"The Most Complete, Tested And Proven
System You Can Find In Singapore To
Approach Women, Take Their Numbers, Get
Them Out On Dates And Attractively Influence
Them To Go Into a Relationship With You..."

Finally... a Singapore-based Program That
Gives You The Exact In-Depth Skills To Own
Lasting Success With Women Here...

From: Skilldo
Sunny Singapore

Dear Friend,

I'm finally doing it.

After running continuously for more than half a decade - bootcamps in Singapore that give men here strategies to meet and get women they desire...

... I'm finally doing what many requested.

Which is to take recordings of the bootcamps, put them into a comprehensive home training program and ta-da... Men can learn 'such stuff' at home, at their own pace and leisure.


But before I tell you about my new "Skilldo System Bootcamp" program that you can learn instantly from your computer, you need to know...

The Feeling of "Incompleteness" Many Guys In Singapore Suffer From

Let me explain -

Remember the times when you encountered women YOU REALLY LIKE... but eventually you didn't get them to become yours?

Think about those times.

Maybe such cases happened to you quite a while back, or it could be very recent...

But here's the "hard-hitting" question:

What's the reason for not being able to get these women?

Usually when I discussed this question with guys, typical responses include:

"That girl just wants to remain as friends"
"She doesn't reply my smses after one date"
"She likes someone else"
"I didn't know how to ask her out"

There're even cases where things ended BEFORE it could start.

Like the guy is secretly interested in a girl who works in a shop he frequents... or taking the same transport as him every morning... but he's NEVER spoken to her before and don't have the courage to talk to her.

So such situations usually bring about a feeling of "incompleteness" in guys, which can be summed up as:

"Wanting more out of one's dating life BUT DON'T KNOW HOW TO"

It's a "stuck" kind of feeling - one feels he cannot go beyond a certain level with women... as if a glass wall is preventing him from moving ahead.

And IDENTIFYING as clear as possible, which area(s) one is stuck within this field of women and dating, would be a good FIRST STEP to avoid continuing being stuck.

So let's play with the following...

The below table consists of a series of problems that exist in an approach and dating timeline. Put a tick next to the problem if you have tactics or methods to SOLVE IT.


I am afraid of approaching women. (Don't know how to and totally fear rejection)
I can approach. But after approaching, there are always "awkward silences" or 10 second pauses during chats.
I can chat without pauses but I don't know the ways to obtain numbers. (I often just say goodbye without getting a number or girls just don't want to give)
I can get numbers but NOT at getting them out on a first date.
I am good at having ladies go out with me on first dates, but the first date usually ends there... never seeing a second date. (The other person is always finding excuses NOT to go out after the first date)
I am good at going out with women on first date, second... all the way to the 10th date, but I don't know how to convert the date into a girlfriend who I can have an intimate relationship with.

So, what's your score?

The above are root problems that occur at pivotal points in the approach/dating scene. There are of course more problems but they belong more or less to one of the above situations.

(By the way, if you can tick and solve every box confidently, your dating lifestyle should be quite good and you'll probably have no feelings of "incompleteness")

So if there are some boxes above where you didn't tick, those are the problems or 'stuck points' you face with women and dating, and would require effective ways to break through it.

And just so you know, I used to painfully face ALL OF THE ABOVE problems with women and dating many years back.

In fact...

That Time, I Almost Wanted To Completely Give Up Finding a Girlfriend...

A bit about my story.

Let's rewind back to the 1990s when I was still serving as a clerk in the Republic of Singapore Air Force.

Back then as a nerdy single who is 'neither tall nor handsome', I'd rather burn my hand with a cigarette than to approach a girl..... let alone go out on a date..... much less have a girlfriend.

At age 20-plus, while other guys around me were attached many times over (some even married), --

  • I hadn't even kissed a girl.
  • I've not held a girl's hand.
  • Relatives were asking me every Chinese New Year the annoying question of "Found a girlfriend already or not?"

Given the military setting I was in, it was almost impossible to meet women (unless you are talking about married lady Warrant Officers in their forties, other than that, there's zero female available).

It became real bad.

Yes, I did what a person in that position would do... read books. But the problem is, the dating books I read are all published by US "ang-mo" authors. I find it hard to use "Americanized" ideas in Singapore.

Then, it came a point where I was considering whether to sign on full-time in my air force unit with a six-year contract. It may be a good career move but honestly, it also means I'm destined to spend the next half decade or so in a place where I can forget about finding a girlfriend.

It's as good as being a monk.

But... That Didn't Happen

See, sometimes things happen in life in mysterious ways. Just when you want to give up on dating women, an option shows up...

...I met Andrew, a friend of my sister. (Otherwise known as the man indirectly responsible for kick-starting the fulfilling dating life I have today.)

Andrew is what many would call a 'ladies man'. Here's a typical scenario I'd witness when we hang out at a wedding party-

He'd walk up to a pretty female stranger. In less than 5 minutes, they'd both be laughing, chatting and teasing each other with touches... but that's not all.

The following weekend when I'd hang out with Andrew again, he'd turn up holding the waist of the very same lady from the party... apparently she became his girlfriend in just mere days.

And such a scenario is just the tip of the iceberg.

But here's the mind blower: Andrew is NOT particularly tall or good-looking (he has an odd-looking forehead in fact!), so it's eye-opening to see how he can date and get girls easily.

It came down to this --

I want to know what he knows! (Because whatever he knows, it had worked for him HERE in Singapore!)

So, there came one of the most enjoyable phase in my life:

  • I neglect everything else just to learn the approach/dating skills, NOT solely from Andrew, but also from men who are as good as Andrew.
  • Their collective wisdom is responsible for my first few approaches and dates with women. Such small achievements sparked an obsession for me to continue discovering new techniques (both learnt and self-taught).

I don't know if this has happened to you before, but sometimes when you learn radical new skills, you become juiced-up and excited to go and use it...

...Better yet, you used it and got yourself powerful results.

That's what happened to me!

It's from there that I dated TONS more and got into relationships with ladies in the following years... and I've NOT regretted being armed with such fantastic stuff.

The experience taught me that:

If Men ( Who CAN Meet and
Date Beautiful Women )
Are Willing To Teach You...
... You Can't Help But BE BETTER

With ATTRACTION & SEDUCTION skills as part of your dating arsenal, it is (much) easier and faster to have women like you.

Personally, after so many years of being socially-hopeless, to having radically changed and getting regular fulfilling success with women since then... was quite a HIGHLIGHT in my life.

And I don't feel shy about saying - I'm currently enjoying a great dating life with my fabulous girlfriend, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

That was especially so since I'm really NOT what you'd call a good-looker (I'm common looking at best). And last I checked with official stats, I'm slightly shorter than the average height of males in Singapore.

