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Read about some testimonials from S'porean men who had been exposed to Skilldo's programs:

Testimonials and results depicted here are genuine, documented and verifiable. Names are shortened for privacy


how is this for progress.. went out with a girl i know from approachin at shaw towers. Second time went out bagged the kiss. Happy for me? seriously thank you"

- E.N


"In terms of concepts, I've benefited most from the "Data to Emotion" Model and learned how it is applied.

The instructors are also very friendly and pulled no punches when it comes to answering questions from us.

The fact that they practiced what they preached and backed it up with real life anecdotes were just great bonuses."

- K Wong, Systems Analyst


"If you could probably remember me, I was from the November batch this year. Heheh, I tried online dating and charmed this mixed girl..she fell in love with me just by talking to her online, not sure how but we had a pretty strong connection..she's gonna come to Singapore next year just to meet me. Well, not only that but I also managed to get a number from talking to a Lady in the bookstore..well I was just browsing books in the Business sector and she was just beside me so I figured not to waste such a chance and talked to her. Hahah damn! Called up my previous ex-girlfriend too and we had a good time, my conversation skills really improved because of what you taught me. Well there's one more interesting thing that happened to me, my friend introduced me to her friend and I just charmed her as well, you know by doing all the things you taught me."

- S.W


"A highly recommended course as the examples and contents are very suitable and easy to understand.

I've learnt a lot and it's like knowing more interesting things on top of what I've read.

The instructors have done a very good job in attaining our attention for hours and everyone is still feeling fresh after that!

Thank you guys, really!"

- J S


"Dear Skilldo, Here's a success story. A further testament to the skills you are teaching in your courses. I didn't want to post a success story about number closes because I feel it does not count for much. A number counts for nothing. Nada. Zip. Furthermore, I didn't want to close a fugly chick and make a big deal out of it. But tonight, I kiss closed a babe that rates at least a 7 or 8 out of 10.

Here's to you, Skilldo. Cheers."



"I've benefited so much and discovered the correct ways of approaching.

Secondly, I've obtained tips for my own problems and possible approaches to conquer them.

Also the part of maintaining a conversation and closing with a date is priceless!"

- MG, Engineer


"I've got a girl in less than 2 weeks after i attended your boot camp. Until now, i'm still in a shock. I got her on the 1st date. Anyway, i'll talk to you more and ask you a few questions about this relationship when i meet you in person. Thanks."




"The event gives me a larger picture on how-to's of dating.

It gives me motivation in finding a life partner and the fear of rejection has diminished.

Will really go out and use the skills to make dates!"

- C N, Brand Manager


"Something to report Skilldo.

Last weekend I managed to get 3 phone numbers from these group of girls who at first looked unapproachable. I never lose sight of your lessons and when I approach them, I find them to be quite chatty actually. It was easier than I thought."

- GJ


"Skilldo I've closed a deal!

The course opened up new perspectives for me; ideas on how to spice up a date, and create the connection with the lady. In a nutshell, stuffs that can be put to use and really worked for me. Closed deal on 3rd date."

Best regards,



Thank for your guidance, I'm now going out with a dream girl of mine!"

- Lo


"Hi Skilldo,

Your tactics is working. I can see some gd result. Thanx a lot."

With regards,
(name withheld)


"I am from the march dynamo dating batch and can only say a very big thank you to you.

I am different from other single coursemates when i went coz i am already attached for six months. But my problem is conversation between me and her was getting stale. Like the last ten dates we went out look the same. Boring like hell.

After going dyn dating, I find that the dates with her suddenly become very alive! She enjoy it and i know how to control her level of excitement. What you teach about using "Involvers" is so true. Helped me a lot. Thank you."

- K.C


"I was never someone who has success with the opposite sex. That all changed after I learn from Skilldo. Thks and will always be a true fan.

Appreciate always,"

- Ri
(Management exec)


Note: The following is a card received from one previous attendee. He underwent training in Dynamo Dating and got the lady he wanted (within 2 and a half weeks) shortly after X'mas.

(click for larger image)


"Skilldo, a grateful thanks thanks.

I went out with a girl last week and just practice what you said.

She is a nice girl with nice complexion. Not very talkative at first but I make her laugh a lot shortly. The date turn out very well. In the end she even ask when are we meeting again. I look forward to more dates like this!"

- AY


"I used all the tactics you gave me in dynamo dating course and I effectively attracted my target girl to become my lover. your course materials are really very useful and it is truly recommendable to everyone."

- H
(NTU Student)


"Skilldo really walks the talk. He has this impressive ability to crack open dating scenarios and explain in detail how to go about solving them.

Just one nugget from Skilldo during a ten-minute chat actually enlightened me to successfully get a lady out on a date during a weekend.

It's always been a joy to meet up with him again to add further-power to my dating game.

I highly recommend anyone who are stuck at any point of their social lives to hear what Skilldo has to say. Tactics out of his mouth are too valuable to be missed!"

- Q W, Engineer


"As a guy who had lost touch with dating for more than 10 years, I find my ability to approach women becoming rusty.

Meeting Skilldo however had caused my approach confidence to rise to an all-time high.

Not only that, I realised most of the old things I knew about approaching were wrong, and he brilliantly have me 'see the light' with new and powerful techniques.

I had easily approached 6 women in the past two weeks alone, and trust me when I say it would never happen had I not used Skilldo's techniques. Thanks!"

- Ng S H, Banker


"hi Skilldo, I am X.E from early Feb batch. Thanks for your lessons, I am finally attached !

Your sharing at boot camp and emails made me realize lots of things. The first one is 'What counts is not the number of dates, but how much a guy can attract a gal'. Second one is that it is not about pleasing a gal, but portraying an image which attracts her.

My gf is an NUS graduate ..Subsequently, from emails to exchange mobile numbers and phone chat. I suggested some activities which attracted her, but what really attracted her is Jolin's concert.

We finally met up on sat for the concert. I wasted no time in grabbing her hands as we walked along orchard road towards Plaza Sing for movie. She paid for the movie and chose a lovers seat. So you can continue the story. I think it is pretty fast progress, since we held hands, hug and kissed on the first meeting. She told me that she and her last ex held hands only after 4 months, which is slow. I told her of my intention to co-habitate, and she seems keen too. So the wedding bells will ring soon!"



[Email received 12 Jan 2007]

"Dear Skilldo,

As per your advices,I tried it and guess what? I got the girl of my dreams!!! God it is so wonderful..I know this girl for a couple of

years, and well she is hot and wonderful and well gorgeous...
I thought I will never get with her...cos her tastes ran to be a bit high...but guess what? I tried your advices,and now am happily attached to her...thanks man!!!! Here's our pic together!! Thanks man!"

- DN



[From letter]


This will be brief.

Your attraction concept - "G-Install", got a girl in my class to sms me and ask me out for a movie. All I can say is "Yipee!!"

I would like to personally thank you for all the concepts you teach."

- M L, Student


"I just have to tell you this fresh news, from learning your treasure of good stuff, I am officially with the girl I like.

Totally on already if you get what I mean. On the second day we got together, she even gave me a thumbdrive with custom made love messages inside. Did I mention she is pretty too. Comes from conservative family.

Around the same time we got together, there actually is another girl who likes me. She is considered to be a fellow worker. Quite quality type also and I was quite surprised cos didn't have something like that happened before.

But I didn't choose her and chose the girl who becomes my current gf instead. Bootcamp is the best thing to happen to me. No regrets"

- Kwa


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