Announcing: A Program Containing Secrets That 99.9% of Men In Singapore
Will Never Know – About Getting Inside... & Influencing Women's Minds

"The Latest Psychological Insights & Techniques... To Influence Women To Develop Strong Passionate Feelings For You — FINALLY REVEALED..."

Dear friend,

Skilldo here, if you like to know the real way to have more women WANT YOU, and making it happen quicker than before & with less effort , I'm here to tell you about a special program that contains the exact secrets.

I call it "Female Thought Control".

Before I go into details, let me jog your memory with a news that hit our nation:

It happened in October that year. There were media reports on a "scandal" where a female secondary school teacher in Singapore was caught having sex with her male student.

It was reported SHE COURTED HIM with gifts... did things to get closer and initiated physical intimacy with him.

Goes without saying when the secret affair became known, she got into trouble with the law and can no longer be a teacher.

Now, when people heard about this scandal, their common response is "How could she, a woman with a moral upright job... throw herself at him and be such a sex-crazed female?"

Most people would shake their heads and be confused...

But you wouldn't...

...if you understand how female psychology & sexuality works.

You see, the only reason why people know about this case is because it was reported.

I can tell you for a fact there are MANY more unreported cases of females who did similar acts of throwing themselves at guys they fancy and willing to do things for them (by the way, I DON'T mean these women also get involved with underaged boys of course, but other stuff... keep reading).

Take for example - a lady I once knew.

She previously made a strict vow to remain a virgin till marriage (2 ex-boyfriends had tried their luck on her but failed. Her pants stayed on).

But ALL THAT WENT AWAY after she met this one guy whom she fell head over heels for.

It didn't take long for her to be in a situation of 'unable to keep her intimate urges in' and she proceeded to sleep with him.

So much for her "strict vow".

Question is: What drives a woman to do this... what causes some women to even give up their previously-held beliefs just to win a man's favor?

The answer:

When a woman is psychologically TRIGGERED into having *strong liking* for a male, she will act on her emotions and impulse… willing to throw everything aside… including convincing herself TO DO what she previously thought she wouldn't.

And here's the good part:

Such feelings of strong liking (including 'love and sexual attraction') that the woman felt for a man... can be DELIBERATELY triggered and put in her mind by the man himself.

That also explains how a woman can "change her mind" about a man.

There're countless examples where a woman under normal circumstances wouldn't be attracted to a guy... yet after a conversation or two with him, she CHANGES HER MIND and starts to have romantic thoughts about him.

You can probably guess what happened during such a conversation. Something got "triggered" in her by that guy.

Let me drill that in further:

  • A woman may initially think she "wouldn't" be with a man who is younger/shorter/less educated than her... but when she's psychologically triggered... she would.

  • A girl can initially say she's not interested in a guy... but when she's psychologically triggered... she can all of a sudden change her mind and want to be romantically-involved with him.

So its all got to do with female psychology - when you understand its inner workings and know how to trigger strong feelings, romantic impulses out of it...

You Can Deliberately Create
YOUR OUTCOME With Women...

... and become one of a few who knows "Female Thought Control".

Again, in the program, I'm going to share without any holdbacks - everything I know on the subject.

Now, you may or may not know much about me.

First, I'm not a psychiatrist. Neither do I have a degree in brain science. But I do have good amount of real world experiences - of turning women who at first don't pay any attention to me... into eventual girlfriends in romantic relationships.

Plus for over 9 years of helping other men in Singapore get better with women, I'm constantly innovating ways to keep increasing the advantage a man can have in this dating field (Don't take my word for it, you can do your own checks, you'll know I've been around for a while).

To most, I am quite practical, a little sarcastic, yet overall very honest when talking about what a man really needs to do to succeed with women.

In "Female Thought Control", I'll be whipping out the same level of honesty - telling it like it is on what you must do to 'have it your way' with women.

Initially, this was a live training I conducted in a closed-room for a limited group of men (all insider tactics and secrets were only exposed behind sealed walls, no one from outside could know what's talked about in the room).

Here's what a few of them reported back and say: (testimonials printed with permission)

"I am honored to take this class.

I know after using Skilldo's technique, I will always tackle girls easily." - ZM
"Skilldo hope you enjoyed your holidays. My report is plain and simple. The girl I told you from ikea, we are officially boyfriend and girlfriend already. She already saw my parents and I seeing hers soon so this is a serious relationship. My parents especially my mom likes her a lot. If she is the one I marry, I will invite you and the other course mates to the wedding. I didnt keep in touch with everyone after the course, so help me tell everyone please if I really marry this girl. I want to thank you for being a kind teacher and because of you, I have the best girlfriend in my life." - Cai
"Dear SD

Men come to your workshop to gain skills but they end up gaining superpowers. Thanks for the enlightening lesson." - KK

If you are reading this now, chances are you've missed the training when it was taught live.