Yet, If There's One Thing I Can
Confirm For You, It's This:

Attraction is NOT the same as looks. You DON'T have to score well in the looks department yet still project a high amount of attraction. Also, being rich, driving a sportscar or having a 180cm height all have NOTHING to do with the ability to trigger attraction in women.

In a nutshell, when you properly "strike up" a large amount of attraction in women (through a series of techniques), you lower the chance for them to reject.

Instead, an urge is created inside them where the women will want to continue chatting, give you their number and see you again.

Plus, with enough attraction, it clears the path for seduction tactics (that brings about the certainty of a relationship) to be deployed.

Women DON'T MIND getting seduced if they're attracted to you.

From experience, the process of approaching a member of the opposite sex, to getting into an intimate relationship happens systematically.

People who consistently date will agree this process is quite predictable.

For me, since that 'transformed' era you read about above, I relentlessly continued the pursuit of going into social situations, uncovering and refining new skills that can allow a normal man - to meet and attract women with precision.

It's a life devotion.

The experiences also got crafted into a SYSTEM, where I plan to transfer what I know - to guys in Singapore wanting to better their results with women.

MY VISION IS... to produce the most complete training a guy can receive about success with women in Singapore.

Confession: Of course, at first I didn't know if it can bring the same life-changing results in other men as it had for me.

But what pleasantly surprised me was the VERY FIRST ever training I run - got a client attract for himself a girlfriend within 3 weeks after the training.

And as things roll along, more success stories quickly speak for themselves...


(Names shortened for privacy)

"Just One Idea Helped Him Secure A Date."

"Skilldo really walks the talk. He has this impressive ability to crack open dating scenarios and explain in detail how to go about solving them.

Just one nugget from Skilldo during a ten-minute chat actually enlightened me to successfully get a lady out on a date during a weekend.

It's always been a joy to meet up with him again to add further-power to my dating game.

I highly recommend anyone who are stuck at any point of their social lives to hear what Skilldo has to say. Tactics out of his mouth are too valuable to be missed!"

- Q W, Engineer

"( Approached 6 Women In Past Two Weeks) His Confidence To Approach Is At An All-Time High"

"As a guy who had lost touch with dating for more than 10 years, I find my ability to approach women becoming rusty.

Meeting Skilldo however had caused my approach confidence to rise to an all-time high.

Not only that, I realised most of the old things I knew about approaching were wrong, and he brilliantly have me 'see the light' with new and powerful techniques.

I had easily approached 6 women in the past two weeks alone, and trust me when I say it would never happen had I not used Skilldo's techniques. Thanks!"

- Ng S H, Banker

"Fast Progress. Wedding Bells
Will Ring Soon"

"hi Skilldo, I am X.E from early Feb batch. Thanks for your lessons, I am finally attached !

Your sharing at boot camp and emails made me realize lots of things. The first one is 'What counts is not the number of dates, but how much a guy can attract a gal'. Second one is that it is not about pleasing a gal, but portraying an image which attracts her.

My gf is an NUS graduate ..Subsequently, from emails to exchange mobile numbers and phone chat. I suggested some activities which attracted her, but what really attracted her is Jolin's concert.

We finally met up on sat for the concert. I wasted no time in grabbing her hands as we walked along orchard road towards Plaza Sing for movie. She paid for the movie and chose a lovers seat. So you can continue the story. I think it is pretty fast progress, since we held hands, hug and kissed on the first meeting. She told me that she and her last ex held hands only after 4 months, which is slow. I told her of my intention to co-habitate, and she seems keen too. So the wedding bells will ring soon!"


"He DIDN'T Have To Do The Pursuing. A Lady Asked Him Out For A Movie."

[From letter]


This will be brief.

Your attraction concept - "G-Install", got a girl in my class to sms me and ask me out for a movie. All I can say is "Yipee!!"

I would like to personally thank you for all the concepts you teach."

- M L, Student

"He got the girl. HAPPILY ATTACHED NOW!"

[Email received 12 Jan 2007]

"Dear Skilldo,

As per your advices,I tried it and guess what? I got the girl of my dreams!!! God it is so wonderful..I know this girl for a couple of

years, and well she is hot and wonderful and well gorgeous...
I thought I will never get with her...cos her tastes ran to be a bit high...but guess what? I tried your advices,and now am happily attached to her...thanks man!!!! Here's our pic together!! Thanks man!"

- DN


(All Success Stories Printed With Permission)
MORE Results Below As You Read On

And that's just a portion of the success stories amassed by clients and men who acquire the skills.

As you can imagine, the inspiring cases are fuel for me to "continue the momentum" of running trainings and bootcamps for men in Singapore.

That carried on vigorously for a couple of years and then, in 2007 Channel News Asia contacted me to carry out an interview.

Here's What Happened...

After that particular media piece, a few gentlemen actually called me up... and asked for personal one-on-one 'VIP' high-end' coaching, instead of attending the usual bootcamp for groups.

Frequency of holding the bootcamp also increased. That particular year and the following became a super-busy period.

(Quite an 'exhausting' period in fact, but LOVING every moment of it.)

Then, that was the first time a client said to me, "Why don't you record the bootcamp sessions and have a home study version of it?"

I kept in view what he said, but kept it on hold (for years). Because I still enjoy teaching things 'live'.

Truth is, many different intakes of bootcamps were in fact recorded. But it's more for "record-keeping" purposes. Wasn't really thinking of showcasing the bootcamp lessons outside of the room.

Then in between, there were increasing feedbacks during events and over emails, with men suggesting a home study version - including many who have time-commitment challenges and could not spend two days in a row attending the bootcamp.

And so this year...

It's finally out.

The bootcamp home study course is produced. And what you're going to learn inside is the very same system that had created MULTIPLE GIRL-GETTING SUCCESS STORIES for men in Singapore.

By the way, if I were you, I might be thinking, "This is probably some rehashed dating stuff easily available everywhere."

It's fair to think like that. That's why I said I might think the same way too.

But just so you can feel more confident knowing I'm not some guy who repackages old tired dating concepts, let me tell you about some of the massive efforts me and the peers in my company carry out in Singapore -- that way you can know what I stand for:

From my story above, you knew I was dateless for a long time. And with nothing to lose, I went out to learn and 'socially experiment'. After 100s of approaches from trial and error, and YEARS of dating wham-bam later, I've got competent at obtaining numbers, getting dates, entering relationships and attaining a social life I'd call --- extremely fulfilling! The experiments and experience were recorded and compiled into a "Complete System".

The tactics and techniques are created through PERSONAL hard-earned experiences. Me and my company went through almost every approach & date scenarios and discover strategies that work (sometimes by accident, othertimes by repeated deliberate testing).

WE routinely interact and date HUMAN after human to attain this skill. We DON'T read a book or go through a cheap certification course and start telling people what to do.

The mistakes most people make in the dating scene in Singapore, we've made them already. So we're always ready to "spring into action" to prevent people from making these mistakes by informing them.

