"Learn To Use The Type of Humour
That Gets Girls To Laugh... Feel Comfortable Around You & Irresistibly Want
To Get Closer To You..."

Let Me Share With You The Most Effective
'Stimulate Women To Laugh' Secrets That I Tried Out
& Perfected Over The Years In Singapore ...

From: Skilldo

Dear Friend,

We have a problem...

It's a Singapore-nation-wide problem in fact.

You see, whenever women here are asked in surveys or polls about what type of man they want, they'll UNIVERSALLY say --- they want guys with HUMOUR... guys who can make them laugh.

Yeah, it's a highly-wanted trait. But look around...

Do you think Singapore is producing enough humourous guys to meet the demand?

Not really, right?

Most women are disappointed with the usual *humourLESS* guys they meet who doesn't fit the criteria.

It's almost a national crisis... but the more important question is -

Are you going to be part of the usual male crowd, or...

Are You Going To Be A Man Who Possesses The VERY TRAIT That Women Are Looking For?


I'm very tempted to write a 5000-word article to convince you of all the benefits that humour can do to help you attract girls.

But I'm sure on an instinctive level, you already know that.

Because in your life, it is quite possible you would have come across some "ordinary looking, not rich" men who are AMAZINGLY successful with girls.

They could be men who are 'never single'... always having zero problems in attracting hot girlfriends. Or they could be 'players'... happily seducing a string of women one after another or a few at once.

And even though I don't know these men in your life, I'm willing to bet they are all considerably MORE HUMOUROUS than other guys.

Isn't it?

Reality is - Humour triggers laughter. And laughter makes it easy for a woman to quickly get into those "I feel comfortable with this guy" type of connective feeling.

With that, if you're a man in that position:

  • It makes it MORE AGREEABLE for a woman to go out on dates with you

  • And it makes it easier for you to influence physical romantic outcomes

A simple way to put it:

Laughing Opens Up LIKING

There was even a scientific feature on CNN called "Why funny guys get the babes".

And scientists from different places who researched humour in courtship, all arrive at the same conclusion --

When it comes to women mate-selecting a lover... a man's level of desirability to the female is HEIGHTENED if he displays humour.

This goes as far as to report that some men who are obese or overweight can even attract hot women all their lives simply by the pure use of their humour.

Overall, humourous men have MORE sexual mating opportunities.

Now, you may not want to be a man who spreads his pearly love juice around. You may be looking for just one woman to be with for the long term.

I wholeheartedly respect that, but that DOESN'T mean you can simply ignore using humour...

Whether You Want To Attract
1 Girl Or 100 Women...
Humour Must
(No Matter What) Be Your Secret Weapon

Let me tell you a bit of my experience.

This won't be a humble statement, but let me just say - In my life, I have been with women of DIFFERENT characters and temperaments... ranging from the shy ones to the chatty.

There were relationships with girls whom most would regard as 'traditional girls' from conservative families.

At the other end of the scale, I've also enjoyed crazy times with some women who are the 'party and get wasted' types.

With all these different character types of women, they all show varying personal tastes. What one girl may like, another girl may hate it.

But despite their extreme opposite preferences, I noticed one thing that is COMMONLY WELL-RECEIVED by all.

That thing is HUMOUR (no prizes for guessing).

I'll say that again in a different way:-

Women of different backgrounds, traits, level of beauty, characteristics etc... ALL RESPONDED POSITIVELY AND BECOME ATTRACTED TO THIS VERY SAME THING CALLED HUMOUR.

In fact, I'm going as far as to say - in those times when I interacted with a girl and humour was "activated", it brings about a good amount of laughter from her... that very often results in a romantic development.

The opposite is true also. In those times when the interaction with a girl is 'plain normal' and DOESN'T bring up any laughter, it's usually my last ever interaction with her and of course... things go nowhere.

So it's like - How much a girl is stimulated into laughter and giggles... is actually a "prediction device" for me to foresee where things go.

By the way I eventually found out:

For a man who uses humour and consistently stimulates laughter in a woman, he will develop a positive "side-effect", which is - from the woman's laughter, he can ACCURATELY SENSE that things are going well between him and the woman.

