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From: Skilldo
Hidden Location in Singapore

Dear Friend,

My name is Skilldo and I have an 'unusual' mission in life.

Not many fellow S'poreans do it... but I spent COUNTLESS waking hours investigating the dark shadows and corners of Singapore...

... looking for little-known skillful daters and RARELY-KNOWN technniques in "attracting women's hearts and minds".

What made me want to do it?

Well, what first began as my personal journey to 'undo the knot' of approaching and dating S'pore women years ago... turned into THAT.

My journey to change my luck with women from lousy to good (no-matter-what) started right about a decade before now.

In between, as I learnt and attempted things while mixing in social scenes with ladies, I was fascinated by this discovery:

You can make one 'tweak' to yourself and your conversations... and that gives you a permanent RAISE in getting more dates, and attracting high-quality women.

I mean consider this:

- One 'tweak' can forever break you out of anxiousness or shyness with women.

- One 'tweak' can have 3 times the number of women feeling comfortably sweet about giving their numbers/msn addresses to you and wanting to see you again.

- One 'tweak' can FAST-PATH you into attracting and getting the girl you want within days rather than months.

Personally (as a living example)...

... after using a number of these 'tweaks', I've since reached a level where I'm COMPLETELY fulfiiled-to-the-fullest with my social life, and had long ago GOTTEN RID of lonely zero-date days.

With an incredible woman in my life right now and a large 'social circle of females' established, I can afford to just let this nice current situation "stay perfectly still"...

But call it habit, life's calling or whatever...

... I'm STILL in touch and on a lookout for ADDITIONAL strategies, insights and 'tweaks' that can make a regular Singapore man's success with women fast-achieved and long-standing.

Another way to see it is - I'm like a deep undercover 'agent' who soaks up any...


UPDATED Secrets, Intel, News Related To Singapore's Girl-Getting Scene...
( and I store everything in a
"Secret Hideout")


When I mix with some of the smartest, charisma-filled 'lady-killer' friends to exchange insights or socializing 'tricks', just about any new piece of approach line... number-getting method... or attraction skill successfully used by them, will likely to reach me before anyone else hears it.

(Some of these insights are "golden gambits" I wish I knew when I was 17 yrs old)

Overall, I was merciless about keeping notes on what worked with ladies here in Singapore.

I had a two-ring notebook that I used to file... any PROVEN-TO-WORK conversation starters/topics, number-getting and dating reports, or other intimate secrets, which years later, eventually grew to the stack of binders pictured below.


Stacks of S'pore-proven girl meeting, dating & attracting secrets collected over the years
from both my and other men's real-life cases... (currently stored in an undisclosed location)


Whenever I can, I arrange and store the solid ideas from this 'treasure chest'... digitally into recorded files (voice recordings of secret strategies, notes, blueprints etc).

That way, these hard-to-find secrets will never be lost in case a fire happens or something.

Also, another reason why I'm so "hard-core" about ensuring these ideas stay indestructible is because -

This is probably Singapore's ONLY secret archive that contains revolutionary ideas for a man to ONCE AND FOR ALL... gain mastery in meeting and dating women.

(I don't think there's anything similar or as detailed as this existing elsewhere in S'pore)

In fact... I dare say - just one idea found inside can be the very thing that SNOWBALLS and get your girl-meeting & dating schedule HAPPILY-PACKED.

I'm being serious here.

I've seen it happen again and again. Astonishingly-fast results to have the kind of girl you want comes from using "hidden skills" (NOT what other guys in the general public is using).



"Imagine What Would Happen if
a 'Code of Silence' Prevents You From Learning These HIDDEN SKILLS?"

A lot of these secrets would never reach you if they stayed undisclosed.

Think about it...

About a year ago, I heard a male friend of mine revealed how he used an ultra-brilliant way to make the most beautiful lady in his company become his girlfriend...

Or just last month, another 'average-looking-dude' had quietly executed a masterful tactic, to get phone numbers from 4 ladies in a group within the first ten minutes...

So IF they never tell me or anyone how it was done, or just kept it in their heads, you can never learn about it (Such secrets will just fade away forever).

But that won't happen. I want to let you gain these secrets to have supreme luck with women.

You might wonder why am I opening up these secrets to you?...

Why don't I just keep these attraction discoveries to myself... and in that case won't feel "threatened" when another guy learns it?

I have 2 REASONS ---

1) I would keep these confidential secrets to myself IF I was still a guy starting out and trying to get good with women.

But as mentioned before - after going from socially-starving to enjoying tasty success with ladies throughout the years, I have this one fact to share...

In Singapore, when it comes to opportunities with women...
... the "fountain of meeting & dating" will NEVER dry up.

There're enough opportunities for me and you (Too much in fact).

Here's another reason why I'm willing to reveal these secrets to you ---

2) I want YOUR success stories.

I've carried out dating coaching for S'pore men in training events for close to 5 years (just to give you perspective... in 2007 alone, I carried out 16 intense dating 'tuition' camps that each lasted two days. And that schedule doesn't include smaller half or 1 day events).

