"You're Out On A Date With This Girl
You Like... Would You Know What To Do
To Get Her Attracted, Fascinated &
Interested In You... Before
The Night Is Over? "

In This Page, You'll Learn About The Repeatedly-Successful
Dating Moves —
That Were Discovered & Hard-Tested From
OVER A Thousand Hours of One-on-One Dates
With Women In Singapore...

From: Skilldo

Dear Friend,

Here's an undeniable truth —

Before a girl can become YOUR GIRL... she would have to hang out with you on a DATE first...

... and base on your performance, it'll influence her at the end to decide - whether to go further with you... or not.

So in a way, the date is the "seesaw" that tilts the girl to either go 'Yes' or 'No' into becoming your girlfriend.

And on this subject of 'dates with women', usually when guys come to me and seek advice about it, I'll sit down with them and bring up a 2-part question.

The first question is: "What do you do on a date with a girl?"

Typical answers are Dinner/Movies/Coffee/Walkaround.

Then my second question is: "What do these RESULT in?"

Most guys wouldn't know how to answer that... or would reply "Not much".

By the way, that 2-part question wasn't asked for fun. It was asked as an "immediate check" to sense whether their dates with women are heading towards the INTIMATE path or not.

You see, I GENUINELY believe whatever you do on a date with a woman you like...

Or else you might as well not go for the date.

Which is why whenever I talk about dating, I LASER-FOCUSED narrowly on - ***What you must do on a date to ATTRACT the girl***

NOT what you should do 'generally' or 'broadly' like - make sure you don't have bad breath or ensure your shirt is ironed. NO. (There's no need for me to waste your precious time on broad things that you probably already know or are just common-sense)

I'm PINPOINTING on what you must act upon... to FIRE-UP inside the girl to have attractive emotions for you.

Let me "paint" it out in another way...

Consider The Following 2 "Pictures"...

When you're out on a date with a lady, what usually happens during that FEW HOURS time of hanging out with her?

Is it like this?

The above is called the "NOTHING ACCOMPLISHED" DATE
due to the fact that low or no chemistry will happen.


Or is the date filled with fascinating interaction, bonding and activities that increase attractive interest like this...

If you investigate socially successful men who
had "cracked the dating game code", their dates will look like the above.


You might want to think back - which above picture does your dates resemble closer to.

In any case, I'm sure you would agree - a lot of dates between men and women in Singapore look like the earlier 'nothing accomplished' picture.

(Note of mischief: Perhaps that's a positive thing... we need those horrible daters to be around in order to continue making women CRAVE FOR good daters)

And many guys wonder - Why they went out with a woman on a date before and... when tried to ask her out again, SHE DIDN'T WANT TO.

Truth is -

If a woman experienced a date that is too PLAIN and zero chemistry happens, there's NO incentive for her to go out with the guy again.

A woman goes out with a guy at first... because she wishes the guy can make her FEEL something that other males failed to do...

A) If the guy CAN achieve that, the woman will think to herself "I want to see him again."
B) If the guy cannot (and comes across just like the last 5 guys she went out with), the woman will think "Bye... Hope the next guy is better than this one."

And to stimulate those 'feelings' to happen in women over the course of a date, you must apply...

Secret Dating "Moves"

A "Move" during a date is an activity or tactic that...

  • Breaks out of any boring moment on a date and LEADS the girl into an interesting (even mesmerizing) thrill.

  • Creates a "personal universe" between you and the girl. It's like the two of you are wrapped in a bubble and enjoying a secret activity.

  • Develops a connection... on an emotional & physical level with her.

A way to describe it is... imagine a "dynamo" powering-up the entire date (from the first minute to the last minute) with emotions that make the lady feel that you are INCREASINGLY likable.

Having an experience at this level, she becomes CERTAIN to have attractive interest in you.

But here's the thing...

I DID NOT start out in my dating journey and immediately know all these.

It took a period of time of 'testing things out' on dates before I see a consistent pattern of good results with women.

To elaborate, here's a sharing of...

How I Extract 'GOLD' -Those Useful Information From Dates With Women

A long, long time ago in Singapore, I first began dating. And the types of dates I had with women were really direction-less.