Yep, you can perhaps even call it -

A Powerful "Sixth Sense"

That's how some men can precisely know "This girl is hooked. It's a sure win, tonight she's mine."... and he goes on to close the deal that night without any problem.

In my experience as written above, humour is a tool that has rewarded me in my own dating life.

And you might know I teach dating and attraction skills to men in S'pore since 2004.

For all the clients I meet, I strongly instructed them to know the difference between a 'normal' conversation... and a conversation that TURNS WOMEN ON.

(A 'normal' conversation just DOESN'T turn attraction on. Inserting doses of playfulness/teases into it on the other hand does wonders)

That by itself helped numerous men improve their results in succeeding with the opposite sex.


You see, in these years since I started, I didn't sit back and sleep.

In between I've practically uncovered NEW insights, social/dating discoveries, materials and examples to light-up and enhance attraction in women.

What's uncovered is not limited to new teases or playfulness. IT'S MORE THAN THAT... it's a specific form of humour which makes succeeding with women easier and more powerful.

To give it a name, it's "Humour that attracts".

Considering for the past few years -

THESE Accumulated Humour Secrets Had Been Attentively-Tested, Fine-Tuned And Repeatedly Worked With Women To A High Degree...

So much that I dare say --- If you really use it, it's quite IMPOSSIBLE for a woman to NOT laugh. You'll soon find that becoming charming to women is one of the easiest things to do and wonder why some guys struggle with it.

Let me also admit - Till now, I had actually kept the knowledge of these ground-breaking humour materials to only a few males in Singapore.

Specifically they are only revealed to my exclusive one-on-one private coaching clients as well as a few seminar attendees whom I accepted on a limited level.

I incorporated these humour materials into these coaching and chose NOT to disclose to the wider public.

Reason is -- Before any decision to open up the teachings to more people, I want those initial 'first to learn' clients to use the stuff and tell me about how it works for them with women.

The feedback I received was interesting. Here's what a few of them say: (testimonials printed with permission)

"She says I am the type of man she wishes she met earlier"

Skilldo I sincerely thank you for the lessons. What you showed me is not anything I came across before. The ability to be humourous in front of girls is a must know. I used to think it is optional but now I am happy these skills are in me forever! I am seeing this girl currently and in her own words she says I am the type of man she wishes she met earlier. She also says she likes being with me and never wants to leave. Feels really awesome to be hearing such things from her. Big cheers to you!

- YJ
Marketing Exec


"... 2 ladies call me up to ask me if i am free to go out"

To Skilldo

Here are my words of appreciation to you.  Between the time I learn the holy stuff to the time I wrote this, I had went out with 4 ladies. One is a eurasian, then another 2 ladies call me up to ask me if i am free to go out. Had a lot of fun. Life is wonderful with all that I learn.

- D


"Girls feel good around me and
I know how its done"

The part about getting girls to laugh is highly practical. Actually lesser guys know about it the better, cos it leaves more girls for me  :)

With ego out of the way I still recommend every brother who loves woman to master humour. Really, highly recommended, very worth it.

Myself I can now even control the situation. If I want a girl to smile, I can control it to happen. Girls feel good around me and I know how its done. They could be girls in my workplace or outside, its all the same.

Thanks Skilldo, trillion thanks and thanks some more.

- BH


As mentioned, I didn't want to open up the materials to more people until feedbacks are heard from the initial clients.

From the testimonials above, it's delightful to know the outcomes have been positive. So this is what I had done:

I've taken the recordings of "Humour That Attracts" and re-create everything into an online 'home study program' -- consisting of online streaming videos, audio and reading materials.

You'll be shown inside the exact how to's, techniques and execution to make humour work for you in your dating life.

You can watch everything instantly on your computer. Lessons are exposed to you as video tutorials (with important-points, easy-to-follow key illustrations and diagrams appear on screen) while you listen to strategies and examples taken directly from my recorded "Humour That Attracts" live trainings.