But you still have a chance to get your hands on all the secrets that were revealed.

I've taken the recordings of "Female Thought Control" and re-create everything into an online 'home study program' you can study anytime, anywhere --

The entire package consists of 7 hours+ worth of online streaming videos and audio materials.You can watch everything instantly on your computer, tablet or smart device.

Lessons are exposed to you as video tutorials (with important-points, easy-to-follow key illustrations and diagrams appear on screen) while you listen to strategies and examples taken directly from my recorded "Female Thought Control" live trainings.


This is NOT a wimpy program. You can expect the uncensored secrets about women and the way into their minds, plus examples of how that was used by men to their advantage.

It focuses heavily on:

Understanding the psychology and internal attraction/sexual switches of women
How to influence a lady to go from being uninterested... to accepting and be highly receptive of your advances
Techniques to implant into the woman's mind - romantic and sexual thoughts of you & her
What to say to get a lot more "Yes" from women, bypassing their urge to say "No"
How to have a woman think of you when you're not in her presence
Secrets to subconsciously convince a woman you're the man she's been looking for all her life

Note: What you'll be exposed to inside is packed wall-to-wall with crucial useful contents. I've squeezed in so much materials that there's practically no time wasted. As you're watching the materials, get ready to take lots of notes.

Also, there's going to be a number of social persuasion techniques inside... which some may think of as "manipulating women".

All I can say is I'm going to share without censoring. And I'm speaking on things that's happening in the real world. How you use the material after that is up to you.

That said, I still prefer learners of this program to be men who adore women, not hate them. Please screen yourself before deciding to get the program:-

You are welcome to join in and learn this if you:

  • are a male above 18 years old
  • intend to use the course content responsibly and legally

DON'T join if you:

  • are vengeful or thinking of destroying some woman's life

Really, I'm not kidding. Screen yourself. Proceed only if you intend to use the materials responsibly.

If you've done that, let me show you the curriculum:


  • How to own an unfair advantage with women… OVER OTHER MALES who are better-looking, fitter or taller

  • Why a man can never influence a woman to like him… if he didn't do this one thing

  • 3 forces that shape a woman's behavior (whether she behaves like an angel or a sex-crazed kitten is because of these forces)

  • THE ONLY WAY to override a girl's hesitance or conservative behavior and get her to be more open & responsive to your advances

  • The "dangerous & dark" factor that cause some women to be willing to risk and give up everything... just to be with a man (like how some married women give in to their feelings and risk everything to have an affair)

  • The shortcut to establishing authority in a woman's mind - have her listen to you and follow your lead

  • A 400 year old secret from a legendary but unknown seducer that reveals… how a woman can go from 'not liking' a guy to liking him within minutes

  • A misleading concept that cause many guys to lose hope or mistaken that women will not choose them

  • How to NOT get controlled or get taken for granted by women (you'll learn how to get treasured and cherished by women instead)

  • Things that guys do that they "think" will get women to be attracted to them... but end up making women DISRESPECT them

  • How to NEVER EVER get intimidated by beautiful women again (that's right - NO MATTER how beautiful)

  • How to recover your confidence in front of a woman if you goofed up or did something clumsy

  • Women swoon and look up to a man who is a leader (learn how to have women see you as one)

  • How to touch a woman in a way that shows you possess the dominant manly qualities that she wants


  • The easiest way to get a girl to like you (learn this psychological secret to have her develop strong feelings for you... and she felt it even without knowing why)

  • How to talk to a woman in a way that makes you sound more manly and authoritative

  • Strategic moves to shift a woman AWAY from thinking 'I just want to be friends'

  • #1 way to have a woman be afraid to lose you (and be willing to do things for you)

  • The difference between a weak interaction and a strong interaction (whether a woman respect you or not depends on this)

  • How to get into a woman's head and LOCK YOURSELF IN HER MIND as an attractive man

  • What a woman's natural biological instinct is looking for when it comes to finding a mate (and how to tap into it)

  • WARNING: when you have a good chance with a girl, doing this move will stupidly cause that chance to disappear

  • 3 examples of using subtle ways - get a woman to think of you as a real man

  • 2 words you must put in the middle of your conversations with women to immediately command their attention

  • How to subtly give women the perception that you are powerful and capable… without bragging about it

  • Things to do (and NOT do) if you want to become lovers with a woman… rather than end up in the friend zone


In this part, I got a friend who's one of Singapore's leading trainers of using words to influence another person's brain. He will share the correct way for you to effectively communicate and appeal to a woman's mind