I MISTAKENLY THOUGHT dates were just about chatting randomly until chemistry happens.

I *thought*... a guy has no control over how a date will go.
I *thought*... if no chemistry exists, a guy cannot create one.
I *thought" ... if a date is going "cold" with nothing much to talk about, the situation cannot be turned around.

But as I go along, I learn.

LOADS of dollars were spent on dates with women in return for REAL-LIFE EDUCATION.

- When dates were fruitless, I uncovered the pieces that made it go wrong.
- When dates got me desired results with women, I identified the process that made it so effective.

Sometimes good "moves" got discovered by accident during the course of dating. Other times I rely on whatever that had worked very well in previous dates.

Close friends who have deeply-rewarding dating lives passed me knowledge to use as well.

For me, it all happened to a point where outcomes from different ladies on dates were consistently positive (we either ended up in relationships or they enjoyed the experience and wanted to meet up again)...

... such that I can CONFIRM -

A Man Can Change The Course Of A Date
From A Lifeless One Into A Charming One

And chemistry with women can be deliberately created.

In all, I had went through AT LEAST 1,000 'closely inspected' hours of dates with numerous different ladies.

However, I want to alert you...

WARNING: It's totally time-consuming and un-productive to go through what I had went through... considering the fact that I used up tons of HARD effort, time and money on date after date.

On his own, a male will have to go through PILES of dates to find what repeatedly works. Trying and risking different dates along the way.

You can choose the 'trial and error' path but I recommend learning directly from what I uncovered.

It's like you're DIRECTLY equipped with the experience and secrets... MINUS a lot of unnecessary time and AVOIDING a lot of emotion-draining.

I took the most powerful "discovered gold" on dates with women and put them into my new online video program: "Dynamo Dating 'At-Home' Workshop: Courtship Secrets From Over 1,000 Hours of Dates With Women In Singapore"

Inside, you'll find online streaming videos containing hours of the most 'killer' dating secrets... that get you to succeed on dates with women in Singapore.

You can watch everything instantly on your computer. Lessons are exposed to you as video tutorials (with important-points, easy-to-follow key illustrations and diagrams appear on screen) while you listen to strategies and examples taken directly from my recorded Dynamo Dating live workshops.

This is the only program of its kind in Singapore that gives you the "real deal" practical strategies - to make the girl on date INTERESTED IN YOU, in-turn making it easy for yourself to get her as your girlfriend.

Here's a description of what you'll learn inside...


In Video Tutorial 1
You'll Learn:
  • A story of how I learnt 2 valuable key-points from a date that went nowhere with the girl... and those lessons became the 'core' which stems many future dating success with women since

  • A transformative way to stop yourself from getting bogged down by past dating disappointments

  • Why it's important and HOW TO design your dates to APPEAL to women's psychology (Most guys will think going out with a lady is about dinner, movies and coffee. Men who are successful with women know it's NOT about all those. It's about creating an EXPERIENCE) You get insider strategies to make 'bursts of good feelings' come out of women

  • One thing that very successful 'casanovas' ALWAYS do on dates (and this is the one thing that guys who fail with women never do)

  • A little-known yet ground-breaking scientific experiment conducted almost 30 years ago that reveals how attraction in women got STIMULATED into happening (you'd be surprise by what causes it... use this key piece of knowledge to your advantage on dates)

  • How women can know whether a male is a "normal guy" or a "special guy" just within minutes of the date (PLUS learn how to secure yourself as THAT SPECIAL GUY in women's mind)

  • 3 crucial steps a man must do to 'set the stage' of the date. Failing to do so may cause the entire date to collapse and NOT result in another meet-up with the girl

  • Be exposed to 'Bonding topics' that women naturally like to indulge in (These are NOT the typical "Do you like your job?" kind of topics. Instead, they aim towards getting the girl to UNCONTROLLABLY ENJOY the interaction with you)

  • A "state-of-mind" to instill during the date itself that makes you appear as a SOLID UNSHAKABLE MAN in the girl's eyes

  • REVEALED: An in-depth "date investigation" shows you the real mechanics of a male/female interaction that's GUARANTEED to succeed

  • Reason why guys on dates often run out of things to say to women... and how you can expertly avoid such a stagnant situation