Right now, let me walk you through the curriculum...

*Plenty Of Practical Tactics*
You Can Even Start Using These Secrets On The SAME DAY You Learn Them

In Video Tutorial #1
You'll Learn:
  • The exact type of humour women like a man to possess ( it's NOT just any type of jokes or humour you use on buddies or friends... it's instead focused specially on ATTRACTIVE HUMOUR that lands you the girls)

  • What must happen in your conversation with a girl to CAPTURE HER ATTENTION (and cause her interest in you to grow)

  • How to appear like a 'good deal' to girls (females are always keeping a lookout for a man who is considered a good deal, learn the ultimate tip to be such a man)

  • The common mistake guys make when attempting to be funny in front of women... that ended up making them irritating and a big turn-off to the women

  • 2 sure ways to tell whether a woman is genuinely smiling or just pretending to be polite with a fake smile (if it's a genuine smile, things are ON)

  • Strategies to handle the 4 main things that can happen in every conversation with women (not knowing how to handle will cause the guy to 'lose points' with the woman)

  • Amusing questions to ask women that will within 2-3 sentences cause them to delightfully laugh

  • How most guys 'block' their own conversations - saying things that doesn't give the woman any room to continue or reply (learn what you must do instead to ensure your conversation is continuously flowing)

  • If you've ever got stuck and struggle with what else to say after asking a girl 'normal' questions like 'Where do you live?' or 'What did you have for lunch?', learn this amazing tactic to follow-up with sentences that make her smile (detailed word-for-word examples included)

  • One way to ensure a woman is NEVER offended and instead feels good as you deploy teasing on her

  • A secret 2-step formula to ask a girl a question... then no matter what she reply, you can lead it into a funny piece that makes her giggle

  • The trap that causes most guys to be stressed when trying to come up with humourous things to say to women... and the tip to prevent yourself from falling into that trap

  • 3 examples of humourous stories you can tell women that gets them into a COMFORTABLE SMILING MOOD

  • If you find yourself talking about 'too serious' topics with a girl, and things are getting boring/going nowhere... use this SECRET TACTIC to break out of it and switch the conversation into an entertaining one


In Video Tutorial #2
You'll Learn:
  • 6 questions you ask a girl that will definitely cause an interesting conversation to follow rightaway

  • A method to effortlessly create funny replies when a woman asks you questions (very easy to use and makes you look like a man who is NATURALLY humourous)

  • IN-DEPTH EXERCISES to hardwire yourself with a powerful sense of humour - Whenever you're in front of women, you can deploy the humour at will and make them laugh

  • How to encourage a girl to be mutually-teasing with you (you don't want teasing to be one-sided, learn the way to get her to tease back)

  • Charmingly-funny answers to the most common questions women will ask you (and yes, women WILL ask you these questions - you might as well reply and see them smile)

  • A formula that allows you to construct funny WITTY SENTENCES -- ON-THE-SPOT without preparing

  • REVEALED! Learn the secret of how some men can instantly "whip out" a clever remark or funny reply that make girls giggle uncontrollably

  • Using the "M______ N_____ S_____" tactic to make your conversations on dates be fun-filled and NOT have any quiet moments

  • The types of stories that fascinate and grab hold of girls' attention (plus many story examples that you can tell women rightaway)

  • How to prevent yourself from answering women's questions with plain, boring, predictable answers (that they've heard countless of times from other guys) and instead say something ORIGINAL & INTERESTING


In Video Tutorial #3
You'll Learn:
  • LOADS OF *EXAMPLES* that show you exactly how funny incidents are being told to girls to create close connections with them

  • How to QUICKLY CONNECT with a woman during the first time you talk to her (this ERASES in her any of those "I want to end the conversation with this guy and go off" type of thoughts)

  • What to do if you are worried there are not a lot of good humour stories to tell women (tap into this hidden resource to fill yourself with funny things to share)

  • 12 different categories of stories you can always go back to if you need a quick funny account to tell girls

  • What to do if you come across a girl who appears "serious" and don't seem to have a sense of humour -- you can still make her smile and laugh despite that