I massively LOVE doing what I do.

But beyond that, numerous men had USED the advice and went on to be very ACCOMPLISHED with women.

I listened to their stories and 'success process'.

Many stories simply blew me away... and I definitely want more, simply because it is a VERY GOOD FEELING to give men the skills and have them feedback me with - "I got the girl I want in less time and effort than I thought."


I've packed tons of valuable skills to have you cause unforgettable attraction in a short time with good-looking S'pore women in this...

"Attraction Secret Agent"

Singapore Monthly Series...

"Attraction Secret Agent" is the NEVER-REVEALED private stash of voice recordings and training files, consisting of...

Insider strategies & tactics of "What and how I did it" in the 'become-fantastic-with-women' scene. PLUS the incredible insights of the most successful S'pore daters, 'lady-killers' and men with powerful 'attraction abilities' I came across (yes, you actually hear me talking to them).

I guarantee - many of these are highly use-able secrets you never heard. And once you get exposed to them, your mind will go, "That is so easy to use. Why didn't I use that before?"

3 secret sections exist in "Attraction Secret Agent"... all of it CONTENT-RICH and focused to make you SO GOOD in attracting quality S'pore women, that your guy-friends actually beg YOU for advice.


Secret Section #1:


This is your "agent rulebook" where I've IMPLANTED the most crucial files you must know about the attract-women scene in Singapore.

One thing: I acknowledge there are a lot of dating info out there. But ever ask yourself - "How many of them are REALLY applicable to help you attract our girls here in S'pore?"

Just because tons of those information exist, doesn't mean all of them are applicable.

Afraid not though, because the audio briefings here will give you the exact insights to what work in S'pore with our ladies and what won't (Hint: National/cultural programming, language and psychological "wants" of Singaporean females all play a part).

Briefings revealed to you in a simple-to-understand manner, including:

  • How to use "Operation SurroundedByWomen" and create a dating support structure... consisting of numerous female admirers in your life (learn strategies to own PLENTY of options and choices among gals at any point in your life.) [mp3 audio]

  • A FLEXIBLE and versatile APPROACH LINE you can use to smoothly talk to women in different places/venues/scenarios (with spoken word-for-word examples) [mp3 audio]

  • What you need to do to press the attraction "brain buttons" of Singaporean women (master SPECIFIC types of "psychological advantage" in making gals feel you are their desired "type") [mp3 audio]

  • Deploy a 'counter-rejection' secret to be solid & powerful under any circumstances and effectively talk to 5 women OR MORE per night [mp3 audio]

  • How to be ready to socialize with women at any point of time when you're awake (master the ways to kick-start attractive conversations with females WITHOUT even thinking) [mp3 audio]

  • Learn how I personally trained myself to turn from hopeless with women into enjoying passionate dates & relationships with them (be exposed to my personal rituals, formula and habits that turned me around in a short time).

    [Hint: I don't depend on one source to meet women. I have MULTIPLE sources & ways and so should you. Here I reveal what are some of the most effective avenues in S'pore to meet and get close to gals.]
    [mp3 audio]

  • Active MISSION PLANS you can carry out to ensure you get yourself more dates and 'close action' with women than you currently have. (These are NOT about making scattered effort, but taking focused action to ensure your destiny with women to be a sure-win)

  • The "I.E.T" strategy that gets you chatting with gals when they're in groups of 3, 4 or 5. [mp3 audio]

  • How to redesign your room into a motivating, sensual and welcoming "girl-getting pad". [mp3 audio]

  • 5 brand new "effective-in-Singapore" tactics to move in for the KISS. [mp3 audio]

  • Finally revealed - What unobvious "situations" occur on dates in S'pore that has the guy end up getting the girl (and how you can use it to ensure your next date with an attractive woman result in her ROMANTICALLY-LIKING you) [mp3 audio]

  • "Sneaky" secret to get MULTIPLE phone numbers from ladies within 2 hours (an effective method practiced by less than 5 men at this writing) [mp3 audio]

  • What to say to women when you have 'nothing to say' (if you hate those silences, or get stuck while talking to the ladies, 4 tactics here will 'smooth-flow' your conversations from now on) [mp3 audio]

  • - Plus A LOT MORE in this section.


Secret Section #2:


This is the "filled-with-SURPRISES" section.

Every month, you'lll be kept-fresh with the latest concepts to fast-track your progress with girls.

- At times, I'll fill you with an INTERVIEW with a S'pore expert or a low-profiled successful male dater who owns the most powerful seduction insights.

- Other times, I'll reveal to you tightly guarded "DEEP" attraction tactics, case studies, examples of MASSIVELY successful approaches and dates.

[I'm NOT joking when I say, for some of these materials... before you get exposed to it, there're only 5 to 6 other men (including me) who knew and use it among ourselves.

These are SERIOUS and STRICT private stuff.]