In a given year, I personally meet 1400 singles at singles event organized by my peers. Out of this number, a portion of males got attached, and it gives us the extraordinary ability to see their "common features of dating success". On the other hand, we've also seen habits of destruction that are causing some singles to remain solo.

I make efforts to hang out with very-experienced male & female daters in Singapore. We pick each others brains and spare no efforts to exchange views on how people can consistently get the opposite sex.

Such 'third party' insights are valued. Sometimes a rare dating nugget from a credible third party can literally increase the fire-power of our system. Just because I have my own proven system doesn't mean I'm closed to other ideas. (I'm however strict with the fact that the third party must be proficient in real-life dating. NOT some MBA or Phd talking about what they learnt from textbooks.)

My company is the Seduction & Attraction research 'Powerhouse' in Singapore, devoted to always developing & field-test social concepts. This gives men the updated and PROVEN ways to get more dates and getting hitched. It may be a brash thing to say, but we're secretly responsible for numerous dates and relationships that happened in Singapore.

When I host dating & attraction courses, they're typically sold out. In 2006, a multi-day event actually sold out 2 weeks early. People who are turned down have to be placed on a 'holding list' for the next event.

Other than ourselves, we study from dozens (TONS!) of success examples where "Guy successfully gets girl". Their tips and tricks have been compiled and documented in our "Seduction Compilation".

Anyone who absorbs the entire compilation, is equal to attaining the sum total of at least 7 years of dating mastership.

As for what I DON'T STAND FOR, are the following:

Me and my company DON'T deal with dating concepts that won't work in Singapore.

We DON'T go to an American guru (I know many of them are getting really popular these days!), or read a book and present the entire concepts to people. No, that's cheating the clients.

If you want to find, attract, date a woman here in Singapore, wouldn't it make sense to get information that is relevant to Singapore culture and context?

Sure, some ideas can be applied across lands but I'm sure you'd feel more comfortable in knowing that our dating system was 'tested and raised' in Singapore.

It worked successfully over and over again here, so there's NO WAY anyone can say "Nah, it won't work in Singapore."


I hate "fluff theories" and you WON'T see them in my dating system.

You've probably read books or attend courses that told you fluff like... "if you cannot find a partner, the sun still shines tomorrow."


Pardon the strong reaction but if one wants to find a girlfriend, indulging in this kind of information will only delay their dating progress... Sure, it can make you FEEL better but not BE better.

... One needs practical information to stimulate them into action.

So, I'm strict about offering REAL-LIFE, use-able information. Only techniques and tactics that have worked in real-life will be taught.


I think it's important to point out what's in the home study course is a comprehensive system.

It carefully guides you through all the steps of approach, dating and girl-getting, and does NOT hold back when it comes to letting you know the information you must know.


A Start To Finish Dating System
That NEVER Abandons You Halfway

The system takes you from...

... Approaching a member of the opposite sex ALL THE WAY to getting into a romantic relationship with her.

It shows you methods to approach women... and DOESN'T NEGLECT to show how to get their numbers.

It teaches you how to obtain dates... and DOESN'T FORGET to show ways to convert them into a girlfriend.



You're Going To Learn The SAME System That Got Numerous Men In S'pore To Become Boyfriends Of Wonderful Women


In other words, you get to MASTER the Entire Dating Weaponry with the "Skilldo System Bootcamp" Online Course.

You get a program with
10 1/2 hours of streaming VIDEO TUTORIALS and special BONUS supplementary materials of audios & reports: All pure Singapore-focused secrets --- to approach women in different locations, smoothly secure future dates with them and attract them to be your girlfriend with ease.

The main lessons inside are exposed to you as video tutorials (with important-points, easy-to-follow key illustrations and diagrams appear on screen) while you listen to strategies and examples pulled from my recorded live bootcamp workshops.

And special menus are created in each video tutorial so you can jump to and revise the segments that you're especially interested in.

Everything adds up to an in-depth education of video tutorials, audio lessons, plus extra reading materials are packaged inside as well. Take a look at what's in this course with a partial description of what you're going to learn...


Video Tutorial #1

Session Focus: "Introduction To The System of Meeting, Dating &
Getting Girls In Singapore"

  • Discover why hundreds of men out there who DON'T look good physically, but still have good-looking girlfriends (you've seen this scene when shopping in City Hall, haven't you?-- A person who doesn't have looks, but still holds the hand of a gorgeous lady... Find out how it's done by triggering the attraction switches in the opposite sex).
  • 2 UNDISPUTABLE FACTORS explaining why some men succeed with women without much effort... and why others continue to be disappointed for years with no results with women
  • My 'not-so-glorious' past where I had my first date WAAAAY later than most people and how the situation was turned around eventually
  • How a 'Singapore-born and bred' process of meeting women to getting into relationships with them here... was developed over the years
  • Why the first thing you say to a woman during the approach should not be as important or stressful as most people think
  • The multiple advantages of using SMS to get a woman to go out with you
  • One thing you MUST NOT do when a girl took a long time to reply your messages
  • The #1 reason why a woman doesn't want to go out on a second date with a guy after the first date ends (yes, boring or 'no chemistry' may be the causes, but there is one main reason lurking in the shadows)
  • "Common patterns" observed on dates in Singapore that successfully have the guy and the girl end up intimately as lovers
  • #1 tip to prevent yourself from falling into the 'friend zone'. If this sequence is done correctly, the dreaded words of 'Let's just be friends' will be non-existent for you... Make yourself a mate-figure to the girl, NOT a friend-figure. Possess this tip to know how
  • PLUS: A scientific finding that discloses the secret on how to NOT end up as a friend with a girl you like
  • Revealed: The "man traits" that press the attraction hot buttons in women and have them GRAVITATE towards you
  • The "missing link" that explains why some guys can learn lots of dating stuff but still fail with women... and by understanding this "missing link", you can separate yourself from them and skyrocket your girl-getting success


Video Tutorial #2

Session Focus: "Build a Profile So Attractive That The Opposite Sex Easily Accepts Your Approach"


  • 6 aspects of a man that naturally make women want to get closer to him
  • Know the exact invisible CONDITIONS of Attraction. Once you get this insight, you'll understand the conditions that trigger attraction in women... With that, wouldn't it be easier to install and control all these conditions within yourself?
  • The attitude that works with women (discovered as a result of social experimenting) and the many other attitudes that don't
  • Why trying to act 'mature' to a woman can backfire
  • How to get women to detect you're "genetically" more confident and superior than other guys... within the first few minutes of conversation
  • An example of how through online chatting, I establish mutual playfulness with a lady and got her out
  • The way many guys talk (without realizing) that turns women OFF (learn another more powerful way to talk instead)
  • How to show a woman you're a MAN WHO HAS DIRECTIONS and is sure of himself (in turn, making her feel... she can trust you in your confident abilities as a man)
  • Learn how to prevent the 'hard to get' part of the woman from surfacing
  • Find out why some guys right here in Singapore are "a**holes" but still can get girls. You DON'T have to be like them but once you know the "hidden factor", your chance of attracting women is increased instantly.

