"Secrets To Magnetize A Steady
Never-Ending INFLOW Of Women &
Dating Success
Into Your Life..."

Dear friend,

This is Skilldo. Let me start off this letter by getting to the point:

I want 'success with women' to follow you – FOR LIFE.

As for the occasional few "scattered here and there" lucky breaks with women... Sorry, I'm NOT that keen in helping anyone with that.

Lifelong success with women - that's what I stand for.

For that, I believe the best way to help you achieve this lasting outcome --- is to share the secrets up-close with you in my latest program: "Solid Male Masterclass"

It's unlike anything I've ever done, because this masterclass is NOT about pick-up or going around hitting on women in clubs.

Yes, you heard correctly. This will not be a course about "hunting for girls"

Instead, it is about how you set things up to --

1) Make 'chasing girls' optional... and instead become a desirable man who women want to get close to and pursue
-- AND --
2) Magnetically have a constant flow of women come INTO your life... on a frequent and predictable basis

These are important keys for a man to know. And I say that because of something painful that's happening to a lot of guys nowadays...

It's A Fact – Guys Who Are Disappointed With A Social Life Of Having Very Little Dating Chances, Or Suffer Worries Of Being "Forever Alone"... ALL HAVE THESE IN COMMON:

They use up too much energy trying to GO AFTER women --
(With that, they usually end up being too pushy and get rejected by the women...
Either that or they give up halfway because it feels like a lot of work to be chasing the girl)

They are pulled-down by this restrictive idea that 'getting women' is like "prowling for prey"-- (Many are secretly disheartened by this idea...) so they don't see the alternative way. In other words - they don't know how to turn themselves into a man who draws women IN

They know new women at a very slow rate -- (sometimes there's a gap of months or even years before they meet someone new)... and they don't know how to have a constant flow of women coming into their lives

Now, all these things that bother majority of guys... won't bother you when you apply the success-keys.

So while earlier I made a bold statement of being able to help you achieve lifelong success with women, perhaps what's on your mind is this:

Can I Really Help Or Is It Just A Hollow Claim?

That's a fair question.

To answer that — first, if you have a bit of web skills, you can do some tech digging... and you'll soon find out -- this very website has been a resource to guide men in attracting women for a long time. For that, you can be sure I'm NOT a fly-by-night.

I'm in the service of helping men 'erase' their headaches and problems relating to women & dating since 2004 - longer than anyone else in Singapore...

...and long enough to attain a consistent track record of making clients and students (even those with no experience) become successful with the ladies — effectively no longer needing to worry about challenges with women & dating.

Over the years, with numerous testimonials written to me by these men, I'm extremely privileged to have changed the lives of many who have gone on to live very satisfying lives with the women of their dreams.

Men have gotten girlfriends... gotten their first and subsequent sexual experiences... gotten married... become proud partners to the women they long to have etc... and they all got these turning points in their lives from applying what I teach them.

Right now, my mission remains... and I step things up a notch with newly discovered innovations for you to (much more easily) succeed with women.

I'll share and reveal these SECRETS I'VE NOT REVEALED ANYWHERE in my "Solid Male Masterclass" home study program.


The entire program consists of 6 and 1/2 hours worth of online streaming videos and audio materials.You can watch everything instantly on your computer, tablet or smart device.

Lessons are exposed to you as video tutorials (with important-points, easy-to-follow key illustrations and diagrams appear on screen) while you listen to strategies and examples taken directly from my recorded "Solid Male Masterclass " live trainings.

It contains EVERYTHING A MAN NEEDS to get life-long success with women.

The main program is actually 3 things in 1... consisting of three parts to it:

PART 1: Your Core Operating System To Become A Desirable"Mate Material" To Females

PART 2: Turn Normal Day-To-Day Existence Into A 'Seductive Life' That Pulls Women In

PART 3: Deep Lifelong Fulfillment: Making It Last — Be The Man Who Can Charm & Keep Top-Quality Beautiful Women

Here's just a snippet of what each part will teach:


As a man, you need the correct thinking, philosophy and girl-attracting mind-blueprint. All these form the 'operating system' inside you and without it, a lot of practical dating strategies would fall apart.

Which is why the masterclass starts with this lesson on how to "adjust yourself" so you'll never lose your mind over any girl again... and REVERSELY have females lose their minds over you.

