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Hi this is Skilldo, great to have you here.

I'll take this chance to share with you who I am, and how I came to be known as the 'man behind the scenes' who secretly helped hundreds of males in Singapore to overcome social nervousness, get dates, get attractive girlfriends and be very successful with women.

To begin, you may have noticed I'm FOCUSED ONLY on dating and girl-getting skills that work here in S'pore.


It's simply because I am born here, lived here as a Singaporean citizen all my life with no plans of migrating... and obviously the women I'm mixing with are from here.

So it's only natural for any man like that to want to optimize his dating life with skills that help him to succeed WITH THE LADIES *HERE*.

Just that many years ago, when I was a youngster wanting to up my luck with women, there was no provider of Singapore-based 'get the girl' strategies available then.

(Sure, there were international unisex dating books written by ang mo authors, but NOTHING SPECIFICALLY to assist men in our local S'pore homeland)

Skilldo's book and programs on dating & attracting women are the most popular in Singapore. He's been interviewed and featured on:

But over time as I devote my life to learn and apply what works with women here (read the history of how that came about below), it accumulated to a point where I put up this site: SeductionSingapore.com as the authoritative place to reveal all secrets related to approach, date and girl-getting in S'pore.

In fact, what I did garnered the interest of Channel News Asia and Straits Times in 2007 to do feature stories about this 'seduction mission' of mine.

But just so you know...

I'm NOT what you'd call handsome or tall.

If I were to walk around Orchard or among crowds in any street, my plain regular appearance would fade into the background and it won't make me stand out.

Yet despite that "plainness"... over the years, I have a large fulfilling share of dating and entering relationships with beautiful women.

At the risk of sounding braggy, I dare say I'm "living Singaporean proof" that without looks and height, a man can still successfully attain the dating life and gorgeous women he sets out to get.

Question is: Has it always been like that?

The answer is no.

See, back in the 90s, I was a guy with the lowest kind of confidence a male can have.

While more and more guys among my circle of friends were getting girlfriends, I struggle to even talk to one woman.

It's going to sound crazy but when that continued for a while, my parents (and relatives even) were wondering if there's "something wrong" with me for having such a lousy report card in the dating department.

But the turning point moments in my life came when one of my sisters introduced me to her "ladies man" friend a low-profile gentleman older than me by a few years, who would later on show me the ropes of approaching and succeeding with women.

I hung out with him and often see "miracles" happen - in the form of him chatting up with lady strangers and within the first couple of minutes... got them warmly responding to him.

Pocketing numbers, calling the ladies up for dates and ending up somewhere intimate were frequent occurrences for him.

It goes without saying If I don't learn what he knows, it would be a big waste... wouldn't it?

So I learnt all I can on what he knew about being popular with women... regardless of the psychology, mechanics or 'what to say, what to do' aspect of it, I absorbed it all.

During that time, other than him, I befriended other men who are awesome with girls as well. And from further soaking up what they know, my "golden pot" of women-attracting knowledge became BIGGER.

Long story short, I went on to use that 'ensemble of skills' with women... and the attempts worked amazingly well - My first bunch of successful approaches, dates and girl-getting occurred during that period...

... and it was pretty much an "I was sleeping all my life but NOW I'm awake" type of feeling from that experience.

I guessed I could have stopped there... since my parents and relatives were finally relieved I have presence of ladies in my life.

But nope, there's no stopping. Instead I went on to another stage (I call this the 'social experimenting' phase of my life).

The idea was to uncover WHAT ELSE works in the social/dating scene - not from the guidance of anyone this time, but from AGGRESSIVELY testing and experimenting things out with women in numerous situations in S'pore.

For instance if I 'instinctively' believe an approach line or attraction tactic might get positive responses with gals here... I test it out to know for sure if it does.

So countless social experiments later, there're things which are discovered to WORK WONDERFULLY and attract girls at a faster rate than before (it's through that I found more effortless ways to have women hand over numbers, secure dates and attract them to become girlfriends)...

... and there're of course tested things that don't work as well (which I cite as examples to caution guys of what NOT to do).

Eventually, I synthesized and refined that body of skills into detailed lessons and programs.

It got me to set off on a brand new path to transfer the secrets to men who want to shorten their learning curve and GET RESULTS with women.

I established a personal mission with the intention to make my materials easy... even fun to learn. And MORE IMPORTANTLY - to effect the most number of Singapore successful 'get-girl' cases in the men I help.

So far, I've been doing this for several years now, successful results from clients and students are frequent occurences. In fact many had sent in genuine testimonials (more than 100 individually written ones & counting).

What's more, these notes of appreciation are voluntarily sent in by these happy men - all on their own free choice. I'm willing to bet there's a lot more success cases that go unreported. You can actually see a number of written testimonials pasted on other pages of this site.

With that track record, I believe I can help you reach a high level of success in what you aim for with women and dating... but only YOU can be the judge of that.

There're different programs and products I developed to fit your needs, each one lets you try it out with a money back guarantee. If you don't feel thrilled by it, simply let me know and there's no charge for it.

Essentially that's how you can decide whether the content in each program is useful for you.

You deserve the best kind of dating life with the type of woman you desire and I look forward to helping you get what you want.

- Skilldo









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