  • Build onto yourself an Attractive Profile that majority of ladies are attracted to.
  • 3 key principles you must embed in yourself if you want to be super-successful with girls (Fact: these principles are almost without any variation... lived by all the men in S'pore I know who are enjoying massive amount of victories with women)
  • How to never be intimidated by very beautiful women again (and I mean it - never). Learn what to do to talk to the beautiful ones normally in a relaxed way.
  • 2 strategies to comfortably handle a woman who says something 'nasty' after the first approach
  • Learn this witty 'comeback line' during an approach in case the girl asks you, "Do I even know you?"
  • Strengthen your male power with a 'Permanent Confidence ARMOUR' (lock-in a Habitual Confidence) Master a drill that makes confidence NOT just something you have, but fusing it into your core everyday lifestyle, such that you can summon confidence ON DEMAND.

  • Slaughter Rejection forever with one powerful concept. You'll know the moves to grab rejection by the face and punch the daylights out of it. (Many previous students have called this the 'eye-opening' moment where rejection are NO longer a big thing to them)
  • 3 specific critical insights where the moment you absorb them, you'll once-and-for-all NEVER FEAR rejection in your dating life anymore


Video Tutorial #3

Session Focus: "Take My Most Effective 'Lines' & Formulas To APPROACH Women (they've already been tested for you)...

...And Use Them As Scripts To Talk To Girls At Various
Places In S'pore


  • 29 word-for-word spoken 'approach conversation starters' belonging to six categories you can apply to different situations that'll have you approach and start talking to girls. You can memorize these openers as scripts or modify and develop them for your own use
  • "3 WORDS" you can begin as the first thing you say to a woman to get a conversation going (and no, it's NOT 'how are you')
  • One MAIN reason why most men in Singapore will NOT approach... and once you understand it, you can CONQUER it and approach strangers like second nature
  • How to talk to a girl who's just next to you in a club or pub setting
  • 3 examples of how to start a conversation with a girl in a bookstore (you can simply use the examples and no need to 'think too much' the next time you see a lady in a bookstore)
  • How to talk to a girl with HEADPHONES on (great for situations in the MRT or public transport)
  • Real success case of how a previous client of mine successfully talked to a girl in a LIFT and got her phone number
  • A personal example of how I talked to 2 girls studying in a LIBRARY
  • A phrase you can insert in the middle of conversation that magically gets women talking
  • How instead of waiting for opportunities to talk to girls, you can CREATE a situation for an approach to take place
  • A tactic to stop and talk to a lady who is walking towards your direction
  • A super-easy way to teasingly talk to good-looking WAITRESSES (plus spoken examples to chat up with other female staff or women working in a store outlet)
  • How your CAMERA PHONE can be an excellent tool in your arsenal of approach tactics
  • Strategies & exact lines to approach in a public setting. Bookstores, Cafe, DVD or CD shops, Clubs, Giftshops, Parties, Chalets, Foodcourts... (Plus!: You'll learn one OVERLOOKED place where you can meet a few new women per day)
  • The 'tried and tested' mindset to pull off the approach lines naturally and with precision. I've tested a load of mindsets during approaching... and found ONE that brings about the most relaxed state-of-mind. Now I want you to use it to have the same happen
  • After you've learnt the approach lines and numerous spoken examples, be exposed to a SPECIAL EXERCISE where you're able to create your own approach lines that are UNIQUELY YOURS
  • A FUN, free and practical way to practice your approach lines on dozens of real women in Singapore
  • How to approach a girl who's in a group. Whether it's two, three or five people in a group, you'll be exposed to the proper way to get in (Plus: a 'cannot be violated' rule of talking to a girl in a group)


Video Tutorial #4

Session Focus: "Learn How To Maintain a Conversation With Women, Get Rid of Awkward Silences And Let Topics Flow Unobstructedly"


  • 2 'zero-embarassment' ways of finding out during a conversation whether the woman you're talking to is SINGLE
  • The #1 critical thing you must do BEFORE uncovering if a girl is single. (Nope, it's NOT seeing if there's a ring on finger. That's a ridiculous trick anyway)
  • How to keep the conversation flowing by being a 'Tangent Talker'. You'll be surprised at how simple this technique is to keep the chat going and have her engaged in a dialogue with you
  • A stealthy and progressive way to turn yourself into an awesome conversationalist who can hold conversations with everyone including gorgeous quality women
  • 17 Emergency Topics to BREAK OUT OF QUIETNESS when you hit a "silent wall" during chats with women (PLUS a sneaky way to 'remember' all 17 topics without the need to memorize anything)
  • Examples of teasing women and creating a fun mood with her in the midst of conversation
  • Most guys think 'reading the palm' of a woman is cheesy. But done the right way, you'll score big points with her. Learn how to lead her during a conversation into a palm-reading moment (best of all, you DON'T have to know palm-reading)
  • A little 'trick' you can do with your body that gets women fascinated and ask you 'how it's done' (this is a trick you'll NEVER find written in books or anywhere else)
  • Learn to ask the type of QUESTIONS to not just prolong the conversation but also to engage women in an interesting dialogue. You'll notice how she wants to tell you more with the questions you pose


Video Tutorial #5

Session Focus: "Deploy Attractive Interactions That Women Will Fondly Remember...

...And Expertly Get Their Phone Numbers"


  • Attraction-Loaded Storytelling: Utilize 3 types of stories in your conversation to fire off the lady's attraction brainbuttons. (This alone will differentiate YOU from 90% of other males)
  • 2 of my own 'sentence-by-sentence' examples of stories told to women during interactions... that exhibit a 'strong male quality' not present in other guys (you can use these examples as a reference to craft your own story)
  • PLUS: Additional 'attraction loaded story' example from a previous client where he used it during chats with women, and bringing him huge amount of liking from those women
  • Shattering the myth of 'you definitely need to be rich or drive a sports car to be successful with women' (Learn what's important instead to effect amazing changes in your dating life)
  • What to do if other guys are going after the girl you like (if a girl is beautiful, you WILL have competition... learn what it really takes to have her want YOU over others)
  • A mistake I made with women early on in my dating journey - that you must learn to avoid at all costs (this is a mistake I see a lot of guys still make nowadays and if not pointed out, they'll continue making it)
  • How to craft and deliver a story in a way that reflects to women you are a MAN OF WORTHINESS (psychologically causing her to want you more as a result)
  • An important step you must establish BEFORE going in to get a girl's number. Failing to do this step would make it more difficult for her to feel ok about giving her number away

  • 8 words that get you her phone number. These eight words are actually the exact things I say to get numbers over and over again, so it's absolute safe and effective for you to use

  • Another Number-Getting Tactic to have you pocket her digits Face NO resistance, NO hesitance from her when you use this. Best of all, you don't even need to 'ask' for the number... learn the exact wordings to 'casually get' her to hand you her number


Video Tutorial #6

Session Focus: "Advanced Strategies of Getting MORE Than Just Women's Numbers...

