horrible with women

- 3 conditions that make 'success with women' habits become INFUSED in you much swifter and easier

- How to minimize the 'psychological burden' of talking to women

- What to do to TUNE yourself to perceive "becoming amazing with women" as something that DOESN'T require a lot of effort (instead
of seeing it as difficult and not doing anything as a result)

- How some guys are SETTING THEMSELVES UP to be disappointed with their dating lives

- The WRONG PERSPECTIVE to be trapped in... that can prematurely cause a guy to give up on attaining success with women

- How your natural male instinct to mate with women can actually get HIJACKED (and what to do about it)

- #1 Irrefutable secret of how some men (without looks or huge bank accounts) can start from zero and very quickly succeed with women

- The lethal INVISIBLE FACTORS that can destroy your plans to become good with women

- How to feel thrilled about socializing with women and see it as something fun rather than something daunting

- The "Stay at home instead of going out to meet women" syndrome... how to deal with it

- The SHORTCUT to gaining for yourself a trunk load of INTERESTING things to talk to women

- One hidden secret of interesting people you cannot afford to not hear

- What you SHOULDN'T do when women ask you questions

- A HUMOUR secret I reverse-engineered from one of the most humourous person I know (use this and women will see you as a man
man with a superb sense of humour)

- An easy to apply TEASING tactic that gets women to giggle

- How NOT to be intimidated by any women of high beauty

- How to break out of PROCRASTINATION to meet women

- The "Masses and elite" concept - How you can consciously break out of lousy outcomes that most guy get with girls

- A mental trick to escape from negative dwelling (eg: constantly thinking of a painful rejection that happened in the past or upsetting situations)

- An exercise that helps to sharpen that 'fearless with women' instinct in you

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