  • A little 'brain-science' that shows exactly how fascination occurs in women's minds (and how you can deliberately implant fascination in your date conversations)

  • 2 dating 'dialogue tools' that help you GENERATE a never-ending supply of fascinating topics to chat about with the girl

  • 7 examples of what I personally put into my own conversations on dates to CREATE BONDING with women


In Video Tutorial 2
You'll Learn:
  • How to "laser-focus" on a topic that a woman exclusively enjoys talking about... and AMP UP her enjoyment from there

  • Spoken examples of how you can GEL CLOSER with a girl in a naturally spontaneous way

  • The type of questions "usual guys" ask women on dates that bore the tears out of them

  • Learn H___________ questions and C__________ questions... these are the 2 special type of questions you bring up to women on dates to cause "feelings of interest" to come out of them

  • One important reason why a woman can DREAD hanging out with a guy in the middle of the date... (and on the other hand, why she can like a guy and can't wait to see him again after the date ends)

  • How to 'entice' that fantasy part of a woman's mind and make the date so interesting that it's not like anything she's experienced before

  • 2 ways to create INTEREST in a woman (those "I'M INTERESTED IN THIS GUY" emotions can actually be brought out in girls)

  • A type of question that is aimed at creating a TEASING MOMENT between you and a girl

  • How to cause a woman to become PLAYFUL WITH YOU on a date (some girls may take time to warm up to you on a date... but here's how you can shorten the process and get them to warm up to you SOONER)

  • A little palm-reading "trick" that gets you and a girl to be mutually playful with each other

  • The BIGGEST mistake most guys make when they answer a woman's question

  • How to give interesting answers and not come across as 'boring' when women ask you something about your life

  • The BEST attitude you must bring along with you on a date (tested to get amazing results with women)

  • Tactics to handle QUIET girls who don't talk much (learn how to have them break out of their cold shell and converse more with you)

  • Why certain 'gimmicks' such as palm-reading can actually work very well on dates with girls (Confession: I was quite opposed to such gimmicks when I first started dating but eventually found a certain 'form' of palm-reading to be extremely powerful)

  • Why it's NOT advisable for a guy to suddenly jump into reading the girl's palm on a date (learn what must happen first and how to SMOOTHLY LEAD the girl into the reading instead)

  • How to mesmerize a woman by convincingly tell her something about herself, even though you hardly know her (this is easy to do and places you as a 'higher-ability' type of guy)

  • Other than palm-reading, learn other parts of a woman's body where you can do a 'reading' and get her drawn into you (Extra: be exposed to a technique that lets you CONSTRUCT a reading without any preparation)

  • How to naturally bring yourself closer to a woman and TOUCH HER without any fear that 'alarms will go off ' in her

  • What causes fascination in women (Hint: these things will fascinate women but not men... which is why most men will neglect or reject them rightaway. But if you know these fascinations, you can use them to control and increase positive feelings in women)


In Video Tutorial 3
You'll Learn:
  • How to make a woman sense you possess SOMETHING SPECIAL & POWERFUL that other males lack. You'll know the EXACT 'how-tos' to differentiate yourself from other guys

  • Attain this ability called "Girl-Reading" to give her an amazing experience each time she's face to face with you. (Probably only 1 in 1000 S'pore men have this unique skillset. You can be one of them and utilize it at will)

  • Tips to come across as a man of authority and self-assuredness to women

  • A 'psychic' technique to tell a woman something about her own personality (this has been thoroughly tested and very frequently gets women to be surprised by how true it is)

  • True accounts on how ladies are led from a normal conversation into a 'date game' that gets them SMILING big time

  • What to do if a woman tries to test or pull-down your level of self-assuredness

  • How to get a woman to show you the photo on her IC and following that create a mutual-teasing moment out of it

  • A "systematic method" on a first date to get a woman to feel that you know her intimately... despite it being the first date

  • How to use miscellaneous weapons such as 'signature reading' or 'zodiac sign reading' to create an atmosphere of fun with a woman (and convincingly tell the woman something about herself in the process)

  • Examples to expertly INCREASE OPPORTUNITIES for touching between you and her to happen on dates (Mutual touches can happen with the right moves. It's not just you touching her on the date, learn to cause HER TO TOUCH YOU)