...And How You Can Get Women Out On A Date Without Resistance (have them WANT to go out with you)"


  • 2 advanced tactics to get MORE than just a number. Believe it or not, in the first minutes of meeting a lady, you can use specific scripts to have her join you at a nearby cafe for a further chat (it's a date on-the-spot). All these lines are revealed to you in the EXACT way they're being delivered

  • A method to schedule a FUTURE date with a woman on the very spot where you approached her. Both of you enjoyed talking and have things to chat about. Sadly... most guys will just leave it at that! But NOT you, because you learn ways to take advantage of the situation by making plans with her to meet again. (The exact phrases for doing that are demonstrated to you)
  • 3 factors that determine - After getting a woman's number, how long do you wait before contacting her
  • Deploy a smart move that makes it hard for her to refuse going out with you. This is done countless times with sweet results. And when you learn this, you get more "Sure, I'd love to meet up." replies from women

  • An example (and a fill-in-the-blanks template) of structuring your SMS to get women out on a date
  • How you should respond if a woman says she's busy or not available to go out (plus a 'systematic' way of handling women who are non-responsive... or are the 'fly aeroplane' types)
  • How to make yourself extra attractive to a girl who's busy but still keen to go out with you. She tells you "Oh sorry, Friday I can't go out. How about Saturday then?" Learn a line to reply her that will amplify attraction in her

  • Dealing with a girl's 'no show' or last minute date cancellations. Yes, there is still chance to date her even if she say things like "Oh, I can't meet you tonight, my boss wants me to stay at work." Tactics specifically used to deal with such situations are shown to you
  • For a date that's set many days beforehand... how to "remind" the girl about the date when closer (And no, you DON'T say things like, "So, is tomorrow confirmed? Are we still going out?")


Video Tutorial #7

Special Material On Knowing Women From The Internet
Session Focus:
"Taking Advantage of The Internet To Meet Multiple New Women And Get Them Out On Dates"


  • What to WRITE in your online profile to bring in the MAXIMUM RESPONSE from women
  • How to have female strangers feel comfortable about sending you a first message on social network sites (highly usable on Facebook)
  • Why the Internet gives you a "high rate of return" in knowing women (when compared to other ways)
  • 2 Myths about meeting girls on the Internet (smash through these myths and you'll see yourself ZOOMING AHEAD and knowing women regularly)
  • Important: The main parts in your online profile where girls FOCUS on (and decide whether to know you or not)
  • The most "advantageous" types of PHOTOS you must put online (and have women sense that you're a man of higher quality as compared to other guys)
  • How to NOT mistakenly insert the wrong things in your profile that get women become SUSPICIOUS of you
  • A QUICK 'LESS-THAN-5-SECONDS' TEST to know whether your photo can be put in your online profile
  • One 'social-life destroying' type of photo you must AVOID putting into your profile
  • Comparison of 2 REAL-LIFE profile examples (one pulled in huge responses from women, another struggled and flopped with girls.
    Learn how to emulate the successful one)
  • Extra: How to make your profile NOT like any other guy. The"common" type of profile WON'T appeal to women (learn how to make yours interesting)
  • How a girl DETERMINES whether to reply your message or not
  • Secrets to craft the words in your profile to create a"magnetizing effect" for women to talk to you
  • The type of message you write to a girl such that she feels safe and comfortable about REPLYING
  • A word-for-word EXAMPLE of a 'women-attracting' profile (you can use it as your own or have it act as a "template" on how you should construct your profile)
  • Most women feel "desperate" or "shameful" about sending a first online message to a guy. Learn how to design your profile in a way
    that it lets women message you WITHOUT losing face
  • Sneaky secret to know women with LOCKED PROFILES
  • What to do when a woman replies your message
  • 3 examples of how to easily have women give you their email addresses for future online chats
  • The correct mindset to ensure you 'do things right from the start' when chatting with women
  • On your first online chat with a girl - what is the very "first line" you should type to her
  • BIG RULE to follow if a girl takes a long time to reply you during online chats (what you should do and what you SHOULDN'T do)
  • How to chat online in a way that gets women CAPTIVATED and INTERESTED
  • Secret to create a 'cliffhanger' that arouse curiosity in women during online chats
  • The "right" and "Wrong" way to go from online chatting with a girl to getting her out on a DATE with you (plus 3 FURTHER EXAMPLES of how to get women out of online chats and into real dates)


Video Tutorial #8

Session Focus: Making Women Feel Irresistibly Magnetized To You During A Date...

... Plus Secrets To Ensure Date#2 And Future Dates Happen From There"


Note: You've got her out. But 80% of dates end at Date#1. When you try to call her to come out again for the second date, they're either not free or they have to wash their dogs etc...

The real reason is because the date doesn't FEEL anything during the first date. That problem has been completely solved since. Learn the methods to have them think of you when they go home and want to go out with you again.


  • Learn to make her think of you when she goes home from the date--- The #1 method that causes "sparks to fly". Have you ever talked to a girl and she starts appearing in your mind for days afterward? The same effect can be activated in the minds of women. Use it and she'll have this feeling inside of her to want to see you again
  • The 'warning signs' you can detect during dates with a girl that let you determine whether she'll 'take you for a ride' or not
  • The always-debated question: On dates, who should pay for the meals? (I'll answer it with a 'traditional' explanation but with a new TWIST... that gets you respect from women while not getting 'ripped off' by them)
  • 2 'MUST DO' things you need to implement on a date to cause an intimate relationship with the girl to happen (You can forget about turning the normal date into a romantic bond if these are missed out...)
  • Learn a secret 5-stage process called 'Data to Emotion' to draw out good elated feelings from women on dates. Women are 'feeling-based' creatures. And most guys on dates don't know how to bring out feelings from women. Imagine you can. That causes women to sense there's something very SPECIAL about you
  • How to make a girl on a date describe a strong-felt experience she once had... and base on your reply, you make her feel very connected to you
  • A PHRASE you can say to a girl on a date who doesn't talk much (or quite stoned) to get her to break out of that quiet shell
  • 8 ways to establish TOUCHING with the girl... leading to more and further mutual touches between you and her for the rest of the date
  • Sneaky way to get you to tickle the girl (the exact phrases to cause that to happen are disclosed to you)
  • How to get the girl to MASSAGE your shoulders... in-turn establishing further build-up of mutual touches
  • Have your "Male Ranking" placed higher than other males in her mind. There is one thing that the typical guys in Singapore neglect to do during dates. I give you the insider scoop of what it is. From there, you'll be seen by ladies to be way better than most of the guys out there.