In other words, you learn the secret 'operating system' to be a man women pursue. On top of that, you'll discover:

How to free yourself from the common worries guys have about women (eg: worrying you won't get women... or afraid there's no girls left to date)
How to generate desirable heart-thumping emotions in a woman and get her insides feeling the hots for you (Imagine meeting a woman and set off a feeling in her - that has her thinking she has finally met the 'man of her dreams')
Keys to activating the "auto female attraction" mode in you -- With this, the ability to charm women comes naturally and instinctively to you
The big secret -- on how to be the guy that can CONNECT with women and have them love to hang around you (you don't have to persist much, instead women will comfortably want to get close to you)
The key to being the type of man women try to impress… instead of the other way round of you trying to impress her
Secrets of being a man who can be in a position at any point - to have girlfriends and relationships at will



What if I tell you... there is an alternative to the tired cycle of trying to "go after one girl after another"?

In this part of the masterclass, you learn to set your life up and have it magnetically draw women to you - like bees to honey. [Effectively, one of many side benefits of that is you'll have more women calling you, texting you, urging you to go out with them]

You'll learn:

*A confirmed blueprint* for attracting lots of women into your life (and even if you are not looking to get lots of women but just that special someone, you can't ignore this blueprint)
Never-before-revealed strategies to have people introduce women to you (and even set you up for dates with their single female friends)
The REAL SECRET to creating a 'women-abundant' reality for yourself
How you DON'T have to rely on clubs or pubs to pickup women anymore, but instead learn & adopt this 'renewed way of living' - that lets you frequently meet new women in the course of your day-to-day life
The key to making it easy and un-intimidating for girls to be the ones calling you to hang out
My own personal 'socializing grounds' and story of how in the past two years I wasn't deliberately seeking women, yet somehow able to very regularly and ongoingly meet/know new ladies (including one who is my current girlfriend)
How to rekindle conversations with females you once knew or women you've "missed out in the past"
Proven methods to keep your dating/social funnel full -- and pointers to ALWAYS constantly have women & options to date in your life



Let's face it — it is quite meaningless for a man to have a few temporary drops of success... then followed by nothing.

True success with women happens when it is SUSTAINED THROUGHOUT LIFE. With that, you always hold the power to have girlfriends and fulfilling relationships on demand (And this is the case whether you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s or even 50s).

PLUS, you compound this success and continue to make good things happen in other areas of your life.

In this final part of the masterclass, you take home the GOLD-FILLED lessons every man must know to ensure his next few decades... are decades of highly-satisfying success.

You'll learn:

The secret to getting and KEEPING a quality woman who you want to spend the long-term with
#1 key to have a woman continue being interested in you... and continue giving you her unwavering RESPECT
An extra (but definitely-must-know) segment: How to protect yourself and NOT put your income or finances in danger from wrong moves you might make with women
How to keep your dating life ongoingly fun & robust... and ensure the woman you are with doesn't 'lose the thrill' (or feel that things had become boring after a while)
Mistakes men make that cause women to lose interest and leave them (Caution: some men found the love of their lives... only to lose them because of these unaware mistakes. Know what they are so you won't make them)
Secrets of owning a life where YOU hold the power to choose among the females you know - who to be friends with and who to attract as lovers
"Total Solid Success" Tenets : How to attain victories not just with women… but in OTHER major aspects of your life


And That's Just The Main Program...
Here Are 4 Bonus Extras To Further Reinforce
Your Success With Women:

Bonus #1: (Audio) "Doing The Things Other Guys Don't Do... And Get The Girls Other Guys Can't Get"
In this bonus audio, discover how you can cause positive changes and powerful outcomes to take place in your dating life - almost overnight... by just altering the way you 'perceive'... or look at 'women and dating'.

This is important because - for most guys, they want to become better with women. Yet 6 months later, majority of them would NOT progress one bit... and stayed the same as before. Biggest culprit? It's due to them holding on to destructive wrong thoughts that got them to be stuck in the same place.

You can have the power to not let that happen to you. Learn the unique strategies in this audio to turbo-charge yourself forward - and be miles ahead of other guys in your success with women.

Bonus #2: Free Future Updates To Your "Solid Male Masterclass" Program

When you study the Solid Male Masterclass and put it to good use, you will experience a powerful breakthrough in your dating/social life and get increasing desired results with women.