  • The exact part of a woman's mind you must influence to get her to develop feelings for you (you'd be surprised 99% of other guys are influencing the wrong part)

  • The core difference between male and female brains (PLUS: why certain ways of talking to a girl won't do anything)

  • Reason why a woman can like guy without being able to explain it

  • An example of how a guy used the wrong way of communication to appeal to a woman and failed

  • The free no-cost way to create experiences and bring out positive emotions in women (you can forget about using expensive dinners or luxurious gifts to impress women from here on)

  • How to talk in a way that your words GO DIRECT INTO THE WOMAN'S MIND and get her to feel desirable emotions for you

  • How to create a powerful impression in a girl simply by the way you speak

  • How a woman can "sense" whether a man can be good in bed or not

  • How to communicate to a woman that you are a worthy man without looking like you're showing-off

  • 2 ways to direct a woman's mind to see a negative male condition (e.g. hair loss) as a positive one

  • How to powerfully impress a woman… by planting positive traits about yourself inside her mind

  • One heavy mistake most guys in Singapore make without realizing… that causes women to sub-consciously feel turned-off


  • How to have women behave the way you want… and move away from behaviors you don't want

  • 2 'messages' to put inside a girl's mind to have her warmly accepting your advances (IMPORTANT: if you want her to NOT turn you down, you must do this)

  • The secret to get a woman to reduce her sexual-timidness and be MORE SEXUALLY-ADVENTUROUS

  • The "Doppelgänger technique" to influence a woman to behave in the way you want her to

  • 4 techniques (with exact word-for-word examples) that get girls to COMFORTABLY CONFORM to you

  • The "Golden Line" to use to break away a woman's defenses (very useful in cases if she still looks like she's holding back or "acting shy")

  • Biggest reason why a date end up being a "quiet session filled with awkward silences" (and what you can do to prevent that from happening)

  • #1 killer strategy to prevent a girl from playing hot/cold with you (this is for you if you've ever faced a girl who behaved warmly when she's out with you… but next day when you call or sms her, she treats you coldly like a stranger)

  • The sneaky way to imprint and reinforce your positive characteristics into the woman's mind

  • The psychological tactic that gets the woman to SEE IN HER MIND… visions of you and her romantically linked together

  • The cleverly subtle way to IMPLANT SEXUAL IMAGERY in the woman's head (and have her think up thoughts of you and her doing it)

  • How to trigger a woman to be more sexually naughty & enthusiastic (plus: a personal story of how an ex-girlfriend was mistakenly made to behave uninterested in sex and how that was corrected in subsequent relationships)

  • How to psychologically condition a woman to miss you and have thoughts of you after a date


  • The factors that cause a woman to CHANGE HER MIND about a man (eg.: how some girls can 'feel nothing' about a guy at first… but soon change their minds to wanting to be with him)

  • A fool proof way of telling how interested a woman is in you

  • How to "psycho" a woman into letting go of her own mental blocks, becoming more flirty and starts CHASING YOU as a result

  • Secrets of turning "impossible" situations around (eg.: if a woman's parents don't allow her to have a boyfriend... learn how to bypass such a problem)

  • When getting a girl into a relationship but she resist and says "it's happening too fast", learn how you can still turn things around to your advantage

  • If a woman is afraid to go into a relationship with you because of 'bad past experiences', know exactly what to say to her to handle the situation

  • Secrets of making a girl go from having not much interest… to having A LOT OF INTEREST in you

  • How to reconcile with an ex-girlfriend - an example of smoothly getting back together with a girl without the need to beg or do anything that makes you lose self-respect

  • How to trigger a HUGE impulse in a girl… making her to not care about anything else and just want to be with you

  • SPECIAL SEGMENT ON: 'Female Sexual Motivations' - learn what arouses and elevates the sexual mood in a woman

  • 2 big hindrances that cause a woman to stop herself from having sex with a guy (PLUS the once-and-for-all solution to eliminate these hindrances)

  • Key things that allow you to facilitate sex to happen

  • How to get a woman to feel courageous enough to initiate sex with you

  • A "systematic" way to arouse a woman… causing a build-up of arousal where she'd want to have sex to resolve that build-up

Learning just the above main skills will give you the ability to be - a master of influencing women & making intimate outcomes happen.

Other guys can only wish they have your skills.

But I'm not done. You should have these as well...