  • How to use an amusing 'make-her-want-more' technique to have a woman want to see you again (you can strategically plan a future date to happen like that)

  • How to build funny amusing elements into a story that makes a woman get 100% hooked to you

  • Caution!: Wrong way of injecting funniness that can result in women becoming disgusted (I understand some foreign dating trainers teach guys to be funny in an openly sexual or cocky way... while that could work elsewhere, I have tested enough things to know the same style will backfire here in Singapore. So instead, learn this 'PRACTICALLY-APPLIED TO REPEATED SUCCESS' way for yourself to be charmingly funny to women here)

  • The tried-and-tested way to correctly infuse SEXUAL HUMOUR into your conversation with a girl (doing it wrong will make a guy appear perverted. Doing it RIGHT on the other hand... will have the girl's mind create a sexual imagery involving you and her)

  • A unique way of smsing a girl over the phone that is guaranteed to make her smile (you can just use this if you don't want to think too hard of what message to sms a woman)

  • A MASSIVE HUMOUR RESOURCE that provides you with never-ending number of funny materials to share with women (this would be extra useful if you intend to be with a woman for the long term... Imagine it's many years, it would be bad for you to lose the humour, run out of amusing materials and become dull to the woman in between. This resource is your lifeline to keep her attractively fascinated and continue being with you)

  • How to make a woman laugh using what I call a "secret humour stash" stored in your handphone (every component in the stash that's ever helped me with women in the past is revealed to you)

  • One thing you must never ever do AFTER you've made a woman laugh (doing it will reduce the positive effect you've just created)

  • An exercise to "pre-stock" yourself with intelligent laugh-inducing things to say to women (To a woman, it'll sound naturally clever as though you just thought about it at the moment)

  • How to talk about a plain topic or something 'normal' and put an entertaining HILARIOUS SPIN on it (PLUS: 11 spoken examples to drill this concept deep into yourself)

  • How to create an IMMEDIATE MOMENT-OF-LAUGHTER between you and the girl using a "trick" with a camera phone


In Video Tutorial #4
You'll Learn:
In this part, I got a friend who's a master of the social scene to impart
his experiences of making smiles appear on women's faces
  • The type of conversation that DOESN'T turn women on (you'll be surprise - majority of Singaporean guys are talking like that)

  • 3 humour-inducing techniques that you can INSTANTLY APPLY in any social situations

  • When a girl gives you an unfriendly response... learn how to turn that unfriendliness into a positive atmosphere (all of it without arguing with the girl or getting defensive)

  • How to tap into that 'inner part of you' where humour just flows

  • A 30-second exercise to help you NOT sound "stiff" to women and start speaking in a more alive and fluid way

  • How to reach a point where you don't need to prepare anything yet have a lot of funny interesting things to say

  • 5 different ways to respond to a woman who tries to say something to affect you (in the end, not only could she NOT affect you, she'll get charmed by you as a result)

  • A technique to IMPLANT inside a woman's mind an image of 2 of you intimately together

  • How to say something that seems to be innocent on the surface but yet able to get her to see romantic thoughts of you in her mind

  • One easy tactic to skillfully answer a woman's tough question (EVEN IN CASES where it seems there is no good way of answering it)

  • How NOT to overkill with humour (yes, there is such a thing as too much and may cause a guy to look like a clown to women)

  • How to transform a shortcoming into a positive trait that lets you win girls over


In Video Tutorial #5
You'll Learn:
  • How to connect with a woman in situations where you need to hold back on the funny stuff (eg: if she is upset over a personal problem... learn how to create closeness with her in this case)

  • A big painful mistake most guys make when a girl tells them a problem (this gradually reduces the guy's chance to be her lover... he'll just stay at most as her ordinary friend)

  • How to be playful or teasing with women... without coming across as 'immature'

  • Major tip to become ATTRACTIVE to women of different age groups (a woman may be 18, in her 20s, or 30s and still be interested in you... understand what it takes to be a wide-reaching Casanova)

  • What a girl really hopes that you can do as she's telling you about her personal matters and issues (by the way, no it's not "listen", there is one more thing you must do other than listening... do it and you'll secure a spot as a 'potential boyfriend' in her mind)

  • How to tease a girl and get her to buy you a meal (and she might actually go buy it)

  • 3 simple disarming words to say to a woman if she tries to be a 'tough cookie' (or trying to be a smart-ass with you)

  • An ultra-easy way to go up and talk to a girl (can be repeated minutes later with another girl... and another...)