Still, as you continue from there, I'm sure you'd like to keep yourself updated with more strategies and examples that others have uncovered along the way.

What I'll do is, when new-found insights or awesome dating success examples from my personal one-on-one clients come up, I'll send you the extra updates on exactly what's used and what's done.

Bonus #3: Interview With A Transformation Expert On 'Mind Tools' To Create An Anxiety-Less & Successful Life With Women

I have the good privilege of knowing one of the most renowned specialist in Singapore in the field of transformation work. He owns a practice that helps people destroy their current limitations and elevate themselves to their highest potential.

He has even taken males who are severely shy in social situations and transform them into highly confident men with absolutely no nervousness around women. In this interview I conducted with him, listen as I got him to share the 'mind tools' that you can use to REWRITE the "program" in your mind and power-it-up to get your ideal woman & social life.

Bonus #4: (Audio) Secrets Of The "Reborn Natural": Be Naturally Good With Women - Anytime... Anywhere

Some males seem to have a natural "gift". The moment they hit puberty and reach a dating age... they 'just know what to do' when it comes to attracting girls. Funny thing is - they don't need to read any books on dating... yet they are able to since young instinctively understand how to behave in front of women to charm them... and win in this mating game.

Males like that are typically called 'naturals'.

So while 99% of us may not be a 'natural', that doesn't mean we have missed the chance to be one. In this bonus audio, you learn the secrets to be a 'reborn natural' -- Get ready to tap into the inner-workings of a natural and acquire the exact behaviors that brings you EFFORTLESS WINS with the ladies.

"Solid Male Masterclass" is packed wall-to-wall with the most practical material that when applied - will result in you owning a life that magnetizes a constant inflow of social opportunities & victories with women.

Let me disclose however... It is not for everyone.

I'll tell you straight — This is NOT a program for anyone who 'plays small'.

If you are looking for a 'just ok' uninspiring social life... please don't get this program.

This program is meant for the man who welcomes a GRANDER and BIGGER future for himself.

I'm serious. "Solid Male Masterclass" is only for men who is ready to rise to the next level for MORE GREATNESS to happen in life.

If you believe that's YOU, you're going to find what's contained inside the program to be fully worth your while.

Act right now and you can get access to every secret lessons and bonus materials in "Solid Male Masterclass" for only S$199

Order the program by clicking the "Add To Cart" button:

Also, I'm committed to making this a program that gives you the most value by offering you this guarantee:

Full One Year Money-Back Guarantee

Order "Solid Male Masterclass", it is instantly accessible online from your computer, tablet or smart device.

From there, take the next 365 days to study and absorb every information. More importantly - use it.

In that one year, if you feel what you learnt is not helpful, simply let me know. Your access to the program will be stopped and a full refund will be given to you.

You'll get every cent returned to you, and no hard-feelings of course.

But if you love the program, keep it, it's yours to access and revise anytime for life.

Really, try it out first. You are welcome to test everything out.


I'll finish off by saying this -

You have only one life. One.

At the end, you can enjoy the years to the max and gotten your most satisfying dating life...

...or you can regret about 'not having lived enough' and never tasted much success with women.

Truth is, right now, nothing is fixed yet. Things can still be steered to reach the desired outcome.

So, like I always say - with this one life, you might as well do it all... you might as well pack it FULL with all the rewarding success and goodness you can have with women.

If that's what you want, it'll be my pleasure to share the breakthrough methods with you. See you inside "Solid Male Masterclass".

To your success with women,


P.S: If you are ready to make 'hunting & chasing girls' a thing of the past and instead learn a more natural & efficient way to (continuously and frequently) draw women into your life...

And if you are ready to learn how to be the dream guy to women - and have the ladies irresistibly believe you are 'the one' they've been looking for... Plus have the skills to keep a woman interested in you for the long-term after you've gotten her...

Then wait no longer, the "Solid Male Masterclass" gives you the secrets to make all of that a reality.

P.P.S: And remember: You simply cannot lose when you give "Solid Male Masterclass" a try - because you are protected by my guarantee.

Go through the entire program and if you are not satisfied with anything at all, you get a full refund. I've made it no risk for you to learn from this masterclass program, the decision to join is totally in your hands now.

Order the program by clicking the "Add To Cart" button:


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