  • 2 different strategies to pin-down the next date with the girl. You are winning during the date already and I wouldn't want you to lose all your chips. Discover sure-fire ways to set up subsequent meet-ups with the girl
  • The right and wrong ways to get women out on dates with you again (I of course won't hold back when sharing the RIGHT ways)
  • How to secure the next date with the girl by framing it in such a way like it's HER IDEA to go out again


Video Tutorial #9

Session Focus: "The Attraction Black Box - A Set of Secret Psychological 'Agitation' Techniques That Cause Women To Want To Chase You Or Can't Help But Confess Their
Liking For You


  • Structure your date to make it lead to more, NOT less attraction. -- Most dates are doomed to fail without a 'Progressive Attraction Structure'. Learn how you can use 4 types of strategic date venues/locations to deepen attraction in the woman
  • The difference between how a 'professional' dater vs an 'amateur dater' would operate DURING THE DATE (you'll uncover: the way the date is being 'planned' and constructed is VERY DIFFERENT between the two)
  • When in a restaurant or cafe - How to sit and be positioned in such a way that you and the girl have the greatest amount of CLOSE CONTACT and bonding with each other
  • Disclosed! The ultimate locations for a great seduction. From what you've learnt so far, you are powerful enough to be her boyfriend. But wouldn't you like it BETTER if the EXACT PLACES in Singapore where normal dates are turned into relationships are unveiled? Know the spots that build up the "intimate mood"
  • How to construct an attractive date that appeals to women at the various places I recommend - WITHOUT spending a lot of money
  • The exact places in the city you can bring women to that naturally cause TOUCHES between you and her to happen (the place itself FACILITATES touching to happen, so there's no 'feeling of weirdness' occurring in the girl)
  • Story and exact way of how a previous client bring a girl out on a date, and after seeing an attraction 'tell-tale sign' in the girl, he went ahead and easily kissed her
  • Why watching a movie with a girl can be considered an utter waste of time on a date (UNLESS you implant some strategic 'smart moves' revealed here that makes her feel BONDED to you)
  • Overall, 21 'recce already and proven good' exact places in S'pore that each purposefully AMPLIFY the attraction you built inside the girl (in a way, you don't have to feel stress about where to bring women on dates anymore, because it's all specifically given to you here)
  • How to know if a woman is INTO YOU (there are specific GIVEAWAYS and signs of liking in women you cannot afford to be uninformed about)
  • Important: What you must do to 'set up the conditions' that influences a girl to chase you (she uncontrollably have to confess to you that she likes you)

    This is an ICONIC technique.
    Among the few men who used it, they understood it's effectiveness in getting results and swore not to reveal it to just about anybody. (One guy even called this the 'nuclear weapon' of all techniques) So I respectfully request anyone who learns this to keep it to themselves and NOT share with any friends.
  • How to use a concept called "G-Install" to influence a woman to feel ok about telling you that she likes you (most girls don't dare to tell a guy they're into him because they're afraid of appearing loose or cheap... But with this concept, you can cause a girl to NOT think like that and actually give you a full-fledge confession)
  • Learn how to use "Fate-etching": a way to instill in a woman the feeling that - she would really be foolish if she were to continue hiding her feelings for you and giving you a miss (3 clear examples given to reinforce this part)
  • A final 'emotion-agitating' technique to make a woman feel that she cannot afford to lose you and have to express her liking for you (plus a real-life example that happened in 2004 of how I unintentionally discovered this technique)


Video Tutorial #10

Session Focus: "Convert From 'Date' To 'Girlfriend' - Skillfully Score During The 'Final Date'
And Make The Girl Yours"


Note: THE FINAL SEDUCTION BOUT... The materials in this part is devoted to turning the girl you've been out on dates INTO your girlfriend. This is where you get attached.


  • Surefire Sentences to seal the deal and GET the girl. This is it. When you're out with her on that 'final date', she's into you but she's also too shy to initiate a relationship. So as a man, what do you say? What do you do to make the relationship happen that night? My last weapon in the seduction stash revealed to you

  • Powerful Method To Lead the Kiss. Learn a way to go from just sitting side by side to kissing. With this, you're officially known as 'her man'
  • A SUPER-SMOOTH way to make the girl become your girlfriend
  • Why asking a girl 'Will you be my girlfriend?' can actually BACKFIRE (How many guys do you know actually get a girl like that? Few to none right? Learn other more suave ways to get the girl)
  • What is the wrong frame-of-mind when you're trying to go in to kiss the girl. Having a wrong frame-of-mind can actually cause weakness to happen, causing you to end up 'backing out' of the kiss and not getting the girl that night. I reveal the correct frame-of-mind to unleash your maximum amount of confidence and make that kiss HAPPEN without fear
  • A tactical question you ask a girl where regardless of her answer, you can still go in and kiss her
  • A 'game' using coins that ultimately lead a woman into a kiss (this particular one is easy to learn and interestingly, has many of my previous clients successful kiss women with ease)
  • Side Tactic: A smart way to get a constant supply of quality women to be INTRODUCED to you

  • #Special 1 -- Turning a female friend into a lover: How to have that lady who is only "interested in being friends" to change her mind about you. Maybe you've been secretly liking a female friend for years. Perhaps she's told you she doesn't feel "that" way about you. Even so, things can still be turned around with a step-- to "reload" you in her mind as the man she wants to romantically be with. (Failing to take this step can spell doom and you will just remain a friend or worse, a brother to her)

  • #Special 2 -- How to get that "girl from the past". It could be a crush or a lady whom you missed out because you didn't know how to pursue her last time. Good news because lost chances can be recovered with powerful skills. This part is dedicated to tactically show you ways to get her this time round
  • Finally... I tie everything together with a "Man's Plan". It keeps you focused on approaching women everyday, gather dating momentum and stimulates you into action. (This ISN'T a 'listen and forget' home study course, instead you'll be excited about DOING things that can turbo-boost your social life.) This is where you take everything you learn and systematically implement your grand plan towards 'success with women' RIGHT AWAY

As you can see so far, what you get is a comprehensive set of skills to get you more confidence, more phone numbers, more dates and TOTAL well-rounded success with women in Singapore...

But That's Not All...

If you're excited about the above and believe it to be the turning point that upgrades your social life...

... Then I think you're going to be astonished by what I've placed next.


A Bonus Component With
7 Extra BONUSES Of
Additional Materials

This bonus consists of special reports, audios and companion learning materials to your online course, including:


Bonus #1:

"2 Years of FREE Updates"

The Skilldo System bootcamp program is already laid FULL of real-life examples and 'how to's. Yet, I understand the MORE examples, the MERRIER.

Which is why within the next 2 years from the day you own the program, when there're more tactical examples uncovered 'on the road' and inspirational success examples from my personal one-on-one clients, I'll send you the insider scoop on exactly what's used and what's done.