  • A delightful teasing tactic that is exclusively for use when you're in a restaurant or cafe with a girl

  • A spontaneous way to tickle the girl (all of it done matter-of-factly and without embarrassment) I assure you this is done in a way that she will NOT feel offended at all. In fact, she'll feel cheery by the way it's being done

  • A tactic called "Leg Swivel" that further physically-bond you and a girl together

  • 2 VERY IMPORTANT MENTALITY you must equip within yourself on a date to ensure it's smooth-running from start to end

  • How to comfortably talk about sexual topics with women (without moving into pervert territory)

  • How to minimize a woman's hesitance to sex (the vital things to say and do)

  • A weapon of 'female influence' called "Aura Massage". I RARELY share this with anyone, and after hearing it, you'll know exactly what to do to wear down a woman's resistance and tune up the level of physical comfort (no matter how beautiful or cute she is)


In Video Tutorial 4
You'll Learn:
  • One important point about the date which "amateur" daters do not realize... causing them to be miles behind the professional dater

  • What you must know to NOT let the date drift to a point where the girl feels 'no connection' with you

  • How getting a girl to be interested in you can be DELIBERATELY CAUSED rather than basing it on luck

  • How to use a concept called "Involvers" to make the girl feel connected and close to you during the date

  • How a "dull" place such as a bookstore or library can actually be turned into an exciting place to bring a girl to (even better, you increase the connection you have with her by the time you both exit the bookstore)

  • Attain... once and for all, mastery to create a "Personal Universe" involving you and her during dates. To put it simply... once you understand this insider secret, the ENTIRE DATE IS FOR YOU TO CONTROL

  • Examples of how you can start mini "acts of amusement" with the girl in places such as restaurant or cd shop that get both of you into an elevated state of enjoyment (good for preventing boredom that kills dates)

  • The type of "I want this guy" qualities that women are 'tuned' to look for and how you can exhibit such qualities on dates

  • The WRONG TYPE of communication style many guys make when interacting with girls on dates... that is sure to not attract the girl one bit (some guys habitually do this for years without knowing)

  • How to "communicate and influence" the core of a woman's mind that sets off attraction and get her to WANT you as her man

  • Some special "set of words" when you say to women, will get them to naturally categorize you as a HIGHER BREED of men

  • 9 on-dates examples of how you can display to women the male qualities they crave for

  • How to avoid coming across like a "lower quality " uninteresting type of guy to women

  • How to input 'positive emotional experiences' into the date and get the girl to REINFORCE those special "This is the man for me" feelings inside of her

Just all these secrets above... once you learn and internalize them, will put you ABOVE 99% of other males in Singapore's dating field.

But hang on... I'm going to turn things from 'good' to 'FRICKIN AWESOME' with this:

5 "Unmissable" Special Bonuses
With Extra Dating Materials

Included Inside Are The Following:

Bonus #1 and 2:

Private "Girl-Getting" and "Girl-Taming"
Sessions (Video Tutorials)

There were two separate occasions where I run "by-invitation-only" private sessions for some VIP clients.

Both sessions were devoted to address the 'essential and critical' components of a man's dating life... where once these are mastered, TOTAL SUCCESS AND FULFILLMENT with women will stay with the man for life.

The first session was a one-time 'girl-getting' session - it focuses on the psychology and a series of tactics devoted to "Turn the girl into your lover".

Note: This session was recorded and since then... it was revealed to LESS THAN 20 men. But now, this "rare reel" is presented to you in video tutorial format.

You'll learn:

  • How to "activate" the kissing mood between you and the girl (this is an insight I learnt from a mentor and it's followed by 2 swift comfortable ways to bring about the kiss)

  • The MOST WRONG mental state that can screw-up your plans to get the girl that night

  • Confident set of words to tell the girl before you kiss her in a cool way (this is great for use at her doorstep, or a void deck or in a car)

  • An ultra-easy tactic to massage the girl on her forehead, then say a few words to cause both of you to make out

  • Exact example of how my 'bad boy' friend unapologetically get his girls

  • A technique called "Silent Seduction" that is great to lead to a kiss when you and the girl are sitting at a scenic spot

  • Overall, a large 'bag of methods' to successfully cause the girl you desire to BECOME YOUR GIRLFRIEND

The next is another recorded private session where the topic addresses 'girl-taming'.