- Also, you'll hear me chat with "double agents"... otherwise known as carefully selected gorgeous S'pore WOMEN who are honest to the core when it comes to revealing secrets about themselves. (Giving away what they want in men and their most vulnerable soft-spots)

It's a matter of ---

Some insight/tactic/gambit had been used...

... its proven to get results with gals in S'pore...

... You are the very next to know and use it.

- Case studies of REAL VICTORIES where S'pore males go up to women, dazzle them with charms and making attraction happen out of thin air (learn how these men go against and win over "difficult" dating situations).

Again, every month the materials in this section will change and be REPLACED by new materials.


Secret Section #3:


Imagine I'm sitting across you in a dark room with nothing but a lamp and a stainless steel tape recorder between us.

You began asking me ALL THE QUESTIONS you like specifically about talking to women, getting phone numbers, psychology of gals, attracting shy ladies, moving from talking to kissing etc.

As I answer you, the recorder soaks in every single word, tactic and example I say.

And when you're ready to leave the room, I pop the tape out of the recorder, hand it over to you and remark, "Store it in a safe place... refer to it as many times as you want."

That's what this section is DEDICATED to do.

A question-submitter is added inside where you can send me your queries.

Cross-examine me with anything within the range of...

... from 'approaching ladies' to 'causing intimacy with her to happen'.

From there, I'll select some of the most pressing common ones, answer them and put them up for you as an mp3 recording (simply download it to your computer or listen to it in your ipod, mp3 player).

*** Remember: I answer questions with the understanding it MUST be applicable in Singapore's "girl-getting" culture and context.

Some ANSWERS to these questions had already been put up:

  • How to talk to a lady queueing up behind or in-front of you?

  • When approach and talking to a woman for the first time, suddenly another guy or her friend shows up... what to do?

  • How to get a S'pore lady who is 'too beautiful', 'too educated', 'too high-up-there' etc?

  • How to smoothly get a woman to go out with you?

  • If asking a lady out, and she asks "Who else is coming?"... how to handle?

  • How to get out of tight situations that women put you in (example: she asks you to buy something or gifts for her)?

Every month, new answers to the most puzzing questions will be featured. You might find your questions appearing... PLUS there's a high chance another question brought up by someone else would turn out to be the ultimate SOLUTION to a 'woman challenge' you face in future.

Remember: You can ask UNLIMITED questions here.

It aims to make YOU skillfully armed, where it's all a matter of -

Ask... receive... get good with women.


"I'll Be Your Dating 'Informer'.
Here's Your Mission..."

By now you must be wondering how to get in. Here goes...

When you purchase the Ultimate Singapore Girl-Getter ebook, you get "Attraction Secret Agent"... FREE for one month!

From there, you receive a secret "password" to enter a restricted area containing all the above Secret Sections.

Go through everything. Listen to the training. Carry out the exercises.

After one month, if you find the secrets useful in situations with S'pore women and dating, I'm sure you'll want to stay on. Simply do nothing in this case. Every month, fresh new updated information will be posted and you'll be charged automatically at only S$28 per month to stay on. You can cancel at anytime of course.

But within this free month, if you feel it does not help you at all, reply to the email that is sent to you when you signed up, let me know you want to cancel and you won't be charged anything.


"One Month FREE !"

Tap Into Singapore's Only
Secret Asset That Makes You
Popular With the Ladies... WITHOUT Risk

I'm confident about the VALUE you get inside "Attraction Secret Agent ", so I'm offering you a FREE one month "inspection".

During this time, you can download and learn every piece of content in all the secret sections.

Should you decide for some reason that "Attraction Secret Agent" isn't right for you, just let me know within this free month and you won't be charge a single cent after that.

On the other hand, if you find the contents useful, I'm sure you would like to stay on. I frequently put in FRESH materials and tactics each month to continuously delight you. Simply do nothing in this case and you'll be charged automatically at only S$28 per month to stay on.

Of course, you're NOT locked in at any point and you can always cancel at any time after the first month.

Strangely... most other guys in Singapore do, act and say the WRONG things with women, and never want to admit to it.

When you refuse to be like them, and learn what it REALLY takes to be an attractive and masterful man, you'll soon own a life... where you control how much long-term success you want with women.

Singapore's locally-based secrets is kept in the "Attraction Secret Agent". When you access it, right away you own the latest proven materials to attract ladies that other guys in S'pore don't have.

Be an insider, come on in.



P.S: I mean it...

A man armed with skills learnt from the "Attraction Secret Agent" will ALWAYS HAVE WAYS to make women attracted to him.

I'm talking about long-term success with women in Singapore. The earlier you start, the faster you "get there".

Don't let a case of "Why didn't I learn this sooner?" happen to you.

After all, you have an entire one FREE month to learn the secrets inside without paying a cent. Get started now.

Get hold of the latest socializing skills in the "Attraction Secret Agent", and flood yourself with a lifetime of success in attracting women in S'pore.

(You have entire one month FREE entry inside, then you can decide whether the"Attraction Secret Agent" is for you)

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