Bonus #2:

"Observe What Goes On In The Mind Of A 35 Year-Old Masterful Dater..."

A special report on how to emulate the MOST powerful approach & date mentality you can ever have... to destroy all weaknesses and gain a highly date-able personality

I've talked to an underground Singaporean dater who has more than 80 dates in the past nine months.

He's not afraid to share what the "thought process" in his head is like, during moments when he's approaching ladies.

He has accumulated tons of success with women and wants to critic on the biggest reason why most men cannot reach his level... and how to do so.

...You can't help but be transformed by what he's about to impart you.


Bonus #3:

"Unfair Advantage Audio -
7 UNDERGROUND Dating Tactics Used In Singapore"

This audio recording gets you to hear some workable but sneaky controversial ways which people had applied to meet and date

One example: Discover how a wallet (with a photo) can let you meet women on the MRT. (You can even do it over and over again)

It's totally optional to use or not use these tactics... but do note that expert daters blend both light and 'dark side' knowledge to obtain a variety of date resources. Get full insights of these tactics.

Bonus #4:

"Keys To Making A Girl Like You"

This special concise guide reveals one hidden psychological tool to create the 'EMOTION OF LIKING FOR YOU' in a girl

This ONE psychological tool is effectively implemented at two parts:

1) In the things you DO to the girl
2) And the things you SAY to her

When implemented with skill, you'll make the hearts of women flutter.

Note: This one tool is also effective in situations where the girl is the 'shy type'... or you sense that she has interest in you but not quite enough yet. Use it to INCREASE the liking she has for you.


Bonus #5:

Case Studies Of 4 Singaporean Men Getting Attached In Record Time"

This report chronicles real situations and real people getting girlfriends at lightning-speed. These men did it and want to show you how

Whatever you want to achieve in your dating life, someone else had already achieved it before.

Get into the knowledge vault of people who've obtained speedy dating results (meaning to say getting attached within 2 dates or less), and you can learn to clone their success.

Imagine NOT having to step on unknown explosive mines in dating that'll prevent getting the girl, and knowing exactly what to do simply by learning from not one, but four experts.


Bonus #6:

"Mission Ambitious: Getting You Into A Relationship Faster Than You Expect "

The fun continues even after the bootcamp education ends.

There are *Top Secret* projects and campaigns that involve action-packed activities you can carry out. This supporting bonus is provided to you to ensure you STAY ON TRACK in your journey of success with women. [Ok, this is private stuff and I'll stop describing here.]


Bonus #7:

"Audio: From Girl-less To Getting Desirable Women - Exact Causes & Vital Moments
In My Life"

This audio recording reveals the specific EPISODES when I first started out - that impacted me inside to NEVER be luckless with women again

Many people over the years had asked me what PRECISE moments impacted me to want to change my dating life for the better and never looked back.

I reveal the moments... and you could actually find one or more pivotal points inside that ignite and resonate with you... to bring out your girl-getting potential and effect deep changes in your own destiny with women.

This is Singapore's one and only home study course for Girl-Getting Skills.

When you've completed learning from it, your skill-level to approach women, get dates, enter relationships is MULTIPLE TIMES that of an ordinary male.

These skills are easily absorbed by the brain. (Suppose you learn it today, you can use it TOMORROW)

This course is meant to be a "Learn once, Skilled for life" system, where once you learnt it, you're ALWAYS in a powerful position to get women.

You get the fullest arsenal of seduction resource. Nothing like this has ever touched the floors of Singapore.

And before I go on, here's one 'harsh-yet-realistic' point...

WITHOUT Such Attraction Skills,
The Lady You Are Supposed To Be With...
May Just End Up With Someone Else

So this program's existence is to ensure that doesn't happen.

There really are no 'ladies man' who are born to attract.
But every guy that becomes good with women do so because they've made an effort to work on this area of their lives.

That leaves one more question...

How much is it?

Other than your willingness to attain the skills, the "Skilldo System Bootcamp" Online Course is just 5 easy monthly installment payments of $65.40

You can instantly watch all the Approaching, Dating & Attraction Techniques and advice contained inside. Along with that, the 7 bonuses as stated above are given to you FREE.

It's fairly-priced and affordable. Yet, if you talk to some of my previous students who've attended the live version of this bootcamp, after learning the skills, most of them felt -- they'll gladly invest in it even if it costs ten times as much.

Plus, if you've been spending money on repetitive dates that end up nowhere, this program will save you hundreds, if not thousands in wasted dating dollars. (My cousin will nod when he sees this. Many years ago, he spent nine hundred dollars on gifts and dinners trying to please a girl he liked. On their third outing, the girl revealed she's actually seeing someone else...)

So I'm only thrilled when you skillfully prevent resultless dates, and the money you save from such is MORE than the amount you put into the program.

As you are reading this, you'll realize the bootcamp program saves you TIME as well. Because the attraction skills I have today took me years to figure out, and...

... There's NO need for you to take that long.

Make the move to learn the system now. But I want you to know what it's capable of.

That's why...


"You Can Try Out My
"Skilldo System Bootcamp" For
30 Days
With Its 100%

When you get in the program, make sure you go through all the main 10 video tutorials, as well as the additional bonus materials, audios and reports...

If you think what you learnt isn't satisfactory... just let me know within 30 days. Your access to the program will be stopped and a full refund will be given to you.

But if you love the program, keep it, it's yours to access and revise anytime for life.

I confidently offer a Money-Back Guarantee for such a product. Something which is not widely practiced in Singapore.

Why? The reason is two-fold...

...Because the system inside works. I've got it worked not just on myself, but on others as well. We've LIVED it.

And because I understand some folks are still not sure if this skill of succeeding with women can be learnt. I want them to see it for themselves.

Why You Will NOT Find This System
Anywhere Else?

It's probably a bold thing to say, but I provide the first and only known dating system in Singapore that is established through years of evidences and personal dating victories.

Though people had tried to copy my life's work, I'm not bothered. Because what they've siphoned are only the techniques at a surface level. What they lack is the 'FRONT-runner' experience and in-depth capability to properly demonstrate and sufficiently convince people.

You can rest assure that I showcase the only respected 'results based' system, that is constructed from locally original & repeatedly proven-to-work dating strategies.

Truth is, this is exclusive info that NOT many people will get to learn... You can be the next person to be armed with this GIRLS-ATTRACTING skill.

You just need to make a commitment of wanting to learn , and I promise to impart you the finest set of skills that'll get you the type of woman you desire in Singapore.

If you think what's been spoken about so far is fair, then you can order below and watch the program on your computer instantly, everything risk-free and backed by a money back guarantee.

Here're The Ways You Can
Instantly Watch The "Skilldo
System Bootcamp" Program
(Plus Get All The Bonus Materials)...