  • Hot tips to increasingly add a lot MORE females into your social circle

  • What you should avoid making fun of if you want the girl to continue being interested in you

  • A fantastic way to make a girl want to see you again (you can use this to naturally set up a next date with her)

  • What to do to lead a woman into PHYSICAL INTIMACY

  • Understand when are the times to be humourous with a girl, and when to tone down the humour... and switch to DEEP CONNECTING MODE with her (doing this will have you become the girl's "dreamguy" - a man who knows how to do the right thing at the right time)


Who Should Learn This... & Who Shouldn't

I can think of one core group of men who should learn from "Humour That Attracts" - men who recognize the power of improving themselves, whether they are currently quite humourous already or not.

If you've been known as a humourous guy by friends and people around you, this training will AMPLIFY IT. More importantly, you'll learn how to steer your funniness into "attractive humour" which is laser-focusedly designed to pull women closer to you...

And if you are a 'newbie' or seldom make girls giggle, but feel it's about time to make a change and start using humour to have more women magnetized to you, I will be more than honored to guide you inside the program and help you reach your goal.

That said... This WON'T be a course for people who had already made up their minds with thoughts like "I'm just NOT a humourous guy. Nothing can be done and that's just the way it is."

If the mind is ALREADY made up with "destined to doom" thoughts like that, then guess what? I won't be able to help.

In fact, nothing else can help (except maybe a full brain transplant).

So if you're NOT like that, do continue reading...

The materials in "Humour That Attracts" are not covered in my other trainings. You can expect ground-breaking stuff that give you massive advantage with women in Singapore.

Other than the main program that's packed wall-to-wall with mind-blowing materials, I want to give you these...


*4 Extra Bonuses* To Further Solidify
Your "Make Girls Like You" Abilities

Bonus #1: Special Report -
"Charming Comebacks & Counters"

This bonus report gives you witty ‘win-her-over’ replies… to the most uneasy things women say to men.

Think about this: If a woman challenges you, saying you're too short/uneducated/skinny/funny-looking etc... do you have a lightning-quick response to that?

Or she TESTS YOU by saying she's not interested in you, or says she don't find you good-looking... do you know what to say to turn things around?

Women will say things that cause ordinary guys to go 'gulp', but it won't be a problem to you -- because revealed here are 23 comebacks to not only respond to women's challenges but actually positions you as a charming man.



Bonus #2: Get FREE Future Updates

In "Humour That Attracts", you will get massive amount of valuable strategies to bring out deep liking from women, I guarantee it.

Still, as you continue from there, I'm sure you'd like to keep yourself updated with more strategies and examples that others have uncovered along the way.

What I'll do is, when new-found insights or awesome dating success examples from my personal one-on-one clients come up, I'll send you the extra updates on exactly what's used and what's done.



Bonus #3: Special Audio -
"Secrets To Tease Women In S'pore"

If you were to inspect closely all the interactions guys have with women that eventually cause them to end up as JUST FRIENDS... you'll find all those interactions lacking one thing - Teasing.