And nope, it's got nothing to do with whips or canes.

Instead, the materials you learn here are for the part after you got the girl you want... how to maintain your amount of long-term "manliness" so that she won't make you lose your dominance and also have her STAY ATTRACTED to you.

Secrets revealed inside:

  • How to be a man of authority that gets lasting respect from your woman (not just a flakey type of respect but durable LASTING respect)

  • How to get a woman to be afraid of losing you (you hear the exact wordings of what to say in your conversation with her to cause this to happen)

  • The most powerful word a man can say to a woman (this ensures your masculinity is ongoingly felt by her)

  • The "money-issue": Strategies to ensure your wallet and earnings WON'T get controlled too easily by the girl

  • What I personally say to my girlfriend to MINIMIZE the drama (and tantrums that many girls unrestrainedly throw at their boyfriends)

  • What to do to minimize the woman's refusal of sex/intimacy

  • How to cause those "miss you" feelings to happen in the girl

These 2 bonuses are valued at a
combined sum of $98 but yours FREE

Bonus #3:

Free future updates to your Dynamo Dating 'At-Home' Workshop

"Get FREE Updates In Future"

What you get inside the "Dynamo Dating 'At-Home' Workshop" is already packed FULL of strategies to get you the dating results you want with women.

Still, as you continue from there, I'm sure you'd like to keep yourself updated with more dating strategies and examples that others have uncovered along the way.

What I'll do is, when new-found insights or awesome dating success examples from my personal one-on-one clients come up, I'll send you the extra updates on exactly what's used and what's done.

Bonus #4:

Audio: Topics That Engage Women In Conversations

On dates, many guys don't realize their conversations are too boring and lack any 'angles' to capture women's attention.

But not you, because after you've been exposed to the main Dynamo Dating training, this bonus hands you additional weapons that get you to 'LIVEN' date conversations up and keep women clinging to the words you say.

Here's a partial description of what's in it:

  • The correct "sequence" of getting women hooked during conversations (most guys got this sequence wrong and miss multiple chances with girls)

  • How to SMASH OUT of the "Don't know what to say next" syndrome
    during conversations

  • Secret of causing your conversations with women to FLOW FROM ONE

  • 3 techniques to EXPAND & EXPLORE topics and sustain a woman's
    continued conversational engagement with you

  • Examples of how to get a woman into an 'EMOTIONAL HIGH' when
    she's talking to you

  • A way to get girls to relate to you their personal indulgences (and what they hold close to heart)

  • A 2-step tactic to tease a girl and quickly follow it up with an amusing conversation (you'll hear stage-by-stage examples of this tactic to have it reinforced in you)

  • One great online RESOURCE that further gives you TONS of fascinating subject matter to talk to girls with

  • PLUS: Many in-conversation topic EXAMPLES where you can either
    use the exact thing while talking to women or flexibly modify them
    as you like
This bonus is valued at $32 but yours FREE

Bonus #5:

Report: "Masterful Sentences Men Used To Get The Girl"
(revised edition)

Have you ever asked a lady, "Will you be my girlfriend?" and got less-than-ideal results?

Guess what? After immersing in this report, you WON'T have to use that line ever again.

There are OTHER brilliant ways and "phrases" that cause a woman to want to be your girl (without playing hard-to-get).

Best of all, every tactic compiled inside has WORKED for Singapore males and you don't have to pull your hair out to 'scheme' or 'plan' what to say to get that lady.

Learn from successful "got-the-girl" cases that had ALREADY worked...

... read it, apply it and succeed from it in this report.

Note: This revised edition of the report also has additional input by women - where each lady gave an account of the most 'convincing move' a guy ever made... that had her agree to be his girlfriend.

This report containing Singapore-relevant tactics
is valued at $26 but yours FREE

"Dynamo Dating" equips you with a dating ability that can be ACTIVATED AT ANY POINT OF TIME YOU'RE FACE-TO-FACE WITH A WOMAN.

If you try to accomplish this on your own, it may take countless hours and painful dates... missing out on opportunities with the kind of women you want.