I Have Included 4 Highly-Valuable Bonuses
To Your Female Thought Control Program:

Bonus #1: "Psychological Manipulation" - Influencing Women Towards Your Direction (Audio)

Bonus #1: "Psychological Manipulation" (Audio):

If a man wants to truly own a dating life he has complete control over, knowing these 'women-influencing' secrets is compulsory and nothing to feel uneasy about. This audio reveals ways to have a girl become more AGREEABLE to you and even try to win your favor... hoping to get you to like her. On top of that, learn how to SPEED UP TRUST in a woman's mind (have her feel comfortable quicker with you, rather than taking a long time to build trust). Consider this a quick course in mentally shifting a woman away from wanting a friendship with you... and instead want a romantic development with you.

Bonus #2:
Get Free Updates

Bonus #2: Free Future Updates For "Female Thought Control"

When you study "Female Thought Control" and put it to use, you will get more desirable responses and successful results with women.

Still, as you continue from there, I'm sure you'd like to keep yourself updated with more strategies and examples that others have uncovered along the way.

What I'll do is, when new-found insights or awesome dating success examples from my personal one-on-one clients come up, I'll send you the extra updates on exactly what's used and what's done.

Bonus #3: Interview With A Mind Expert On Overcoming Limitations, Reframe Fear & Embed Commands In Interactions With Women (Audio)

Bonus #3: Interview With A Mind Expert (Audio):

There are always hidden reasons why some men are MORE SUCCESSFUL with women than others. And no it's NOT because they have more money or drive a bigger car. Instead, it's because they have overcame the success-stopping limitations in their minds. In this interview, listen as I explore with my expert friend the strategies to get into the best state-of-mind for girl-getting success.

Bonus #4:
Increase Your "Perceived Value" In Women's Minds (Audio)

Bonus #4: Increase Your "Perceived Value" In Women's Minds (Audio):

Women are naturally magnetized to men who they perceive as powerful and in-control. It is critical that women feel that way about you. This audio shares the 3 factors that shape a woman's view of a man - and from there, you can easily modify these 3 things to cause in the woman's mind… a sudden shoot up of perceived power and masculinity in you. Plus: learn how to be a man who gets women to emote good feelings and FEEL A SENSE OF CONNECTION WITH YOU


Summing up, everything in Female Thought Control is laid out for you CLEARLY... everything is made easy-to-understand with tons of examples... and you can just follow the simple instructions to success.

If you see yourself as a potential influencer of women, you can order now & immediately watch the program.

How much is it?

Ridiculously reasonable.

Especially considering the advice inside has helped many of my male clients successfully influence girls to become their girlfriends -- and gotten intimate relationships with women they are crazy for.

The entire Female Thought Control program (plus every bonuses) is just S$217 (or 5 easy installments of only S$43.40 if you like to spread the payment out)

Simply click the button below. After your order, you can instantly watch online the "Female Thought Control " program.

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And surprise, you have this...

100% Money-Back Guarantee
For 30 Days

Here's how it works:

Order "Female Thought Control", it is instantly accessible online from your computer, tablet or smart device. From there, just study everything.

Take notes. Absorb every information.

At the end of the program, if you feel what you learnt is not helpful, simply let me know within 30 days. Your access to the program will be stopped and a full refund will be given to you.

You'll get every cent returned to you, and no hard-feelings of course.

But if you love the program, keep it, it's yours to access and revise anytime for life.

Really, try it out first. You are welcome to test everything out.

I think it's fair to say that most guys' path to succeed with women are met with a lot of resistance from the females they're pursuing.

Some guys even unknowingly put more blocks in women's minds, creating more resistance rather than lessening them (it's because of that, they often get turned down by women)

But when you learn to influence women, shape their perceptions about you and psychologically trigger desirable emotions in them -- you'll have the women wanting you and finding it hard to say no to you.

In short: The resistance that so many other guys face... are non-existent to you.

Go ahead, learn the skills. You'll find "Female Thought Control" to be very well worth your time.

Click here to get started, I'll see you in the program.

To your success with women,


P.S: A final recap. Packaged in this entire program are -

  • The "Female Thought Control" Main Video Program
  • 'Psychological Manipulation' - Influencing Women Towards Your Direction (Bonus Audio)
  • Free Future Updates For "Female Thought Control"
  • Bonus Interview With A Mind Expert On Overcoming Limitations
  • Increase Your "Perceived Value" In Women's Minds (Bonus Audio)

If you want to successfully figure women out, you can either do it the 'hard way' -- taking years on your own to collect little by little... bits of info on what makes women tick. Or you could just do it the SMART WAY- accumulate the total women-getting secrets (that others had already found out for you) all in one shot.

Everything you need is all packed for you in the "Female Thought Control" program, waiting for you to learn and immediately apply to get maximum results with women. Take action now and watch it.

P.P.S: If you're still undecided, go read the program guarantee above. I've done all I can to make it risk free for you to learn. It's now up to you to sign yourself up

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