Easy ways to get the program (Choose any one):

Credit/Debit Card or Paypal

Click below to go to Paypal's Secure Server to order the program. All major credit/debit cards are accepted.


After your order, you get immediate online access into the "Skilldo System Bootcamp" program.

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For one time payment using ATM/Internet Banking, simply transfer to:
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From there, email ticket@seductionsingapore.com with Subject: Skilldo System (ATM/Internet Banking) and state you've made the transfer.

The transfer will be verified. From there, you'll get an email reply acknowledgement and online access details to the "Skilldo System Bootcamp" program.

This "Skilldo System Bootcamp" program is only for those who are serious in learning and committed to bring their social life to a superior level.

So before I finish up with this letter, just wish to say that if you're looking to get just a little bit better with only a tip or two on dating, this ISN'T it.

Instead, this program is only interested in arming you with "new found skills" which create BREAKTHROUGH approach & dating results that'll amaze your friends. (These are secrets where you'll look back and wish you've learnt such skills earlier)

With a 30-Days 100% Money- Back Guarantee (only offered here, nowhere else), you can be sure only rare information that brings about "aha" moments every few minutes are shown to you in the program.

After you've gone through everything, you can even be on a series of dates with gorgeous women BY the following week.


"I'm prepared to do all I can to have you attract & date beautiful women. See you in the program."


P.S: If a Singaporean ex-laughable dummy like me (I'm NOT tall or good-looking by the way) can become skillful in approaching and go into relationships with women I set out to get, there's no excuse why anyone else can't.

The skill I took YEARS to acquire and master, you can be trained in DAYS.

P.P.S: The Attraction and Date tactics you are about to absorb in the video tutorials and bonus materials are --"Street-Knowledge" -dating mastered totally from experiencing REAL approach and date scenarios in Singapore. NOT paper-knowledge, where you may risk facing untested inaccurate data.

(Yes, many people have "itchy fingers" to go ahead and implement things... to "do it on our own" without knowing if it has worked before. That can prove dangerous in the dating scene because you can lose the woman you may potentially be with. But I assure you-- you are better off by following a tried, tested and proven system, that's been factually worked over and over again.)

It is only through learning DEPENDABLE concrete information can you personally crack the code when it comes to going from solo to attached.

P.P.P.S: The "Skilldo System Bootcamp" program is only for those who have desire to get skills to succeed in the social arena with women.

With full instantly watchable video tutorials taken from recorded bootcamp sessions, clearly-explained with diagrams and key points [plus 7 'MEET & DATE' PACKED BONUSES yours FREE], you get a complete education... to be a man in Singapore with the kind of dating results that other guys envy.

That's why, if you commit to it, I promise you the program will get you solid results. -- I'm willing to take all the risk with my 30-days 100% money back guarantee (If you're not convinced that this system will help you create a wildly fulfilling dating life, simply let me know and I'll refund every cent that you've given).

I've already proven that with the right skills, it's within your reach to get dates and relationships.

There are only so many TURNING POINTS in your life that can transform your dating abilities. This is one of them. (Now you know such a bootcamp program exist... think about how most other guys in Singapore will NOT even stumble upon it. This is already a good starting point for you.)

So, start your journey to skillful dating and onwards to getting attached with the type of woman you desire right now.


Order with Paypal or Credit/Debit Card:


If you prefer ATM/Internet banking or cash payment options, please email to ticket@seductionsingapore.com to let us know.

Hear the results and what previous clients who attended the live version of this bootcamp program have to say here:
(Names shortened for privacy)


how is this for progress.. went out with a girl i know from approachin at shaw towers. Second time went out bagged the kiss. Happy for me? seriously thank you"

- E.N

"In terms of concepts, I've benefited most from the "Data to Emotion" Model and learned how it is applied.

The instructors are also very friendly and pulled no punches when it comes to answering questions from us.

The fact that they practiced what they preached and backed it up with real life anecdotes were just great bonuses."

- K Wong, Systems Analyst

"If you could probably remember me, I was from the November batch this year. Heheh, I tried online dating and charmed this mixed girl..she fell in love with me just by talking to her online, not sure how but we had a pretty strong connection..she's gonna come to Singapore next year just to meet me. Well, not only that but I also managed to get a number from talking to a Lady in the bookstore..well I was just browsing books in the Business sector and she was just beside me so I figured not to waste such a chance and talked to her. Hahah damn! Called up my previous ex-girlfriend too and we had a good time, my conversation skills really improved because of what you taught me. Well there's one more interesting thing that happened to me, my friend introduced me to her friend and I just charmed her as well, you know by doing all the things you taught me."

- S.W

"A highly recommended course as the examples and contents are very suitable and easy to understand.

I've learnt a lot and it's like knowing more interesting things on top of what I've read.

The instructors have done a very good job in attaining our attention for hours and everyone is still feeling fresh after that!

Thank you guys, really!"

- J S

"Dear Skilldo, Here's a success story. A further testament to the skills you are teaching in your courses. I didn't want to post a success story about number closes because I feel it does not count for much. A number counts for nothing. Nada. Zip. Furthermore, I didn't want to close a fugly chick and make a big deal out of it. But tonight, I kiss closed a babe that rates at least a 7 or 8 out of 10.

Here's to you, Skilldo. Cheers."


"I've benefited so much and discovered the correct ways of approaching.

Secondly, I've obtained tips for my own problems and possible approaches to conquer them.

Also the part of maintaining a conversation and closing with a date is priceless!"

- MG, Engineer

"I've got a girl in less than 2 weeks after i attended your boot camp. Until now, i'm still in a shock. I got her on the 1st date. Anyway, i'll talk to you more and ask you a few questions about this relationship when i meet you in person. Thanks."



"The event gives me a larger picture on how-to's of dating.

It gives me motivation in finding a life partner and the fear of rejection has diminished.

Will really go out and use the skills to make dates!"

- C N, Brand Manager

"Something to report Skilldo.

Last weekend I managed to get 3 phone numbers from these group of girls who at first looked unapproachable. I never lose sight of your lessons and when I approach them, I find them to be quite chatty actually. It was easier than I thought."

- GJ

"I just have to tell you this fresh news, from learning your treasure of good stuff, I am officially with the girl I like.

Totally on already if you get what I mean. On the second day we got together, she even gave me a thumbdrive with custom made love messages inside. Did I mention she is pretty too. Comes from conservative family.

Around the same time we got together, there actually is another girl who likes me. She is considered to be a fellow worker. Quite quality type also and I was quite surprised cos didn't have something like that happened before.

But I didn't choose her and chose the girl who becomes my current gf instead. Bootcamp is the best thing to happen to me. No regrets"

- Kwa

Note: Testimonials and results depicted here are genuine, documented and verifiable.

Remember: The "Skilldo System Bootcamp" program and all its bonuses are immediately watchable online from your computer and comes with a 30-days money back guarantee.

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