It's NOT my wish to see that happen to you.

Let's talk about an important question -

How much to learn this stuff?

I've thought deep and hard on how much to price this.

You're about to learn secret dating "moves" that result in a big breakthrough with women.

Over the years in Singapore, I attained EACH secret bit by bit. Right now, you'll get EVERYTHING in one shot. So initially I think pricing it high would be a fair act.

But hear me out first - Many of my old clients got for themselves a dating lifestyle they desire and have fantastic girlfriends today. They said their success WOULDN'T happen if my programs were priced too high until its way out-of-reach and they couldn't afford to learn.

Fortunately, that's not the case and eventually many clients came onboard to learn, succeeded and even got their own male friends/cousins to study my programs. With that, there's no point in making the price 'out of reach'.

You can master the whole thing at only 4 easy monthly installment payment of S$46.75

Let me sweeten it further...

"You Can Try Out This
'At-Home' Workshop For 30 Days

When you study the Dynamo Dating 'At-Home' Workshop, make sure you go through everything... inspect every lesson, every tactic in the main program plus the included bonuses.

If you think what you learnt isn't satisfactory... just let me know within 30 days. Your access to the program will be stopped and a full refund will be given to you.

But if you love the program, keep it, it's yours to access and revise anytime for life.

The information you're learning in this program has worked for me in actual dating situations and I created it with the intent of making it work for whoever learns it too.

Which is why I confidently offer this Money-Back Guarantee to your benefit.

If the above bonuses and guarantee sound fair, now's the time to get yourself armed with the REAL DATING SKILLS to attract, interest and fascinate women.


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I'm excited about your future... where women on dates GROW uncontrollably interested in you.

Yours truly,


P.S: This program - "Dynamo Dating 'At-Home' Workshop" is based around skills that ensure the ladies you go out on dates with get continually fascinated, attracted and interested in you. Whether you're someone who has little dating experience or you're a seasoned dater, the program will positively effect a massive jump in your results with women.

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P.P.S: You might want to know about success cases of men who had been trained in Dynamo Dating.

I've placed some of their success stories here at the end of this page. Do take note these results are genuine and documented. There's no point in posting fake results and getting myself into trouble.

These are REAL Singapore dating success from guys just like you and me.

Hear the results and what previous clients who attended the live version Dynamo Dating have to say here:
(Names shortened for privacy)

Skilldo I've closed a deal!

The course opened up new perspectives for me; ideas on how to spice up a date, and create the connection with the lady. In a nutshell, stuffs that can be put to use and really worked for me. Closed deal on 3rd date.

Best regards,


Thank for your guidance, I'm now going out with a dream girl of mine!

- Lo

Hi Skilldo,

Your tactics is working. I can see some gd result. Thanx a lot.

With regards,
(name withheld)

I am from the march dynamo dating batch and can only say a very big thank you to you.

I am different from other single coursemates when i went coz i am already attached for six months. But my problem is conversation between me and her was getting stale. Like the last ten dates we went out look the same. Boring like hell.

After going dyn dating, I find that the dates with her suddenly become very alive! She enjoy it and i know how to control her level of excitement. What you teach about using "Involvers" is so true. Helped me a lot. Thank you.

- K.C

I was never someone who has success with the opposite sex. That all changed after I learn from Skilldo. Thks and will always be a true fan.

Appreciate always,

- Ri
(Management exec)

Note: The following is a card I received from one previous attendee. He underwent training in Dynamo Dating and got the lady he wanted (within 2 and a half weeks) shortly after X'mas.

(click for larger image)

Skilldo, a grateful thanks thanks.

I went out with a girl last week and just practice what you said.

She is a nice girl with nice complexion. Not very talkative at first but I make her laugh a lot shortly. The date turn out very well. In the end she even ask when are we meeting again. I look forward to more dates like this!

- AY

I used all the tactics you gave me in dynamo dating course and I effectively attracted my target girl to become my lover. your course materials are really very useful and it is truly recommendable to everyone.

- H
(NTU Student)

Remember: "Dynamo Dating 'At-Home' Workshop" is immediately watchable online, it comes with five extra bonuses and a 30-days money back guarantee.

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