So this special bonus audio fully-arms you with SECRETS and EXAMPLES of how to tease women and shift the interaction from one that's 'going down the friend path'... into one that's mutually-flirty.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • 4 secrets to ensure you tease a woman with good results (tease... NOT irritate, annoy or bother her)

  • Scientific human-to-human reason why teasing can make you 'attractively-different' from other males

  • How to NOT 'overdo' or go overboard with your teasing (when most guys found out that teasing works, they went on to do it non-stop... and things backfire. Know how to not reach the 'backfire point')

  • A "Formula" that allows you to create teases easily (with examples)

  • How to playfully deal with a girl who is the "warm on one date, then moody on another date" type

  • What instantly causes a woman to play HARD-TO-GET or start giving guys a hard time (learn to prevent that from happening)

  • How teasing creates an "allowance" for a woman to become welcoming and want to get close to you

  • 3 different ways to PHYSICALLY tease a gal with touches

  • How you can playfully get a lady to giggle after she tells you about her 'likings' and preferences (eg: her favorite books, pastimes or movies)

  • Smoothly tickle a woman without feeling uneasy

  • How to make a lady live up to an expectation you set for her

  • A way to lead a girl to PUT IN EFFORT and do things/favors for you

  • Tactic: 'Create a virtual relationship between you and her' (this turns a 'just ok' comfort you have with a gal into a CLOSELY-CONNECTED bond)

  • How to "slip" into a woman's mind - getting her to picture an image of you and her being together as intimate lovers


Bonus #4: "Be The Man She Thinks Of" -
A 'Female Persuasion' Resource For Singapore Men

This bonus resource guide reveals some 'female persuasion' tools that serve to complement humour and effect deep attraction in women.

Over the years I had learnt some surprising psychological insights about why and how a woman can keep thinking of a man and wishing she could see him again... even though she only chatted with him once.

Fact is there are "invisible influences" the man did during the chat to persuade such a nice outcome. Yet on the surface, things look innocent.

Inside you learn the 'mind influencing' keys to bring about the same outcome - you'll know how to plant yourself in a woman's mind and let her have missing thoughts of you.

This is essential for dating success. All examples and tools in this bonus resource are kept relevant and for use in our local Singapore context.



Now, everything inside this "Humour That Attracts" program is SUPER VALUABLE...

And when it comes to price, I don't wish to overprice it for anyone who genuinely wants to learn.

So the entire program plus all its bonuses is priced at S$187 (or 4 easy installments of S$46.75 if you like to spread the payment out)

And let me do one more thing for you...

I'm willing to take all the risk by giving you a money back guarantee:


Special "Love It Or It's On Me" GUARANTEE

All these years, I've been helping men in Singapore succeed in their dating lives and my motto still remains the same: "Don't pay me for my services unless I can help you get better with women."

So let me propose this

Order "Humour That Attracts", it is instantly accessible online from your computer. From there, go through everything.

Take notes. Absorb every information.

At the end of the program, if you feel what you learnt is not helpful, simply let me know within 30 days. Your access to the program will be stopped and a full refund will be given to you.

You'll get every cent returned to you, and no hard-feelings of course.

But if you love the program, keep it, it's yours to access and revise anytime for life.

Really, try it out first. You are welcome to test everything out.


It's important to me that you achieve greatness with women and dating. If you decide to get the program, I'll devote to hand you all you need to make EACH AND EVERY interaction you have with girls be filled with laughter and connected moments.

What you learn in the program had helped me tremendously in my own success with women, it will do the same for you. I guarantee it.


Learn to make girls smile and want to be around you
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A final thought:

A woman once told me --- "If a girl laugh a few times during a conversation with a guy, it's 'game on' for the guy. But if a girl DOESN'T laugh... or just push out pretend smiles, it's mostly game over for the guy."

Think about that for a second... and think about how your life would be different if a month or two from now, you stimulated MORE girls into laughter...

... RESULTING IN an increased number of dates...

... more women flirting with you and responding warmly to you...

... even having girls feel comfortable enough to call you to meet up or make the first move.

All that can be your reality once you know how to use humour to your advantage.

So go to the orange dotted column above and order the program.

To your success with women,


P.S: When it comes to getting women charmingly addicted to you, it is vital you USE THE BEST TOOL FOR THE JOB *Humour*

No training program in Singapore will teach you how that's done except "Humour That Attracts"

Women just want to be around a man who can make them laugh. Learn it all... be the man who's a good "catch" to women.

Remember: "Humour That Attracts" program is immediately watchable online, it comes with four EXTRA SPECIAL BONUSES and a 30-days money back guarantee.

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